Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

Deerhunter - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?
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The Skinny
The slow, crumbling decline of civilisation has rarely sounded so good.
They continue to look forward and create music that feels unlike anything else out there. This one is no exception: it's the perfect antidote for these bleak, modern times.
God Is in the TV

Perhaps the plurality of the way we consume media has denied Cox the reactiveness that he has lamented and talked about at length around the release of WHEAD?, but in the context of Deerhunter’s catalogue it takes 15 years of oscillating and condenses everything that makes this band great into about 40 minutes. On those terms, it’s absolutely essential.

What ties it all together is that it is so unmistakably Deerhunter without sacrificing any of their mythos or crucial genetic makeup.
Northern Transmissions

They’ve made a huge leap with Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?.

The Line of Best Fit

While time will decide whether it’s the best Deerhunter album, WHEAD? can lay claim to being the most ‘Deerhunter’ Deerhunter album. It’s utterly, completely, resolutely and defiantly them. It’s futuristic but warm, nostalgic but distant, pretentious but human.


This is how you turn pop into art.

The Guardian

Unpredictability is a rare and rather valuable commodity in a world of media-trained personalities and music dictated by the metrics of streaming services, and it’s something Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? has in abundance.


Deerhunter's eighth studio album wrestles with escapist and confrontational impulses, and continues their exploration of shifting sonic identity.

Loud and Quiet
In thirty-seven minutes, it offers up a plethora of intelligently crafted societal takes and yet presents them invitingly enough that, if you’re so inclined, you can just let the music wash over you. Deerhunter are not here to prescribe you a message; they’re asking you a question, and giving you a choice.
Deerhunter have often dealt in lofty, intense blows, but on album eight, they provide a breezy distraction from the chaos outside, and it’s most welcome.
Though the band is now squarely in its pop era, the nostalgia that laced its early records has morphed into a timely, fatalistic vision of the future and national decay.
No Ripcord

Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? marks their third album since they regrouped, and setting aside the individual merits of both Monomania and Fading Frontier, it's the first where they provide a clearer understanding of how they function during their second phase as a unified piece.

The Independent
This is a new side of Deerhunter that gives the listener much to contemplate.

From the weariness and wonder in its title to the mix of delicacy and anger in its songs, Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? is one of Deerhunter's most haunting and thought-provoking albums.

Drowned in Sound
Its strangeness is all-pervasive, yet understated. It‘s Deerhunter’s quietest record to date, and not exactly lacking in hooks ... And yet everything’s ineffably odd – the instrumentation is pointedly off your expectations, sometimes like old Deerhunter transposed into a dusty bucolic, sometimes like nothing they’ve ever done before.
Under The Radar
Underneath it all, Deerhunter are still a band that are completely beholden to music's ability to spiritually transcend even the worst state of things. If you really pay attention, you will be infected by this attitude, eat some hummus, and maybe start something yourself.

Part eco-lament, part eulogy for emotion, part reflection on the 24-hour news cycle in the age of Trump and the threat of nationalism, on WHEAD? Cox delivers a fairly stark status update for humanity ... but sugars the pill by wrapping the message in some of Deerhunter’s prettiest songs to date

Consequence of Sound

Though less immediate, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? still bristles with the spirit that makes Deerhunter’s work mystifying. Along with Fading Frontier, the album presents a new era for Deerhunter, one more contemplative and spacious yet continually beguiling.

A.V. Club
Though it’s loaded thematically with 21st-century tension, the album doesn’t cater to average, present-day attention spans. To experience it fully means immersing yourself in the dream, which takes some thoughtful listening—it favors hypnotism in place of catchiness, and Cox’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics are often cryptic, nearly opaque.
Deerhunter have clearly reached their pop faze but only time will tell if they can make the breakthrough that has thus far eluded them.
Pretty Much Amazing

Certainly their best album since Halcyon Digest. Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? finds Deerhunter painting airbrush-soft landscapes for the subtle and quiet hours.

Spectrum Culture

In finding the loneliness and rage of others, Cox broadens his lyrical palette while remaining fundamentally opaque and just out of reach.

Slant Magazine

This is a Deerhunter album, so closer listening reveals much more going on beneath the surface. To be fair, though, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? isn’t as viscerally challenging as many of the band’s prior efforts.

Any trauma that resides below the surface is masked in a haze of harpsichord, mellotron, piano, bells and an uplifting approach that belies the underlying issues.
The 405

It would be nice if Deerhunter had a clearer plan of attack on nostalgia culture, but instead WHEAD? boils down to merely a really nice sounding pop rock record.


The pleasures on Disappeared are highly attenuated: almost every good melodic or structural idea is cushioned in some greater manifestation of banality or aggravation.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Like ghosts that don’t know they’re dead, the songs on Deerhunter’s Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? wander about in a well-produced limbo almost in mourning for the death they can’t die. But they don’t know it, so — and this is the saddest part about it — they become what they deplore, all loss glossed over.

The Needle Drop

Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared is hands-down the blandest entry in Deerhunter's discography.

Crack Magazine

Tired indie tropes – wilderness metaphors and twee imagery about village greens and country roads – keep resurfacing, like a New Year’s resolution that has quickly slid away to be replaced by the same stale habits.

Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? may not reinvent the wheel, but by refining the themes and upbeat sonic palettes that made their previous outing intriguing, Deerhunter come through with their most compelling record since Halcyon Digest.

Favorite Tracks: What Happens To People? (seriously this song is one of their best), Futurism, No One's Sleeping, Plains, Death in Midsummer, Element

Least Favorite Track: Detournement
This release marks the end of yet another dreary chapter in a book about me being continually underwhelmed by the musical endeavors of the band Deerhhnter.

With their latest release, DH dont really bring anything new to the table, other than actually having some pretty solid track transitions and lyrics. This just feels to me like regular run-of-the-mill Neo-Pyschedelic Indie Rock.

Though the band do lean more towards the experimental side of the musical spectrum by adding in elements of ... read more
My mom was telling me yesterday about how on CBC radio they played some singles from this album as part of their "taste tester" segment and people really didn't like it because it was so sad... Yet here I am, having so much fun! Sure, the lyrics are sad, this IS Bradford Cox we're talking about, but it has such a fresh and fun sound. This is possibly Deerhunter'smost upbeat album (from the ones I've heard) and I am all here for it! Finally, 2019 has begun!
Nothing special but still good for the soul
How fitting that this and the panda leak significantly early.

If you like the singles you’ll probably like the rest. A little weird to drop an instrumental 3 songs in though, not that the song isn’t good (actually I like this song quite a bit). Détournement is also a bit strange (I guess it works as intro to the second half).

Solid album, nice addition to the deerhunter catalog.
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Track List

  1. Death in Midsummer
  2. No One's Sleeping
  3. Greenpoint Gothic
  4. Element
  5. What Happens to People?
  6. Détournement
  7. Futurism
  8. Tarnung
  9. Plains
  10. Nocturne
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Added on: April 19, 2018