Confident Music For Confident People
Confidence Man - Confident Music For Confident People
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2018 Ratings: #2 / 211
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2018 Ratings: #29
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The Skinny

Confidence Man are a band who know exactly what they want; with a fucking excellent sense of humour to boot, they shouldn't be taken too seriously. Confident Music for Confident People is littered with unexpected flourishes, comical call-and-responses and an overriding element of fun. It's surely the party of the year.

Northern Transmissions
Whether you’re in it for the amazing dance mixes or clever commentary, this album delivers on all fronts.

Even if listeners lack that namesake self-assurance that the band seem to care so much about, by the end of Confident Music for Confident People, they might believe they can achieve anything with this album as their effortlessly cool soundtrack.

The Guardian
They certainly aren’t subtle, but Confidence Man’s broad brush strokes belie a sophisticated and skilful distillation of dance-pop joy.
With a Balearic pulse and horizontal attitude throughout, this record is ready-made sunshine – MDMAzing pretension-free fun for the masses. This is the album we need in these hard times, even if we don’t deserve it.
Apr 13, 2018
Well right off the bat I can tell I won’t be able to relate with this
Apr 16, 2018
Just about as confident as I expected. Excellent production and catchy melodies on each and every song - only problem is it's quite front-loaded.
Apr 20, 2018
I don't even know how to fuckin describe this album but my ass loves it.
Apr 19, 2018
it's like those friends you keep around just because you need company to fill the void that is existential loneliness, but their only interest is the avengers
Apr 16, 2018*
Digging the poppy, catchy, vivacious sound. Crisp, clean (production) and fun. I 'think' they're going for an ironic humor in what we society dibs as important relevant. But also pointing out the fact those things, being in a band, going to the coolest parties, are often accompanied with a deep seeded sense of confidence (righteously or not). Also, I love the play on Con Man and Confidence Man, that the topics covered are also sold to the music listening masses by portraying them as ... read more
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Track List
  1. Try Your Luck
  2. Don't You Know I'm In a Band
  3. Boyfriend
  4. C.O.O.L Party
  5. Out the Window
  6. Catch My Breath
  7. Bubblegum
  8. Better Sit Down Boy
  9. Sail Boat Vacation
  10. All the Way
  11. Fascination
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Added on: March 20, 2018