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Albuns I wanna listen
Updated 21h ago
My Favorite Album from every week this year
Updated 3d ago
Only albums I listened to on the whole.
Updated 3d ago
Updated 1d agoRanked
by Stephen Wojtila
Updated 5d agoRanked
Best Albums of 2019
Updated 1w agoRanked
Updated 1d agoRanked
Updated 1w agoRanked
Decided this is a great place to catalog my collection, which is something I've been meaning to do. I will be slowing adding things as I listen and score (and in some cases re-score). This is really ...
Updated 5d ago 2
These are the best albums of 2019. I am using this to help keep track of my year end list. I will be constantly updating, with albums possibly shifting higher rather than moving lower with each new ...
Updated 2d agoRanked
This list is in the works and subject to change over the rest of the year as new 2019 albums come out and as I sift through albums I haven't rated/reviewed yet. Stay tuned!
Updated 18h agoRanked
Updated 1w agoRanked
I have chromesthesia. Basically I hear colors. It's cool.
Updated 2d ago
Straightforward, refer to title
Updated 1d ago
A ranked list of all the new 2019 releases I've listened to.
Updated 1w agoRanked
My favourite albums of 2019, in chronological order
Updated 4d ago
Construction time again...
Updated 6h agoRanked
Updated 2w ago
Updated 1w agoRanked
I rank albums with a calculated system, these are the best numerically . I also love these albums dearly!
Updated 5d agoRanked
With this year, I have ranked most albums released. Some ratings were difficult , some came easy.
Updated 2d agoRanked 1

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