Eminem - Kamikaze
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The Telegraph

Eminem has breathed new life into what has become a clunky stunt, with a record that punches hard and doesn’t care who it offends.


On Kamikaze, Em trades predictable song structure—pop star-crooned hooks sandwiched between wordy verses—for bars that B. Rabbit might spit in an 8 Mile battle.


Eminem has returned with a very solid body of work after being longed counted out as a venerable threat.

The 405

Love him or hate him, this is the most energetically engaged - and simply enjoyable - Eminem has been in more than a decade.

The Line of Best Fit

Kamikaze is the sound of Eminem with his back against the wall, and this has led to some of his most invigorated writing in years - albeit with some troubling lyrical results.


Kamikaze is the result of Eminem's anguish; a scorched earth assailing of anyone who dared to doubt or diss him, that sees the Detroit rapper return to resentment for his muse.

Consequence of Sound

As a whole, the album may not be impeccable, but it’s the best he’s released since 2010.

The Guardian

The hooks are middling and the moans at his critics get tedious – but a flurry of brutal potshots at witless SoundCloud rappers prove Eminem can still hit exhilarating heights.


Eminem’s always been at his best when he’s pissed off, and for all its ‘poor me’ posturing, ‘Kamikaze’ at least feels honest.

At its best, it's a return to the Slim Shady fans were expecting on his last album. At its worst, it's punctuated by cringe-inducing lapses of unnecessary shock value.
The Observer

How riveting all this finger-wagging is probably depends upon your birth date. Hip-hop has moved on from Mathers’s high-speed, foul-mouthed wit.

Rolling Stone

His second album in less than a year, Kamikaze is the latest and most disappointing entry to Eminem’s never-ending encore, a boot camp of knotty, joyless, lumbering ragers aimed largely at a rap game that’s passing him by.


For all its merits, Kamikaze is not a world to get lost in. It is a single, angry diatribe from a man unable to reckon with the fact that his art no longer appeases the culture at large. In future, Eminem would do well to wield his astronomical talents to a message worthy of them.


While Eminem’s verbal dexterity has remained intact, his shortcomings have grown more glaring with the passage of time.

The Needle Drop

Eminem falls just short of ending his career on his latest album, Kamikaze.

As sheer performance, Eminem's vocals remain a thing of wonder, which is why it's so dispiriting to hear him circling the drain, relying on old tricks instead of expanding his worldview. He has the musical skills to mature; he's just refusing to let himself act his age.
Spectrum Culture

Kamikaze isn’t even entertainingly bad like Revival.

It's listenable. Props Marshall!

Update: Its progressively gotten worse, congrats Mr. Mathers
Eminem released Revival last year. That album was an absolute flop and a horrendous effort from the once beloved Eminem. An artist who used to have a drive and a passion for causing controversy and being in the spotlight. He managed to completely lose all of that on such an album.

I think what is so funny about this surprise release is how this flame is regained in the same way he got it on his Chloroseptic remix. He made an entire album about his last album being total shit. The only reason ... read more
Lol how painfully unaware can one person be? Yawn
I fuckin' hate Eminem. With a burning passion. What does his existence provide in the 2010's . Is T.I still around? Is 50 Cent still around? No. So why the hell is Eminem still around? It's not like he's the same person as he was in the 2010's. This isn't the man who made Stan or Lose Yourself or anything. This is a man who is nostalgic for the man who made Stan and Lose Yourself. He's nothing more than an imitation of his own self in his work. Why is he still paranoid about the perception of ... read more
It isn't as terrible people making it out to be but man so many unnecessary corny/bashing lyrics. Im just glad its better than that dogshit revival was.

P.s This album cover sucks ass. The beastie boys didn't deserve this lol.
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Added on: August 31, 2018