Noname - Room 25
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‘Room 25’ is not only smartly constructed and laced with intricate subtlety – it’s laugh-out-loud funny, too.

A.V. Club

From beginning to end, Room 25 is a testimony to the power of telling your story and the hope that can be found in doing so without apology

Consequence of Sound

The pleasure of Room 25 is in hearing a master wordsmith turn words into feelings so that the feelings linger long after the words have stopped.


Noname's Room 25 is vintage neo-soul and future rap hand in hand; a soulful sanctuary for those turned off by the austerity of mainstream mumble rap.


The coming-of-age angst we found on 2016’s Telefone, has matured, as the 26-year-old embraces agency over her voice, lyrical prowess, and womanhood.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Its 11 songs leave us wanting more. But brevity is one of her greatest assets on the album; as a snapshot of Fatimah Warner’s artistic individuality, Room accomplishes everything it needs to, allowing Warner to say her piece without stumbling into indulgence or, worse yet, running out of subjects to rap about.

The Chicago rapper’s second album is a transcendent coming-of-age tale built around cosmic jazz and neo-soul, delivered by a woman deeply invested in her interiority and that of the world around her.
Noname overwhelmingly succeeds in telling her coming-of-age story where she removes all emotional layers to explore everything from comical socio-political ideology to sexuality minus self-serving preachiness.
The Needle Drop

Noname's music has only gotten even more gorgeous and charming since her breakthrough mixtape Telefone.

FLOOD Magazine

Room 25 finds a more mature Noname than the one she introduced on her 2016 mixtape Telefone—wiser, more reflective, and maybe a bit more cynical, too.


Even if the delivery is often delicate, the record’s deft lyricism is arresting and unflinching.

God Is in the TV

On Room 25, Noname reveals herself to be a formidable force with her heartfelt delivery and always-gripping conversational style. Her immense talent as a rapper is shown in her clever and biting word-play on this moving and incredibly charming release.


The immaculately crafted Room 25 is highly mature and immensely enjoyable. Simply remarkable.

Thanks to her earnest performance style, juggled beautifully with some of the sharpest poetry you’ll hear in rap this year, Noname is one of hip hop’s most necessary voices, and ‘Room 25’ is her dampened megaphone.
If “Prayer Song” and “Blaxploitation” are anything to go by, she could yet become a great rapper. For now, she’s a good one.

If Noname has one glaring weakness, it's a tendency to ramble without ever seeing the need to switch up her rat-tat-tat triplet flow. She does, though, have the rumpled, mellower-than-thou swagger to pull it off, and why complain when Room 25 is the prettiest rap record to come along in months?

This is the debut album Chicago born artist, activist and poet, Noname. Since her stunning 2016 mixtape ‘Telefone’, a lot has been upgraded in her music, but many of her music’s best aspects remain. Noname’s jazz influenced style makes for an amazing listen. This time round though her instrumentals take on a more acoustic style with tracks ranging from a lush string arrangement in ‘Window’ to a funk infused bass guitar and drums cut on ... read more
noname saves lives
okay yknow what. i wanna go to bar and drink/chilling with all by myself while the manager play this album. i seriously want this kind of music. y'all save people from this kind of music. praise noname with featured artists!!!! more music like this please.
This is a major milestone for the genre.

Telefone is one of the best rap records of all time imo and this one is no exception. Noname is in all timer territory. Gone are the bubbly bops, here replaced by layers of live instrumentation from funky bass to grandiose string arrangements that show the exact reasoning to this record. Noname has made an album to describe becoming, dealing and accepting adulthood with the same lyrical density that she had on Telefone which was the same subject matter ... read more
Whether it was a mistake on my part or BROCKHAMPTON really did delay their album by a week I went to bed last night thinking about what I knew what I was going to listen to this Friday. In hindsight, I'm glad BH isnt out today because it would have overshadowed an amazing record like this.

It's very easy to say artists doing Jazz Rap are trying to pull a "To Pimp A Butterfly" and I'll admit I'm not guilty of that (a few times actually) but that's truly a disgusting notion to put on ... read more
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Added on: August 30, 2018