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Drowned in Sound
'Sound of the Underground' is not underground but it is a great album and won't be making its way into the bargain bins for a good few years yet.
The Guardian
It's hard to hear this stuff without picturing the lyricist winking at you and tapping the side of their nose - but that rather adds to the fun.
Despite their surprising debut, Girls Aloud and its brain trust will have to work twice as hard to retain the glamorous ground gained.

Sound of the Underground is a great debut album, especially considering the fact that it's from a group from a TV talent show. The production is pop but so different from everything that was going on at the time, all of them sing and it just makes a very balanced group dynamic. The first half of the album is fantastic but the second one holds its own too. The consistency is very much appreciated.

Highlights: Sound of the Underground, No Good Advice and Life Got Cold.


solid at times, but unfortunately pretty front-loaded. all the singles are great (the title track and "no good advice" being especially notable) and bsides "love/hate" and "mars attack" are great fun.

unfortunately most of the album's latter half is pretty unmemorable, though never outright bad. the closing two tracks stand out like a sore thumb especially. i also noticed a pretty hefty amount of sample recycling, though thats only a minor slight against it as if ... read more


sound of the underground HAS to be one of the most adventurous debut albums from a pop group of like,, all time? i guess? girls aloud go hard when they incorporate more d&b / breakbeat elements into their music, and it's really a sound like no other that works super well with most other elements of the album. the title track, "life got cold," and "white lies" are all highlights.

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Added on: December 15, 2013