Deerhunter - Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?
Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?
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Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? may not reinvent the wheel, but by refining the themes and upbeat sonic palettes that made their previous outing intriguing, Deerhunter come through with their most compelling record since Halcyon Digest.

Favorite Tracks: What Happens To People? (seriously this song is one of their best), Futurism, No One's Sleeping, Plains, Death in Midsummer, Element

Least Favorite Track: Detournement
My mom was telling me yesterday about how on CBC radio they played some singles from this album as part of their "taste tester" segment and people really didn't like it because it was so sad... Yet here I am, having so much fun! Sure, the lyrics are sad, this IS Bradford Cox we're talking about, but it has such a fresh and fun sound. This is possibly Deerhunter'smost upbeat album (from the ones I've heard) and I am all here for it! Finally, 2019 has begun!

Edit : Ok probably not... but yeah I love this thing. I can understand why many people aren't liking it much, however something about it just clicks for me. It isn't Halcyon Digest that's for sure, but something about the dreamy and moody aesthetics of the album just work for me, probably since I love that sort of thing.
This release marks the end of yet another dreary chapter in a book about me being continually underwhelmed by the musical endeavors of the band Deerhhnter.

With their latest release, DH dont really bring anything new to the table, other than actually having some pretty solid track transitions and lyrics. This just feels to me like regular run-of-the-mill Neo-Pyschedelic Indie Rock.

Though the band do lean more towards the experimental side of the musical spectrum by adding in elements of ... read more
How fitting that this and the panda leak significantly early.

If you like the singles you’ll probably like the rest. A little weird to drop an instrumental 3 songs in though, not that the song isn’t good (actually I like this song quite a bit). Détournement is also a bit strange (I guess it works as intro to the second half).

Solid album, nice addition to the deerhunter catalog.
A return to greatness for Deerhunter
Nothing special but still good for the soul
“Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?” is a well-written, exquisitely-produced and beautifully moody album that manages to stay consistent throughout its short 36-minute runtime while also tackling societal issues in an exciting (and depressing) way.

I really need to check out their other stuff!

Fav Tracks: What Happens to People?, Death in Midsummer, Futurism, No One’s Sleeping, Element, Plains

Least Fav Track: Détounement

i have only listened to Halcyon Digest from Deerhunter before listening to this album and honestly... I like this one more. I love the contrast between the bleak lyrics about society being destroyed alongside the lush and colorful production. This is one of the better Indie Rock releases of the decade.
Sólido, corto y relativamente memorable, no arriesga demasiado pero tampoco entra en el terreno de lo seguro. No es una renovación de su sonido, pues conceptos parecidos ya se habían tocado con anterioridad, se podría decir que lo 'nuevo' es la exploración de este estilo y sus variantes, además de extenderlo a un disco entero. Cosa que les parece sentar bien, como lo han demostrado en trabajos anteriores (Cryptograms y Microcastle siendo los ejemplos ... read more
This album is a very solid release and the transitions here are very well done. The instrumentation and the production are very catchy and playful, even if the goal is to achieve a darker theme.
That being said, I still wish they did something more experimental, as I found this to be rather safe.
Nevertheless, a pretty good album with some awesome tracks.

FAV TRACKS - Death in Midsummer, Elemental, Futurism, Plains, Nocturne
Nothing really exceptional about this project. It's good, worth a listen. I've listened to it 3 times, let's see if it grows even more...also, element is a great single
Deerhunter have returned to their greatness with their 2019 release "Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?"
Well, it got one really cool deep cut, so I'm fine with it (lol)...
So all of you are seriously just gonna listen to the leak? Personally, I'd like to wait for the actual album drop and given the already great reviews, I might consider buying this album like people did back in the good ol' days..

