Sons of Kemet - Your Queen is a Reptile
Your Queen is a Reptile
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this is way too many albums wtf is wrong with me yes i know this is a lot of /mu/ nerd bullshit NEXT ARTIST I'M GETTING INTO: Women
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This is my personal opinion, I don't mind if you don't like it.
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My top 25 albums of 2018
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Honorable Mentions: 1. The Voidz - Virtue /// Experimental, New wave, Psychedelic Pop, Garage Rock 2. Armand Hammer - Paraffin /// Abstract Hip-hop 3. Clarence Clarity - THINK: PEACE /// ...
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LPs/EPs/Live Albums/Compilations (not singles). Started 14/8/2015.
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2018 was a fantastic year for music releases, and with this new list format implemented to AOTY recently, I thought it'd be cool to share my 50 fav albums from 2018!
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