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on WASTEISOLATION, black dresses combine the loud electric instrumentals and high energy level of 100 gecs, the sassy vocals of sleater kinney, the chaotic production of sematary, and the eerie vibes and dark lyrics of lingua ignota to create something that is familiar yet different from anything i’ve ever heard before. there’s never a dull moment on this album. every single second is chaotic and energetic. it can be a bit intimating at first but if you’re okay with the loud ... read more


Deeply unsettling, Black Dresses seem to abide by a "laugh the pain away" philosophy but when that mask slips, the pain, torment and other damage that lies underneath are revealed in a truly hypnotic way - one of the strongest noise pop releases in recent memory.


This is probably the most emotionally potent Black Dresses project I've heard yet. The reoccurring themes of dealing with abuse and trauma is delivered in such an artful and blunt yet poetic way that it made me tear up a few times. The production here is simpler than on there more recent albums, but is also extremely raw and compliments the more personal lyrical themes on this album. This album already means so much to me just from how i connected to the lyrics alone.

Best songs: DOORWAY, ... read more


black dress has grown on me. didn't like it at first, but i've started to miss them a bit. listening to them just brings me down a rabbit hole into other weird shit. it's GOOD weird shit.


"IN MY MOUTH" is so fucking good.


An album full of the most fucked up and tortured sounds in pop music, like up there with Xiu Xiu.

This album being filled with trauma and pain its hard to describe, obviously I am not in a place to criticize how they express that trauma but even if i were I would have nothing to say. This album speaks for itself, from the noisy industrial production to the deadpan yet catchy vocals and harmonies. Its an album for very little but if you enjoy it, chances are you’ll love it.

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Added on: April 13, 2018