Update: I was a little underwhelmed with this record given some of the hype prior to release. I get that this album wasn't necessarily trying to push all the boundaries of Deerhunter's music and I do appreciate a lot of its darker lyrical themes. The production, while ... read more
A lot of captivating soundscapes near the end of songs, with influences ranging from psychadelia to indie rock and pop. The lyrics are portrayed in the cover art, it's a critique of current social and environmental affairs, a depressive/unapologeticly brave and dismal perspective on the future, posed in question form, that incites thinking.
I'm not really drawn to the vocals. Sometimes wish the emotion behind the words was also more present in the delivery.
Still a well presented, well paced ... read more
Well, this was pointless
It didn't take long for me to realize what was wrong with this album. It goes nowhere. There is one idea presented here and then another and overall it's such a mess and a lot of these songs aren't even that good and are boring. The first half of the album isn't too offensive I thought it was alright and easily had some of the better tracks like "Element" and "What Happens To People". There was at least some energy in the musicianship although I ... read more
These songs will be fun live.
I'm going to be honest: this album doesn't do a lot for me. I can appreciate where it is going, or where it is trying to go, but it barely ever hits and I'm left sitting here listening to mostly boring tracks. Toward the end of the album it gets a bit better and perhaps if the whole album was more in the style of What Happens to People? and Futurism I would enjoy it more, but then you realize that it is sort of just a Foxygen rip off. Also, don't get me started on Detournement because I ... read more
Compacto,entretenido y dinámico: El octavo disco de Deerhunter tiene la misma mística que los discos que los pusieron en el mapa ('Microcastle' y 'Halcyon Digest')Sin duda alguna, con 'Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?' Deerhunter se adjudica el puesto de una de las mejores bandas de rock alternativo de la última década.

Fav Tracks: Death in Midsummer, No One's Sleeping, Element,What Happens to People?,Futurism, Nocturne.
It’s good. Lyrically very strong, but I would love for some more variety. I enjoyed listening through once, but it didn’t grab me like I was hoping. I actually like the instrumental moments on the album probably the best.
Deerhunter return on what might just be their most upbeat and chirpy album yet despite the gloomy lyricism and album title. This record much like the other albums in Deerhunter's discography is very easy on the ears and has that ever so soothing indie pop sound. This album though does feel a bit more pop sensible as these tracks burst to life with bright synths and rather lively drumming. It really isn't anything all that new but is a fresh new tone for the band. It is enjoyable but still feels ... read more
El nuevo LP de Deerhunter suena como una apuesta segura en sí misma, canciones sencillas de digerir pero muy cautivantes; este álbum no es ningún cambio realmente notorio, sino, un giro más a la manera tan genuina de hacer su música. Otro capítulo más a su sólida discografía.
It's a good enough Deerhunter record as a whole. If anything, just satisfactory in most spots but nothing to write home about. Was hoping for something from Microcastle, Halcyon Digest era Deerhunter.
Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared?

Best Tracks: Death in Midsummer,Greenpoint Gothic,Element,Futurism,Tarnung,Plains,Nocturne
Worst Track: Détournement
I've never been the biggest fan of Deerhunter, but this is close to converting me. It's still growing on me, I might even like it more later on...
Deerhunter nunca me ha decepcionado. En 2019 no sólo afianza un sonido único que la consolida en una discografía que muchos quisieran tener. Muchos dicen que es lo mismo que siempre, pero esta banda ha sacado por más de 10 años álbumes a la vanguardia que sientes y puedes volver. Le ponen a todo un toque que no puedes caracterizar del todo. La característica más "deerhunter" que he observado son los crescendos contrapunteados que ... read more
Even with implifying more electronic aspects, this album just doesn't bring enough new to the table. Especially the more upbeat tracks sound too flat, also because of the often monotonous vocals. Still, this is by far not a bad project, I just expected a bit more inventiveness from them.

BEST: Death in Midsummer, Element, What Happens to People?, Nocturne
WORST: Plains
Deerhunter's comeback record "Why Has Everything Already Disappeared?" is a mixed bag of indie pop-rock and experimentation which presents some great ideas but doesn't deliver much of anything you haven't heard before. Enjoyed it for what it's worth but it wasn't anything too special.

