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Everything Is Love

The Carters - Everything Is Love
Critic Score
Based on 24 reviews
2018 Ratings: #317 / 830
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Based on 966 ratings
2018 Ratings: #547
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June 16, 2018 / Release Date
LP / Format
Roc Nation, Parkwood / Label
R&B, Pop Rap / Genres
Jay-Z, Beyoncé / Primary Artists
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While their marriage may have its flaws, EVERYTHING IS LOVE frankly doesn’t. It’s a storybook ending for two people crazy in love who never gave up on each other — or their craft.

With incredible production and plenty of Easter eggs for fans to decode, the project more than lives up to its potential, with enough flame emojis to satisfy hip-hop heads and the Bey-hive alike.

A timely document that shows even the most powerful couple in hip-hop can still endure the most trying and human of challenges.


Although not as strong a project as either ‘Lemonade’ or ‘4:44’, The Carters’ first joint LP still succeeds in defying the attempts to diminish negative portrayals of their relationship and black achievement.

A.V. Club

As with The Avengers, your previous investment in the Carters will dictate your current enjoyment. But it’s hard not to feel something when the duo ... ends its impossibly luxurious extravaganza by simply repeating that the two are “happy in love.” It’s a pop fairy tale just real enough to believe in.


The Carters round out a trilogy of confrontational albums about their marriage with something lighter but no less resonant. It is a celebration of resilient black love and proud black extravagance.

The Telegraph

Everything Is Love certainly doesn’t have the musical expansiveness of Lemonade. There are neither ballads nor bangers, and not much in the way of melodic song construction at all. Rather, these are snappily repetitive beats on which the stars can put across their message as a form of hip hop conversation.

‘Everything is Love’ may lack the immediate impact of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s respective solo latest records, but it’s still interesting to see two of the biggest stars in the world relax.
Rolling Stone
While the album doesn’t muster the ambitious and intense highs of its two predecessors, it is one of the most satisfying event-albums in some time, and it feels like a labor of love.
The Independent
Two of the most innovative artists of a generation seem unbreakable as they fire shots at former friends and celebrate their own power
Crack Magazine

It would be enough for the Carters to make their point with sly references and double-entendre, but what makes Everything is Love so impactful is that it’s musically on-par with anything else either artist has released in their careers.

NOW Magazine

The album ultimately serves as a vehicle to make their art consistent with their reality – a feat that the Carters have attempted individually and conquered collectively.

Slant Magazine

At times an opulent spectacle and at others a full-bodied avowal of devotion, Everything Is Love stands as a monumental testament to keeping it real.

The Observer

It might lack urgency, but it’s an accomplished, glossy finale.

The 405

This isn’t an album of ‘Crazy In Love’ or ‘Drunk In Love’ successors. It’s an album of love, and all the forms it can take in and outside of you.


Throughout Everything Is Love, Jay and Bey are at ease, a contrast to their previous solo releases and an epilogue of sorts to the gossip that has surrounded their relationship since 2014. For this reason it isn’t always the most substantial record, flexing and braggadocio abound, but it’s an enjoyable collection of tracks from the power couple.

FLOOD Magazine

Everything Is Love, the celebration of marriage and all of its foibles, is but the last chapter in a premeditated, pre-planned victory.

Drowned in Sound

There’s a sense of immediacy and even unpredictability in the most restless moments on Everything Is Love, which saves the album from being a rather static and defiant contemplation of The Carters’ victories.


EVERYTHING IS LOVE is a monumental ode to the power of the hustle, and that alone can carry it when it delves into musically unremarkable territory.

Consequence of Sound

On Everything Is Love, Beyoncé and JAY-Z throw what you think will be the world-shaking Juneteenth party of the year – but it turns out to be their recommitment ceremony.

The Guardian
Calculating it may be, but it’s hard to think of anyone who’s turned prurient public interest in their personal lives to their advantage quite as adeptly as the Carters have.
The Needle Drop

Everything Is Love relies too heavily on its star power to feel anywhere near as consequential as Lemonade or 4:44.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Unlike other penetrating relationship sagas — Richard Linklater’s The Before Trilogy comes to mind — EVERYTHING IS LOVE is about the veneer of a successful marriage, and it plays like a press release, a publicity stunt designed to communicate to the world how great Beyoncé and JAY-Z are doing.

So uninspired, drab and unfulfilling: bar LOVEHAPPY, I didn’t feel compelled or drawn in like I did on Lemonade and 4:44. If you’re gonna try trap rap, at least be good at it.
Dead boring production, in-cohesive tracks and a Beyonce with a new knack for phrases like "skrrrrt" and "pull up, hop out" this is some cringey shit. Hearing Beyonce struggling in an attempt to cultivate some sort of youthful 'bad bitch' image and Jay Z rapping on around 40% effort for 38 minutes is very tedious. For a married couple there's a serious lack of chemistry here but that's not entirely surprising considering they did recently spend a year beefing with each other ... read more
'oh yeah that shit happened, i should get around to that' - me every day since this album's release in reference to this album
although «everything is love» might be far from being what it could've been, it doesn't deserve all the slander it gets.
the album has a real problem indeed, while half the songs are great, the other half are just not particularly remarkable, being even a little bland and annoying. this being said tho, i don't believe a ""few"" bad apples could completely ruin what would've been a great album.

the 3 opening songs are incredibly strong and remarkable [SUMMER; ... read more
While this is a little bland and generic, it’s still an enjoyable project from Jay and Beyoncé. While there are forgettable moments, there are some very good tracks on here too.


Least Fav Tracks: HEARD ABOUT US
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Added on: June 16, 2018