God's Favorite Customer

Father John Misty - God's Favorite Customer
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Only a year after taking a long hard look at human nature in his ‘Pure Comedy’, the mirror is turned back inwards, and while Father John Misty watches love fall apart, he still manages to make something utterly beautiful out of it. ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ is the dark side to ‘Honeybear’ and the distance between the mask and the Josh Tillman underneath is closer than ever.
Entertainment Weekly
Four albums in, the FJM musical formula has been polished to a hirsute sheen: the debonair but world-weary raconteur, swinging between naked self-examination and serrated takes on millennial narcissism and scenester ennui.

Forgoing the epic sweep of his previous album, Father John Misty takes things down a notch, but still delivers a beautiful, unique album.


God’s Favorite Customer is the next chapter to Honeybear: the story of the hedonistic shroom-addled Hollywood waster who fell in love and started to grow up, even if the occasional pelvic thrust, sardonically raised eyebrow or over-dramatic fall to the floor wouldn’t go amiss.


Josh Tillman is still self-absorbed. But his fourth full-length as Father John Misty exhibits a new sense of empathy and vulnerability while losing none of his wit.

A.V. Club

There’s little to adorn most of these songs—lyrically economical, sonically without much pageantry—but the intimacy and honesty results in some of Tillman’s most stunning songwriting.

Loud and Quiet
The songs sound the same but the lyrics reveal a side to him that’s rarely made an appearance until now.

Josh Tillman returns as Father John Misty on God's Favorite Customer, blurring the lines between artist and alter-ego and trading humour for heartbreak on a concise record that's as sombre as it is satisfying.

Northern Transmissions

On God’s Favorite Customer, he is no longer a barefooted celestial wanderer who bestows witty take-downs of the human condition. He is flesh, blood, and flawed.

The Independent

Unlike I Love You, Honeybear and Pure Comedy, which were rooted in performativity, God’s Favorite Customer is sincere, raw and melancholy.

The Skinny

God's Favorite Customer showcases Tillman at his most levelled: sly-tongued and biting, emotional and soulful, articulating life's most complex feelings in a way we can all understand.


It’s smart and knowing, flitting between perspectives with ease. Barely a year after his last, Josh Tillman makes this shit look easy.

The Guardian

As ever, the music is lush and 1970s-styled, albeit not as lush as before: it’s only rabbit fur in texture, rather than mink. But Tillman’s voice ... is as wonderful as ever, clear and true, and warm and approachable, even if close examination reveals the deep damage beneath the veneer.

Spectrum Culture

Tillman sheds the postmodern pyrotechnics and recognizes the limits of irony and sarcasm that were the foundation of his previous releases. In doing so, Tillman renders his Father John Misty character entirely human for the first time.

Under The Radar

God's Favorite Customer is a 10-track demonstration that when bleakness and fun can be married this well, wanting it any other way is churlish.


Tillman’s gift for melody and his penchant for droll, evocative lyrics pull these 10 songs back from the brink of morbidity.


Father John Misty means to provoke and soothe in equal measure, which is precisely what he does on God's Favorite Customer.

Rolling Stone

What lifts God's Favorite Customer beyond homage is Tillman's slicing, free-associative candor as he examines the cost in sanity and constancy of his craft and touring life.

It’s a record riddled with questions, while refusing to offer answers. In remaining tight-lipped, this taciturn new aspect to Father John Misty might be his most genuinely sincere, and his most profound.
It’s another marvellous addition to the Father John Misty catalogue, delivered from a songwriter that surely now deserves to be recognised as one of, if not the greatest, of this decade.
God Is in the TV

Pure Comedy was a prophetic document of America, as easily applied to the shit storm in our own broken country as to the Trump administration but God’s Favorite Customer is far more relatable on a universal scale.


God’s Favorite Customer is less than half the length of his 2017 LP Pure Comedy but the details are still there, Tillman’s verbose nature still intact.

Consequence of Sound

The end result sees Misty at his most desperate, heartbroken state, making a solid comedown record from I Love You, Honeybear and Pure Comedy that doesn’t quite hit the profound highs of its predecessors, but gets carried quite a long way on the backs of its honest songwriting.

Father John Misty, formerly Josh Tillman, has less to prove on his fourth record; with the character he has built, you know what you are in for with a FJM record. And so, ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ is a suitably low-stakes affair with an emphasis on personal ballads and calmer sensibilities.
Drowned in Sound

God’s Favourite Customer isn’t quite perfect - it lags in the final furlong as piano ballads are fallen back upon one too many times (the title track, ‘The Songwriter’) and lacks the unified overarching narrative of ...Honeybear - but it continues to showcase one of the finest songwriters of a generation. We need his barbed and brilliant tunes more than ever.

FLOOD Magazine

God’s Favorite Customer is at times more than I could bear, but the grand nobility of struggling to find a sense of inner peace—or an actor’s ideal of inner peace—sounds lovelier, homier, and looser here than Misty has allowed in the recent past.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Some of the changes are sweeping and obvious, but much of Misty’s/Tillman’s growth is quieter. J. Tillman may have sworn off the reckless grandeur of I Love You, Honeybear (still his best album to date), but the draw of Customer is its small victories and modest shifts in character.

The Needle Drop

Even though it's a little disappointing to hear Josh playing it so safe stylistically on the heels of Pure Comedy, God's Favorite Customer more often than not delivers the sharp songwriting that Father John Misty is known for and admirably tackles some pretty dark and personal topics.

The Line of Best Fit

For all this fuss, it’s disappointing ... that much of God’s Favorite Customer doesn’t pack anywhere near the sonic punch that gives life to his first three records.

Slant Magazine

Josh Tillman too often feels hopelessly lost inside his own head on God's Favorite Customer.

The 405

True, God’s Favorite Customer isn’t a bad album, yet it still feels like the weak link in the grand scheme of things. Fans of his previous work will still get a lot out of Misty's latest, but despite its subject matter, this album feels a little safe and inconsequential.

Finally, my FJM journey is completed (besides one EP apparently). And I gotta say, it ended fairly strongly! Like many have said, it is pretty disappointing to hear something so similar to his past works after the creative bounds he made on Pure Comedy, however I think that he takes what he was doing on album like Honeybear and perfects it to an even greater degree. The opener starts out loud and confident, and though that's a minor detail I think it immediately separates Favorite Customer from ... read more
A self reflective and honest approach to the struggles of an ageing man who is aware of his own mortal transgressions. This is the most personal Tillman has ever been, singing the woes of his life in a way that is near Dylan-esque. God's Favourite Customer is a reminder of our imperfections and doubts, and to allow yourself to not take things so seriously.

Sonically, it is similar to Honeybear in the way that the production is very light and aesthetically pleasing, relying heavily on catchy ... read more
Cannot wait to see the FJM hating troll farm in full effect... esp with that album cover. Let the snarky comments commence!

So, here we go. Just one year after FJM releases the extremely polarizing (and IMO outstanding) Pure Comedy, he is back with brisk 10 song album clocking in at just under 40 minutes. Things sound like a mix between PC & Honeybear. God's Favorite Customer is certainly a little more on the punchy side, with an especially sprightly first half. We certainly get moments ... read more
God's Favorite Customer, with its mental passageways and extremely charming sound, is about as good as singer/songwriter albums get.
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Added on: April 17, 2018