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Quiet Signs
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On her latest record, Pratt combines spacious melodies with her usual phonetic murkiness, a marriage that often abandons sense for mood in a lovely way. Every track seamlessly winds into the next, creating a hypnotically atmospheric experience. That said, the general composition is sometimes too, the aforementioned sonic winding almost reducing each component to a wispy lull. Nonetheless, the lyrical and tonal interruptions, when they do occur, feel very rewarding.

Rating: Decent to Great (70).
I am pretty enamored with this album and think it is a natural and great step forward for Jessica Pratt. It is funny to think of this album as a significant departure from her style. Pratt's stripped-down and fuzzy songwriting has always evoked an empty bar on a Tuesday night. Her music invites daydreaming; it's surreal lyrics as strange as Pratt's distinct voice. While not for every mood, there is a familiar and relaxed attitude about her music that I find comforting.

Quiet Signs doesn't ... read more
Seamless, soothing, and brief, Pratt packs a deadly punch in less than half an hour. The distinctive vocalization and streamlined instrumentation make for a simplistic yet supreme record. The short length is by no means a shortcoming of this record, as the tracks feel essential throughout and the lack of filler makes this record flow far more than if it had a longer run time. There isn't a dull moment to this record, and it is a record that can be repeated numerous times without losing its ... read more
A slight disappointment after falling in love with the single 'This Time Around' - the rest of the album keeps to the exact same sound palette but the song writing never reaches the same heights.

The result is that while 'Quiet Signs' could never be accused of sounding anything less than lovely, the album does suffer greatly from sameyness and an overall melodic mushiness.

Pratt doesn't possess the sort of voice you want to listen to without a solid tune behind her, it just blends into a ... read more
Pratt's latest work emphasizes on the serenity of minimalism. A gorgeous folk record that equates to the mellow sensation of counting sheep. The album opener: Opening Night, a deliberately composed piano piece forecasts everything from the get-go. Pratt's softspoken voice & hypnotizing introspection and her intricate thought for soothing melodies alone creates an ambience of restfulness. The biggest kicker is, the record's compact runtime, as it opposes any means of supposed dullness by ... read more
An album that bares its soul to the listener, with an eerie air to it that is equal parts convincing and enrapturing.
This isn't really my cup of tea but with the way Jessica Pratt executes it makes the record so lavishing and tranquillising that you just can't help but just to drift off to the music. But of course, some songs did fall in the background and I might come back to this every now and again, but for now, I'm liking it.

Favs: Opening Night, Here My Love
Keep coming back to this, definitely growing on me. So much subtly and nuance. Aeroplane is sooo beautiful.

Can't help but imagine Ron Burgundy playing the flute on Fare Thee Well.


Thank goodness for "Crossing" and its slightly brighter moments. As a whole I find the guitar patterns to be meditative. Doesn't take long to grasp this, and while I enjoy the overall sound I think this album would have benefited from another song or two breaking ever so slightly from the mold.
Economic and hushed – Pratt’s refines her style into a collection of timeless songs that elevate themselves upon repeated listening. Essential music for 2019. Turn the lights down and lose yourself with this one.
I didn't really want to give this thing more than a casual listen because I remembered previously not loving her 2015 release, On Your Own Love Again, but I'm so glad I gave this a shot.

Quiet Signs is hypnotic, ethereal, and almost haunting. The lyrics on this are so top notch, with a lot of them sounding like Jessica is confused on where to go in this stage in her life, and misses or longs for someone who isn't around anymore. On "Aeroplane", the closer track, she leaves the ... read more
Halt all criticisms don’t wanna hear it. This is gorgeous.
what a beautiful record.
Monotonousness is something that often occurs in singer-songwriter records, but this manages to avoid it in a sense through her distinctive voice that's supported by solid tunes, and the otherworldly atmosphere throughout.
One Great Snooze fest

Best Tracks: As the World Turns,Here My Love,This Time Around,Crossing,Silent Song,Aeroplane
Worst Track: Opening Night
Apart from the amazing lyrics, the music had me on a downer, but still worth having a decent listen to this folk artist...
Sin dal debutto, una sorta di quieta inquietudine ha sempre caratterizzato la musica della cantautrice californiana Jessica Pratt, uno dei tanti volti dell’intimismo folk che ha utilizzato la delicatezza acustica della sua chitarra, accoppiata con una produzione rustica e semplice - che eventualmente si è smussata ed impreziosita - per trasmettere le sue confessioni. Tuttavia, una voce particolare, incantata e quasi aliena, l’ha caratterizzata rispetto al resto dei colleghi, ... read more
Wow, I'm genuinely blown away with the spaceous and atmospheric mood on here. Really, this thing is awesome! Her voice is so quirky and different that it's almost homely and recognizable. It's so stripped back as well, and it's really almost an ambient mood album. Love this thing.

Color: Grey
FAV TRACKS: Crossing, Poly Blue, Here My Love, Silent Song, Fare Thee Well
Jessica Pratt has come into her own on this album, penning some of the most charming and sincere Pop I’ve heard in ages. Her quiet performances, stripped down instrumentals and throwback Singer Songwriter aesthetic are so unbelievably obvious in the best way. With all of the ways Folk is evolving, it’s so refreshing to hear just a true blue Folk album like this.

