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Jon Hopkins - Singularity
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Based on 31 reviews
2018 Ratings: #90 / 851
Year End Rank: #35
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2018 Ratings: #95
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The Skinny

There’s rarely time these days to sit down and really listen to an album beginning to end, but that’s what Jon Hopkins wants you to do with Singularity, and if you can afford the just-over-an-hour-long runtime then you’ll get so much more out of this record than you thought possible.


This time, on album five, the electronica mastermind wants you to have a blissful psychedelic experience, and he’s here to guide you through from beginning to end. Though ‘Singularity”s 62-minutes can get extremely heavy ... it’s still a near-perfect trip, and one that confirms Hopkins’ status as one of the genre’s brightest talents.

A.V. Club

There’s no prescribed narrative, but Singularity still tells a grand story—a synesthetic evocation of how it feels to be alive.

Pretty Much Amazing

Singularity is the follow up every fan would hope for. It's larger; it's denser; it's quicker. It’s a 63-minute microhouse masterpiece. It rebroadcasts Hopkins’ sound as a more atmospheric, clearer vision. Whether its an improvement upon Immunity isn’t important — it’s a definite refinement.

Northern Transmissions

Tracks not so much begin but are spawned and gradually evolve, sometimes from glitchy textures to something more celestial, and then the reverse, where heavenly textures are enveloped by awkward tectonics as pulsing beats and juddering synth jabs lean heavily on an abrasive melee.

Loud and Quiet
You don’t have to believe in the transformative or research the ‘Wim Hof Method’ the way he has to truly understand the album, because if you strip away the concept, ‘Singularity’ still stands as a collection of tracks that power through everything from rugged techno and transcendent choral music to solo acoustic piano and psychedelic ambient that resonate beyond meditative exploration.

Building on the innovations of previous album Immunity, it invests more emotionally and retains the primal physical stimulus behind Hopkins’ best music. He remains a wholly individual voice in a congested field, a single phrase played from his piano speaking volumes. And Singularity is his best album yet.


Singularity continues in the vein of Immunity, though its depth of feeling is greater, and rhythmic power more potent.

Pitched between heat-seeking acid house and ambient bliss, the techno auteur’s first album since 2013 is a beat-music odyssey that thrums with spiritual resonance.

Structural concerns aside, Singularity still finds Hopkins exploring sonic textures as deeply as ever. It's an album that, in its best moments, finds one of electronic music's great minds operating in peak form.

Drowned in Sound

Ultimately, Singularity will shape your summer of 2018 the same way Immunity did of 2013, and all power to it.


Hopkins weaves a thematic consciousness throughout each song on Singularity and, rather astonishingly, manages to intensify the listening experience to evoke the euphoria and vivid awareness of a psychedelic experience.

As a trip of just over an hour, ‘Singularity’ is varied and consistently compelling.

As striking as Immunity was, Singularity feels more developed, and it's ultimately a tough call as to which album is more exciting.


If Brian Eno’s 1977 release Before and After Science saw humanity dwindle with the onset of robots (or perhaps become them), Singularity sees a new consciousness, a sort of rebellious reorienting of the psychedelic movement.

Hopkins remains in ascension, and no one is on his level right now.
Under The Radar

Singularity is an album that will remain in the memory long after the final note is played and will demand repeated listens.

Resident Advisor

The dance tracks are massive. The emotions come full bore. The textures and depths of field are incredible. But even within Singularity's grand scope, the drama is occasionally overdone.

The Line of Best Fit

Singularity may not be a huge departure from the sound that we’ve previously heard from Hopkins, but this record is a masterclass in musical sonics - a reminder that music should be absorbed, not left to simply pass us by.

Spectrum Culture

Singularity, as an experience, goes through such a vast range of life, and the beauty is in the seamlessly graceful transition through it all.

Crack Magazine

Singularity is the satisfying sound of an artist who – instead of petering out after a couple of early victories – is still perfecting his craft nearly two decades after he started.

The 405
Some may find Singularity are a bit too obvious and dramatic, but in regards to sound-design and production, however, each track is executed to near-perfection.
The Needle Drop

Singularity successfully reaches for the stars for a good part of its runtime.

The Observer
Too often ... you’re left wishing for the thuggish bass and head-severing hi-hats of less cerebral dance music. There’s not enough food for the brain or fuel for the feet here.

It’s a beautiful piece when listened as a whole, but one that loses its power when taken in parts. Nothing particularly lends itself to monstrous dancefloor destruction.

The Guardian
Too much of this album is the sort of thing people stick on to make their drug comedowns feel meaningful.
Jon Hopkins is a gift to the world
Holy shit bois... Emerald Rush is fucking ethereal

EDIT: the whole thing is ethereal
This is the greatest electronic journey I have ever had the pleasure of being taken on. This is one of the albums that I can put on and get truly fully immersed in the soundscapes and the atmosphere. It makes me feel so euphoric and it never ceases to inspire me.
Listen to this album with headphones at night when the sky is full of stars. Congrast you are flying in space now

This is better than Immunity imo
It didn't connect with me as much as "Immunity" did, but "Singularity" is still a beautifully-organic electronic record packed with many memorable moments and breathtaking atmosphere.

Fav Tracks: Emerald Rush, Singularity, Everything Connected, Neon Drum Pattern, Luminous Beings, Feel First Life

Least Fav Track: Echo Dissolve

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Added on: February 23, 2018