Quiet Signs

Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs
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2019 Ratings: #179 / 771
Year End Rank: #48
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Emptiness, according to Jessica Pratt, is an opportunity to find meaning. As a result, Quiet Signs builds strength as it galvanizes simplicity.

Loud and Quiet

It is the purest distillation of this artist’s voice and is primed to be one of the year’s standout releases.

Though earlier albums saw her crafting a strange otherworld, the perpetual sunset hinted at before is painted here in new dimensions, making this set of songs her best and easiest to revisit.

The environment of Quiet Signs is special because Pratt’s songs are totally wrapped up in it, the two entering into an unbreakable relationship that sounds like the surest, most secure thing of all time.

The Line of Best Fit

While Jessica Pratt’s already-absorbing sound has been made fuller and richer on Quiet Signs, there’s still a charming simplicity to it all. And what do they say about simplicity? There’s a certain beauty in it. Here it’s ethereal and exquisite, with a magic that weaves its way into your being and transforms the world around you.

The Los Angeles folk musician’s third album is her best yet—a collection of hushed reveries that unspool like daydreams.
Consequence of Sound

Quiet Signs offers solace in place of definitive resolution as it drifts by, able to capture so much with so little at play.

FLOOD Magazine

Her melodies hold nary a wasted chord or unwanted phrase.


Quiet Signs is a breeze of an album that somehow hits you like a ton of bricks. Just another enigmatic turn for Jessica Pratt.

The Skinny
There’s no doubt she harks back to yesteryear, but Pratt’s music is not retrograde – these songs seem like lived-in classics, passed down from generation to generation.
At the heart of ‘Quiet Signs’ remains Jessica Pratt’s acquired taste of a voice and her penchant for dainty instrumental work, but the record’s palpable atmospherics might be enough to win over previous detractors.
Drowned in Sound

Despite its economy and modest conception, Pratt’s insistence on chiseling away as much as possible from her songs – but maintain their emotional core – actually adds to their mystique.

No Ripcord

Quiet Signs manages to present a more empathetic side of her that was once concealed. It's still quaint by comparison ... a delicately-crafted acoustic set that offers insight into her deepest fears and truths without letting us encroach into her private space.

Crack Magazine

Her sparse instrumentation and delicate melodies demand calm attentiveness; few artists can silence a room as intently as Pratt does.

Spectrum Culture

For every shadowy quality ... there’s enough musical and lyrical intrigue to warrant dozens of listens.


This is an album to sit with, to take in, and to fully appreciate its subtle and quiet beauty.


In under 30 minutes and in just nine songs, Pratt produces a warm, bewitching alternate dimension—but not the kind you fall into in a nightmare or thriller. The universe she’s fashioned for herself is more paradisal.

Under The Radar

Her sound has gained a wide-scope cinematic feel without losing any of its raw intimacy.

Northern Transmissions

While it’s often beautiful and stylistically elusive, this is undeniably a folk record fitting snugly in Pratt’s stable.


It’s a quietly self-assured and immersive album that should mark out and reaffirm Pratt’s singularity.

Rolling Stone

The record’s nine songs clock in at just 28 minutes total, which feels just right, the samey-ness among songs playing as a strength, conjuring a mood and maintaining it, yet never feeling predictable.

American Songwriter

Kudos to Pratt and producer/keyboardist/assistant Al Carlson for sticking with a clearly non-commercial sound where her quiet, comforting talent is as alluring and elusive as the fluttering of butterfly wings.

The Guardian

If some songs risk being that bit too hazy and undefined, Quiet Signs offers another magical otherworld to escape into.

The Observer

These nine songs, fully and beautifully recorded in a professional studio for the first time, stick to the winning formula, centred around hypnotically simple acoustic repetitions, muted piano and Pratt’s soft siren calls.

The Needle Drop

Quiet Signs is a meager helping of Jessica Pratt's pretty and subtly psychedelic style of folk songwriting.

Spill Magazine

If you are a fan of very simplistic folk music, you will probably enjoy Quiet Signs. However, if you are interested in a more complete, well-rounded sound, hit the skip button.

I am pretty enamored with this album and think it is a natural and great step forward for Jessica Pratt. It is funny to think of this album as a significant departure from her style. Pratt's stripped-down and fuzzy songwriting has always evoked an empty bar on a Tuesday night. Her music invites daydreaming; it's surreal lyrics as strange as Pratt's distinct voice. While not for every mood, there is a familiar and relaxed attitude about her music that I find comforting.

Quiet Signs doesn't ... read more
A slight disappointment after falling hard for the single 'This Time Around' - the rest of the album keeps to the exact same sound palette but the song writing never again reaches the same heights.

The result is that while 'Quiet Signs' could never be accused of sounding anything less than lovely, the album does suffer greatly from sameyness and an overall melodic mushiness.

Pratt doesn't possess the sort of voice you want to listen to without a solid tune behind her, it just blends into a ... read more
Pratt's latest work emphasizes on the serenity of minimalism. A gorgeous folk record that equates to the mellow sensation of counting sheep. The album opener: Opening Night, a deliberately composed piano piece forecasts everything from the get-go. Pratt's softspoken voice & hypnotizing introspection and her intricate thought for soothing melodies alone creates an ambience of restfulness. The biggest kicker is, the record's compact runtime, as it opposes any means of supposed dullness by ... read more
Seamless, soothing, and brief, Pratt packs a deadly punch in less than half an hour. The distinctive vocalization and streamlined instrumentation make for a simplistic yet supreme record. The short length is by no means a shortcoming of this record, as the tracks feel essential throughout and the lack of filler makes this record flow far more than if it had a longer run time. There isn't a dull moment to this record, and it is a record that can be repeated numerous times without losing its ... read more
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Added on: October 24, 2018