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You Won't Get What You Want

Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want
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2018 Ratings: #8 / 851
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2018 Ratings: #2
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The Needle Drop

Daughters return with the most effectively terrifying album I've heard all decade.


Whatever voodoo made their unapproachable sound so damn fun and cathartic is completely gone. In its place is a something altogether darker and uglier, but ultimately more brilliant and enrapturing than ever before.

Consequence of Sound

Fans hoping for a repeat of the accessibility and groove of the self-titled album or the spasticity and rawness of earlier albums might be disappointed, but You Won’t Get What You Want is a brave and excellent addition to Daughters’ discography.


By far their most dynamic offering, Daughters have pulled off one of the great comeback albums and further cemented themselves as a band with such singular creativity that they're nearly peerless.


Considering the band's output so far, You Won't Get What You Want is the perfect return for Daughters. While aspects of the band's creative vision have been altered and their sound has further evolved, the core elements remain intact.

Records like this suggest rock has a long and illustrious future ahead of it, and that in some instances the creative well is far from dry. With Halloween on the horizon, Daughters have provided a soundtrack to satisfy our ghoulish intrigue with a rare beast that is both thrilling and wholly singular.

Aptly named, You Won't Get What You Want is awash with hopelessness, but each battery acid-stained note and room-clearing clang is delivered with the resigned ferocity of a cornered beast. In looking to capture the ugliness of humanity and parse through the despair that slithers malevolently in its wake, Daughters have crafted their most vital outing to date.


Even if Daughters are not a band you would normally gravitate towards, You Won’t Get What You Want deserves every ounce of praise that it gets and should be heard regardless and tastes. Not only is it one of the best (and rather unexpected) comeback albums in recent memory, it’s an album that is as genuinely terrifying as any piece of music or horror movie could ever hope to be.

The 405

Everything about You Won’t Get What You Want is carved out of sheer insert-synonym-for-unhappiness-here, from the guitars to the drums to the vocals, but there’s more than enough nuance and versatility to earn your respect, even if it’s not something you’re typically drawn towards.


These hardcore miscreants never seemed like a band suited for reunions, so their first album in eight years reimagines their prior intensity with blown-out, abstracted menace.

Northern Transmissions

It is a head-spinning disintegration trip, windows and walls crashing down around a frightened subject, narrated by an at times frantic, at times resigned, and at times poetically inclined author.

Rolling Stone
If heavy music is supposed to be scary, Daughters have elevated it to an invigorating new level.
Am I allowed to give 2 100's in a year? Cause like... wow... this is one of the best albums of the decade

I listened to each album from Daughters, and found a lot of quality in their discography... but this brought absolutely everything. I have a feeling that if you just leap into this album, the incredible pacing and atmosphere will instantly grab onto you, and drag you into the abyss that is this beast of an album. Trust me when I say this thing is a journey. It is the first Daughters album ... read more
I don't get it. It definitely had some interesting moments but I don't get the hype. Nothing about it stands out that much for me to greatly appreciate. Sounds like a typical bandcamp noise rock album.

Edit: watch the user score peak after that 10/10 from Fantano. Interesting how large his influence is, especially on this website.
If you look up 'behemoth' in the dictionary, pretty sure that this album comes up. Now without further ado.

the year is 2032.

Daughters are performing their 13th encore tour for You Won’t Get What You Want. the album has gone triple diamond and has been the bestselling album in 134 countries for 88 months running. kids all over the globe are flocking to the super bowl to hear the band get it’s biggest gig yet. the whole world watches in awe as the band opens up with their new and ... read more
I want to rewrite this review, for such a phenomenal album, it deserves a better review.

Starting from the beginning, the opening track sets the scene for this journey with an eardrum crushing bass, repeating over and over "this city is an empty glass", making you feel either uneasy or hyped, this continues into screaming, with the same chanting, before closing on a whisper. We are then hurled into the next behemoth of a song, Long Road, No Turns. Talking about stress and mental ... read more
☆☆☆☆ 1/2

Anyone who says; "THis iS tHe grEaTEst aLBum oF tHe dEcAdE". . .

Isn't wrong. This shit is torture
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Added on: August 21, 2018