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My Dear Melancholy,

The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy,
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Northern Transmissions

As he brings in sounds from across his career, Tesfaye tells a powerful story of heartbreak, moving on and where you find yourself after everything’s over.


Without the bloated tracklist of Starboy, and any attempt to please an audience outside of his core, the lack of innovation doesn’t seem take away from the concise, focused, conceptual nature of this well-produced R&B gem.


The odes of addlepated excess that comprise My Dear Melancholy, serve as a soft reset of sorts, a musical palette cleanser that takes stock of what the Weeknd has accomplished thus far.

Rolling Stone

My Dear Melancholy, is slight, a skin-and-bones collection of six songs that use the fragility and grime of broken relationships as a jumping-off point for uncovering subtle textures in his sound. Recalling his 2012 series of early EPs, it evokes a drug-addled romp through Magic City on R&B Night – dark, high-def electro-soul.

Spectrum Culture

It makes clear that he is one of a few contemporary artists that music cannot do without, one who manages to make headphones feel like a confessional booth with every new release.


Where Starboy was weighed down by its own importance, My Dear Melancholy, is pious and confessional, a collection of songs that feel as if they’ve been scrawled in an old journal versus blown across a billboard.


The Weeknd’s new six-song EP finds him in limbo between the bleary-eyed vibe of his early mixtapes and the bulletproof pop stylings of his last two albums.

The 405

My Dear Melancholy is a promising output but here’s hoping these stylistic ideas can be explored more originally on a full-length EP.

The Guardian

Abel Tesfaye’s surprise EP – the follow-up to the massively successful Starboy – features ghostly and gorgeous production but lyrics that are suffocatingly solipsistic.


The thrust of My Dear Melancholy ... which postulates that The Weeknd can in fact still pivot between Morrissey, Drake, and Prince, just doesn’t feel necessary or vital at all. It feels unproductive.


Stylistically, superficially, this forward propulsion sees him loop back to the start with six-track EP ‘My Dear Melancholy,’, which appears to sink back into the browbeaten R&B with which he made his Google-friendly name. This works – sporadically.

Consequence of Sound

My Dear Melancholy, has cohesion, but it’s a listless, murky sound that never unhinges the way you want it to. Had he pushed a little further, it could have made for something more substantial, rather than walking up to the cusp and then backing down.


If this truly is a part of a whole, it's hard to imagine what about-face any new music could pull to make this EP seem like anything other than a retread of Trilogy.

The Needle Drop

My Dear Melancholy, is The Weeknd's least adventurous set of songs since Kiss Land.

A.V. Club
Anyone looking for bangers will need to wait for The Weeknd’s next release.
Considering its unswerving focus on romantic anguish and self-medication, and a listener's natural inclination to associate the pronouns with Tesfaye's famous exes, the EP might seem extreme, but it retraces familiar shapes in condensed form.
NOW Magazine

It could be transitional or a throwback to the amorphous riffage of Kiss Land, but it never strays too far from accessibility. It’s full of hooks, and the lyrics are vague enough to meet mainstream pop’s universality requirement.

it sounds good but jesus he is running low on ideas
This is the Weeknd I've been waiting for since Kiss Land. This EP is absolutely incredible.

Best Tracks: I Was Never There, Call Out My Name and Privilege

My 50 Favourite Albums of 2018: #4 / 50
A decent set of tracks that started off with insanely high promise but almost all of it was taken away by the awful instrumentals that were in 5 out of the 6 tracks. What a bummer

Fav Tracks: Call Out My Name, (EDIT) Privilege, Try Me

Least Fav Track: Hurt You

(Original Score: 48/100)
(Edit:) ok so I gave this a focused listen and I can truly appreciate the aesthetic and vibe that was captured. It has a crushing sense of soulful energy to it. It does capture the older weeknd sound and I ... read more
Favourite: Call Out My Name
Worst: Try Me

1. Call Out My Name - 9
2. Try Me - 7
3. Wasted Times - 7
4. I Was Never There (feat. Gesaffelstein) - 7
5. Hurt You (feat. Gesaffelstein) - 8
6. Privilege - 7

Average: 7.5
Quick Comment: I liked this a decent amount, Abel delivers as usual but for me the beat or even the production felt a bit off a times.
The Weeknd is back on his game
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Added on: March 29, 2018