Interpol - Marauder
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Drowned in Sound

We love our grown-up Interpol, still kings of cool – and Marauder shows that despite a return to a more classic sound, the band can still show up with a sound a little new.

Slant Magazine

Interpol's sixth studio album, Marauder, crackles with the energy of embracing life's unpredictable turns.

The Line of Best Fit

Their sound is designed to deflate, to alienate, to offer no resolution, to poke and prod at your most depressive tendencies – you could even argue that there are moments where they purposefully try to bore you. If it’s this that you’re after, and no more, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised by Marauder. If you’re just waiting to catalogue it, to see how it stacks up against Turn on the Bright Lights, don’t bother. You’ll only disappoint yourself.

Northern Transmissions

As time has gone on, you might expect a band like Interpol to get set in their ways, but that’s just not the case on Marauder. Taking their classic guitar-rock in new directions, the New York City powerhouse band pushes the limits of what they can do while still staying accessible.

The Guardian
It’s the sound of a band who have done the last thing you might expect them to do at this stage of their career: start moving on.
The Independent
They’re reinvigorated, brimming with energy and self-assurance.

For Interpol, embracing their veteran status doesn't mean a slide into complacency; if anything, it's the opposite. Marauder doesn't need to be qualified in terms of the band's former successes -- on its own terms, it's one of the richest albums of Interpol's career.

Taking themselves back to the mindset of their heady early days on ‘Marauder’ serves them well - their sixth LP is a return to form that sees the trio overcome their mid-career slump.
Raw but refined, familiar but resolutely strange, ‘Marauder’ seizes that fine balance of retaining the old while introducing the new; the sound of a band at ease with themselves, it could well be Interpol’s finest album in a decade.
The NYC trio sixth album is a bold and artful evolution, though it's so claustrophobic you may long for a sense of release.

An album has been produced that sounds like a band heading down new avenues with a confident swagger and a emboldened sense of purpose.

A.V. Club

Fans should be pleased to hear that Marauder shifts the group’s focus while still remaining recognizably Interpol.

Loud and Quiet
‘Marauder’ twists and turns and not all of the myriad ideas it throws at the proverbial wall end up sticking, but when they do, they suggest there’s plenty left in the tank. In that respect, mission accomplished.
No Ripcord

Marauder is a solid record with several decent tracks that will make it a welcome addition to the group's discography.

FLOOD Magazine
Interpol still makes artful rock and roll with an unmistakably tenebrous undertone, but at this point they don’t have many ideological peers, as their once zeitgeist-appropriate brand of gothic rock now seems imbued with distinctly nostalgic overtones.
Consequence of Sound

Marauder is still Interpol, and it’s still pretty good. It’s got mood and emotion for days. But because the album is marred by nonexistent bass lines and, most concerningly, production and mixing choices that run completely at odds with Interpol’s natural strengths and most beloved idiosyncrasies, it’s nowhere near great.

The songs have the standard Interpol quality, still, the highlights aren’t up there with the classic ones. It becomes better after a few listens, yet there’s some unexploited potential here I believe only hardcore fans will truly enjoy it.
Spectrum Culture

There are indications of Interpol attempting something ambitious on Marauder, even as the resulting album is something far safer than one anticipated.


Marauder is the least-bad Interpol album in more than a decade, but that still doesn’t make it great.

‘Marauder’ doesn’t have its own identity, but it does feel like Interpol are back on the right track. It’s helped them recapture their sense of detached fun, like wearing your sharpest suit to the dingiest bar. Unoriginal? Probably. But does it make a scene when it turns up? Definitely.
The Skinny

What Marauder provides is a top-up of Interpol for the band’s most dedicated fans, but nothing that approaches their former glory.

It is, once again, the sound of a band coming within scraping distance of their potential.
The Observer

Marauder certainly starts strongly ... but elsewhere the quality is more variable.

Under The Radar

It's doubtful Marauder will win Interpol any new fans and may even leave existing fans somewhat disappointed, but if you work at it, you can find some redeeming qualities since a sub-par Interpol is still better than most.

Interpol are far past the point of trying to recapture their glory days, but even their attempts to change things up come off as a mixed bag. Prospective fans and diehards alike are better off starting at the beginning.
Crack Magazine

Marauder is a mixed bag. A tick-box of Interpol’s best bits, with none of the magic of their heyday. And for a record named after – and supposedly about – a rampaging inner demon, it just feels so very safe.

Rolling Stone

It’s been 16 years since Interpol released their celebrated debut, Turn on the Bright Lights, and judging from their latest record, it seems a few of those lights may need replacing.

The Needle Drop

Marauder offers little more than a washed-out version of post-Bright Lights Interpol

EDIT: It's still good just not great. I overreact sometimes.

Not gonna lie to you guys, I'm loving this one. I reserve the right to dock a few points in the future, but after multiple listens, I'm certain that Marauder proves that 2014's El Pintor wasn't just a fluke from a band said to have peaked with their debut, and that almost two decades into their career, Interpol still have plenty of life left in them. This record is tight and exciting, driven by a slightly sinister energy that spurs ... read more
Interpol’s latest project has some solid instrumentation and there’s a quite a few highlights. Though it does feel like your standard indie record.

Fav Tracks: If You Really Love Nothing, Number 10, The Rover, Flight Of Fancy, Surveillance, Mountain Child, It Probably Matters

Least Fav Track: Party’s Over

Very Good
Dont listen to the critics, it's great
Urghhhh - the worst thing about this Interpol album is that it’s not really fundamentally flawed as songs like Mountain Child are successful returns to the root of what makes the band them but unfortunately Marauder just seems to fall into some of the most obvious pitfalls. The bass and drums just do not have the emphasis they really deserve and I regularly just found myself thinking Interpol sounded similar to the bands they inspired like The Vaccines more than they did themselves. ... read more
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Added on: June 7, 2018