Drake - Scorpion
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2018 Ratings: #747 / 830
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June 29, 2018 / Release Date
LP / Format
Young Money, Cash Money / Label
Pop Rap, R&B / Genres
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The Telegraph
The most entertaining 90 minutes you could ever spend with a miserable rapper.

With a weighty rollout including endearing videos for "God's Plan" and "Nice For What" and the less-favoured single "I'm Upset," Drake aims to come out stronger, more focused and more righteous than ever.

NOW Magazine
Just in time for summer, Drake’s latest release is a 90-minute double album that masterfully tackles various facets of his persona.
The Observer

Although this album lacks a world-conquering pop hit like One Dance or Hotline Bling, and your interest wanes on side two, Scorpion is the album of the summer.

The album is a hulking catalog of Drake in his comfort zone, a space in which his ability to create memorable music that sits perfectly in the cradle of the cultural zeitgeist is unmatched.

In the long run, a few duds in 90 minutes of material doesn't seem too high a sin, especially considering the same concession could easily be made for a release like the Beatles' White Album. Thus, with Scorpion, Drake makes a cohesive argument for broadening our attention spans and enjoying life's music, regardless of runtime.


Now that we’ve got a distinction between Rapper and Singer, it’s safe to say R&B Drake remains undefeated while Rapper Drake is still nursing battle wounds.


Scorpion solidifies his universal relatability while yet again supplying fans with an overload of tracks to willingly keep or ditch.

Northern Transmissions
By bloating out the record much like Migos‘ new record, Drake takes what could be a tight and strong record, and instead makes it a mixed bag.
Rolling Stone

There isn’t an incompetent song to be found here – it’s more consistent than the genre-hopping More Life – and every last one has its moments. This is a masterclass in pop-focused execution and an exercise in inoffensive ambition swirling into itself.


Absorbing ‘Scorpion’s 90-minute run time in one sitting is a big ask, but the ratio of good to bad here is impressively in Drake’s favour.

Drake’s fifth proper studio album is richly produced, studded with gems, and grapples with his fatherhood in a way that casts his arrested development into sharp relief.
A.V. Club
It’s a drag, but a compulsively listenable one, with velvety production and Drake’s typically elegant taste in guest voices.
The Guardian

Veering from swaggering soul to eerie electronica, this new mega-album is bloated, rambling – yet frequently gorgeous and funny.

The Independent

For all the hype and drama that led up to Scorpion's release and for want of a better cliche: it really doesn’t have much of a sting in its tail.

Drake’s fatal flaw on ‘Scorpion’ ... is self-indulgence.
The 405
It’s not that Scorpion is bad music - it’s exactly what you’d expect, and too much of it.
FLOOD Magazine
After years as one of music’s most upstanding role models, Drake now seems lost, afraid, and emotionless.
Spectrum Culture

This is a record in limbo, a behemoth crippled by a well-timed shot to the leg.


Despite its extensive length, nothing on Scorpion feels particularly adventurous.

Entertainment Weekly

More Life featured a coterie of rising stars and rap heavyweights to create a largely jovial and party-like atmosphere, but Scorpion — Drake’s loneliest-sounding album since 2013’s ruminative Nothing Was the Same — is pure and uncut ego, cranking his hardest-to-like personality traits up to 11.


There are good tracks here, about 35 minutes’ worth, and the plus side of streaming is it’s easier to isolate the songs you like. But between the sprawl of Scorpion and the concision of Daytona, it’s clear Pusha T’s won the battle and the war.

Pretty Much Amazing
Ultimately, this is another entry in the long list of double albums that could have been singles.
Consequence of Sound

Unsurprisingly, his charm has worn thin. What’s left without it is a body of work that is self-indulgent, largely evasive, and frankly boring when the beat is not quite strong enough to steady the ship.

The Needle Drop

Scorpion continues Drake's streak of projects that have been padded out to oblivion.


Scorpion doesn't even come close to being one of his best; instead, it's a one-trick record stretched out into 25 endless tracks by an artist who's so deep into the self-obsessed, self-pitying rut he created for himself that he can't see daylight anymore.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Scorpion is not the product of a man undergoing any meaningful personal change; it is the standard, biannual output of the cultural entity that is Drake, with two or three tracks tacked on to give it a sense of time and place, one that necessarily but reluctantly includes its creator’s catastrophic return to Earth.

A Side:

1. filler
2. filler
3. filler
4. filler
5. God's Plan
6. filler
7. filler
8. Mob Ties
9. filler
10. filler
11. filler
12. filler

B Side:

1. filler
2. filler
3. filler
4. Nice for What
5. filler
6. filler
7. filler
8. filler
9. filler
10. filler
11. filler
12. filler
13. filler

favourite tracks: filler, filler, filler
least favourite track: filler
If You’re Reading This It’s Terrible

Listening to Scorpion is like overheating in a desert, walking from one sparkling song oasis to another, eventually dehydrating, dying from lack of quality, engagement & importance.

Not to say there aren’t some really great songs on here, but overall, even VIEWS is more memorable. I sometimes want to retreat to literally any other album of his. It sounds like God’s Plan blew up, and Drake said welp, gotta make 24 more songs real ... read more
Drake's worst album.
Not fan draak, his music is very quick sore face and skull brain. Make me sick. Sorry maybe he nice man but maybe not for me
If you want to have a chuckle skip to "Ratchet Happy Birthday"" yw lol
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Track List

A Side

  1. Survival
  2. Nonstop
  3. Elevate
  4. Emotionless
  5. God's Plan
  6. I'm Upset
  7. 8 Out of 10
  8. Mob Ties
  9. Can't Take a Joke
  10. Sandra's Rose
  11. Talk Up
  12. Is There More

B Side

  1. Peak
  2. Summer Games
  3. Jaded
  4. Nice for What
  5. Finesse
  6. Ratchet Happy Birthday
  7. That's How You Feel
  8. Blue Tint
  9. In My Feelings
  10. Don't Matter to Me
  11. After Dark
  12. Final Fantasy
  13. March 14
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Added on: April 16, 2018