Give A Listen To: “As the World Turns”, “Fare Thee Well”, “Here My Love”, ... read more
This album is effective at what it sets out to do, but brings little more to the table. A very pretty but limited dreamy folk effort.

6.5/10. Pretty decent.
Great album!
Magical, gorgeous, magnificent; Quiet Signs is a unique palette of flavors and textures sonically, lyrically and vocally. There are visuals served on the songs, so it can even be more appreciated the body of work. For sure it is a taste of art, but it would have been a little bit longer (just only one) to be an explosion of streamed purity.

FAVS: Opening Night, Fare Thee Well, Here My Love, This Time Around, Crossing, Aeroplane
Edited to a higher rating. This is my first Jessica Pratt album, and it was definitely a bit of an adjustment to getting used to her voice. Since this album is only 27 minutes long, it really gives the listener time to get acquainted with her voice. After multiple listens, this album really feels like a nice breeze on a summer night. Some of the songs felt weak overall, and none outright bad. Her voice turns out to be my favorite instrument on this album. Gonna get a lot of replays for sure.
EDIT: With each repeated listen you start to become more and more atune to just how much space Pratt is able to fill with the bare essentials.

It's hard not to be sucked into the vortex of Pratt's introspection.
This album started off so strong, and then it lost me. Although each song is beautiful and soothing, sonically it’s hard to distinguish them apart, and that’s what made me lose interest.
The opening track is this beautiful piano instrumental that introduces this album as an alternative folk masterpiece. Too bad Pratt ruins everything with her terrible singing and decision to go to a more guitar driven acoustic coffee-shop sound. The guitar (and other instruments) melodies are intricate and enchanting but you can’t hear them without Pratt’s awkward, fake-mystical, whispery singing. That opening track is so good though.

Favorites: Opening Night, Poly Blue, Crossing, ... read more
I wouldn't call it a heavy weight release but it has the quality of a classic record. It's just quietly beautiful.
p.s. I love the movie Opening Night too! Everybody who loves Cassavetes is my friend.
Atmospheric album that takes you on a unique trip to imagination land. Jessica Pratt uses little instrumentals but provides a grand sound of medieval vibes and experimental folk. Production is key on this record, the way the vocals intertwine with the instrumentation. I find the extremely simple and extremely complex folk records to be the best however this album is simple in sound but complex in structure.
So far, I enjoy Jessica's lush vocals and her harmonious guitar melodies, although what I believe for now is this album is missing substance and an overall direction or message.
Soothing music for those looking to unwind.
This is beautiful! The simplicity of the instrumentation is soothing, the lyrics are incredible and Jessica's voice, while an acquired taste for some, actually warmed my heart throughout its 27-minute run-time. All of these highs makes "Quiet Signs" an outright pleasing-to-the-ears folk album.

Fav Tracks: This Time Around, As The World Turns, Here My Love, Crossing, Fare Thee Well, Silent Song

Least Fav Track: Opening Night

Gotta go with Pitchfork on this one - this album is super awesome. I love Joni Mitchell and this girl reminds me so much of her; I also hear a ton of similarities to Grouper and Sibylle Baier in her stuff. She has a very relaxing, soft spoken and unique singing voice with some good gentle instrumentals layered in. Very solid album overall and This Time Around definitely should be in the top 50 songs of 2019. Don't know for sure my exact numerical expression but somewhere between 83 - 86 is what ... read more
WAIT! this is actually good, but god damn why the good albums are so short?
Opening Night - 80
As the World Turns - 80
Fare Thee Well - 75
Here My Love - 80
Poly Blue - 80
This Time Around - 80
Crossing -75
Silent Song - 80
Aeroplane - 80

Destaques: Here My Love, As the World Turns e Silent Song
This album oozes the listener in within mere seconds. The minimalistic instrumentation, folksy songwriting and Jessica Pratt's very fragile vocals makes for an incredibly gratifying and soothing listening experience. And at barely half an hour in length, this album is almost all killer, no filler.
As hypnotic as she's ever been. Wonderful effort by a one of a kind artist
Yet another great psychedelic folk album. Jessica Pratt and Panda Bear, man. Great artists, super fun album.
For all intents and purposes, this really SHOULD be my type of album. A vocalist with a completely unique voice and is talented at making melodies. Add that to the lyrics that are some of the best written I've heard this year, and it's almost a fantasy of mine.

But there's something here that just didn't click for me. Maybe it's because, regardless of how great the lyrics are, they just keep repeating on top of themselves in a rather unflattering way. Maybe it's because every song sounds very ... read more
Not exactly what I was hoping for but still a stunningly beautiful album. Just not enamored with all the tracks, but this seems like something that will grow on me.

"This Time Around" "Crossing" and "Here My Love" are masterpieces.
Quiet, serene, brief. But she gives us her everything, and that is enough.

Probably her strongest and most enjoyable offering to date.
Currently available to NPR first listen.


Quiet signs sounds really cute which is a big advantage but can be a real turndown. Her baby voice and her really peaceful instrumentation, it's really easy to dig into the entire album. I don't think the challenge comes to the instrumentation but it comes to the voice.

Her voice has few nuances and is always reaching high notes. It irritates me a bit, like a "chimpunks". It doesn't help to understand the lyrics (I really need ... read more
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