I was quite looking forward to hearing this album, and despite it leaking several weeks before it's release I told myself I was going to be patient and wait for the official release. And now I've ... read more
There was a time when Deerhunter was a cutting-edge band in the Indie world. Nowadays, their nostalgic and bland production makes them unfortunately as forgettable as anything you'd hear on modern rock radio.
This sure got me excited a few minutes in. While the album slowly lost some momentum by becoming a bit of a timbre-heavy wash with less specific selling points overtime, it's still an enjoyable and worthwhile piece of music all the way through. There are specific ups and downs, with the album going from some complete mastery of lightning-in-a-bottle ideas to merely riding slow waves of mellow guitar, brass and percussion that were simply atmospheric. The bottom line is that while Deerhunter ... read more
This is a killer record. Element and What Happens to People are some of the catchiest tracks I've heard in awhile. Side B is super solid. I feel like the record starts a bit slow though, much like Halcyon Digest does.

Good album
Deerhunter's new album has some beautiful melodic highlights making the record work well. The songwriting is curious and thinkful. In general, a good album which for now remains only in the label of good.
It's not nearly as compelling as past efforts, but Deerhunter manage to scrape together enough good grooves and bleak lyrics to warrant a few listens.

Standouts: Death in Midsummer, Greenpoint Gothic, Futurism, Plains
Pleasantly surprised, I really enjoyed this albums aesthetic and the way it flowed so smoothly. Sometimes I struggle to get through a whole album in one go even if I like it but with this its always over before I know it. Which sounds like a bad thing but its actually a positive, it makes me want to go back and find more details in each listen.

It is Deerhunter after all so maybe I shouldn't have been surprised.

Fave tracks: Death in Midsummer, No One's Sleeping, What Happens to People?, ... read more
It's not like i didn't enjoy it or something, i'm just struggling to fined Halcyon Digest in Deerhunter again.
Even though not as crazy as previous works by Deerhunter, it still is beautifully produced and contains the dark lyrical content. I feel like some tracks though are a little boring/uninteresting near the middle of the album and they're aren't really any tracks that are astonishing on the album too. I feel the project needs to add more tracks since I feel like I'm listening to a double ep than an album. But at the end of the day, Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared is a pretty good album ... read more
Dangit I am just not that into this. Some solid tracks, but gosh is this thing feeling really uninspiring to me.
Some interesting instrumental passages stand out (namely in Detournement and Tarnung), but otherwise the album just didn't make too much of a splash with me. It's good -- if you like heavily produced indie rock you'll like it. I don't see myself returning to it much, personally.
Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? is Deerhunter's reflection on everything bad about society. This reflection however sounds surreal and beautiful. This record provides a very unique atmosphere, an atmosphere that the listeners starts to crave after giving it a couple of listens.
Highest point on this is "What Happens to People?" simple yet gorgeous with so much to
offer. Lyrics to instrumentation.
i like the contrast between the kind of sad themes on the lyrics and the upbeat instrumental sound. Nothing too surprising but the production is really good and the genres blend is also interesting
Deerhunter coming out with another Deerhunter-esque album. No idea what direction they were going in for Detournement though.
The new Deerhunter album poses some interesting lyrical questions and has some pretty good songs on it (Death In Midsummer, Greenpoint Gothic, Detournement) but the rest is just simple neo psychadelia.
I'm still in the camp of people who don't really get the hype around Deerhunter, but there were some pretty well written songs on here. Still not anything super standout except for a handful of tracks, but I can kind of see what they're going for at least.
compared to halycon or microcastle, this album falls short. Im not sure if it is on the conceptual front or lyrical front, but there was something that felt lacking from this project compared to those two albums. However, average Deerhunter is still quite a bit more unique and interesting than many of their contemporaries.
Deerhunter’s new album sure had some hype behind it after the release of three great singles. Reviews of leaked material already started showing up at the start of the year, which looked very promising. Does it live up to the hype? For me maybe not entirely, but I did enjoy it a fair bit.

The album starts off with the harpsichord-led track Death in Midsummer, which also is one of the highlights on the record for me. I really like how it begins with only a few instruments and vocals ... read more
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