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All of his signature hallmarks are still here – the pitch-shifted vocals, the industrialized trip-hop elements – they have simply been cross-pollinated across a rich template of outside influences, giving Rocky the ability to evolve in several directions at once without compromising the record’s cohesion.
Consequence of Sound

Testing is loud, frenetic, spastic, and about as vibrant as rap can be. The songs are busy, crowded with radiant instrumentation and stacked vocals, and rarely take time to breathe. It’s a welcome addition to a genre that has become so occupied with spacey, bare-bones operations and overly simplistic results.


A$AP Rocky has always been a tastemaker with an eclectic palette, and with his third studio album, Testing, he isn't catering to the ears of current hip-hop fans. Rocky is making music outside of the confines of rap while simultaneously pushing boundaries within it.

A.V. Club
Though the finished project is as loose and incohesive as its title might suggest, there’s a lot to like about Testing.
Rocky’s anything-goes tests come up short, but they feel like his alone.

Overall, Testing seems to have been too much of a creative reach by ASAP Rocky. It results into a lack luster project torn between rapping and experimenting.

The Guardian

Rocky similarly hopped between styles on his two previous albums ... but Testing is a spottier affair. Too many tracks minimise his strengths.

NOW Magazine

Testing’s title might suggest experimentation, but it delivers more on tentativeness, with a smattering of solid songs mixed into aesthetically interesting but unresolved experiments.

Spectrum Culture

For every bad track on this frustrating album, another one offers a distinctive flair and ability unlike anyone else. But, at least as far as making albums goes, Rocky has yet to take his place in the pantheon of hip-hop royalty. Testing is what it says it is, though this far into his career, he should be doing better than merely a passing grade.


While in some ways Testing is more musical than anything we've heard from A$AP Rocky before, it's also more confused, with ideas and musical shifts colliding at times to the point of randomness.

Instead of creating a new wave, A$AP Rocky has drowned himself in his own ambitions and lost his identity along the way.
The Needle Drop

Testing contains some interesting ideas here and there, but they aren't performed or organized all that well a great deal of the time.


I can't be the only one who expected this to suck but was surprised at how solid of a project this was right?


Fair amount of straight up filler, but the highs are very high.

fav tracks: A$AP Forever (standout), Fuck Sleep, Praise The Lord, Gunz N Butter


[82.60] This is Rocky's Yeezus. I said it. I know it def doesn't hold that standard, Yeezus being a horny album with surprisingly a lot to unpack and then we have an album, called "TESTING" in which people expected normal sound from him. Like I said in my past review (this prob gon be my final scoring) this album made a comeback compared to when it first came out. I wouldn't say it stood the test of time in general but for sure if you have an attachment to this, in similar fashion to ... read more


This album is an ultimate guilty pleasure. I know everyone hates this album, but it’s up there with my favorite in Asap discography

Favorite tracks- Distorted Records, Asap Forever, Tony Tome, Fuk Sleep, Praise the Lord, Buckshots, Guns N Butter, OG Beeper, Hun43d, Black Tux White Collar, Purity

Least Favorite- Kids Turned Out Fine


This is just average


Distorted Records 7.6/10
A$AP Forever REMIX 8.4/10
Tony Tone 7.4/10
Fukk Sleep 7.2/10
Praise The Lord (Da Shine) 8.0/10
Buck Shots 7.4/10
Gunz N Butter 7.0/10
Brotha Man 6.6/10
OG Beeper 7.2/10
Kids Turned Out Fine 7.8/10
Hun43rd 6.9/10
Changes 8.2/10
Black Tux, White Collar 7.7/10
Purity 8.8/10

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Added on: May 22, 2018