Playboi Carti - Die Lit
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2018 Ratings: #607 / 850
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The Atlanta rapper’s official debut is an album that works almost completely from its own lunatic script. It is a perversely infectious sugar high, rap that fundamentally recalibrates the brain’s reward centers.

Tiny Mix Tapes
Like its predecessor, it’s an album of party records; these are songs that will be played ad infinitum at functions until the hooks, the breaks, and, of course, the bass are burned into the brain of every attendee.

At some point, there will surely come a time when we’ll expect Playboi Carti to demonstrate a measurable artistic evolution. But part of the thrill in listening to Die Lit is that Carti is still producing innovative, inventive hip-hop unmoored by expectations from his very first set of tools. Who knows what worlds will come next.


Playboi Carti crafts a cloudy, effervescent piece of rap workmanship, chock full of moody pleasures.

The Needle Drop

Playboi Carti's debut album is intoxicating in its simplicity.

Spectrum Culture

While the borders of his music expand, Carti only truly invests in what works best for him now, and he continues to persist impressively while sticking to such a singular direction.


Thanks to the lack of coherence or variety though, nothing on Die Lit really sticks. It's fun enough but, save for a few keepers, has the lifespan of a mayfly. Rock to it for the summer and forget most of it by September.

Although gauging Carti’s pen game overlooks the reason for his music’s existence, his songwriting (for lack of an eloquent description) is pretty terrible.
Like Rae Sremmurd and Migos, these big-bass trap anthems owe much to their club-friendly vibe, but offer little in terms of substance or lasting impact.
expect my score to nose dive when my medication wears off

Edit: this is the dumbest album I have ever heard in my entire life. I cannot stop smiling. Someone come save me

Edit Edit: okay fine I’m dropping my 100 down to an 83. Still a fantastic and fun album but not a perfect one
this album makes me want to give birth

Edit: The songs here are simply captivating and utterly enthralling. With the blood-pumping intro to the anxiety induced closer there is not a wasted second here. Die Lit is a near masterpiece and perhaps even one of the greatest Trap Rap albums of the entire decade. The album pushes the boundaries as to what is expected from Trap music. The genius use of minimalism and repetitive melodies creates a sort of experience that is indescribable. ... read more
"Mastering others is strength. Mastering Die Lit is true power." -Lao Tzu, 536 BC

Die Lit finally! After 410 days of questioning my music-loving sanity, I have sipped the Die Lit kool-aid and jumped on the Die Lit-loving train!! YEAH YEAH WUT WUT YEAH YEAH IMMA IN EUUUFUHREEL YEAH IMMA IN EUUUFUHREEL

So...this album. Me and Die Lit never really got along with each other too well. Part of me appreciated the production and sound palette a lot, but I just couldn't stand Playboi Carti ... read more
FINAL VERDICT: Building off the sounds he first began exploring on his self-titled debut, Die Lit sees Playboi Carti really living up to his album title as he outdoes himself on his sprawling sophomore album. Every ad-lib, claustrophobically minimalist instrumental, and guest feature is employed to maximum effect, allowing Playboi Carti to hit every note his sound is capable of manifesting. Sure, it may be a little long-winded, and it took me (and many others I'm sure) time to warm up to Carti ... read more
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Added on: May 11, 2018