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Consequence of Sound
The album represents XXXTentacion’s goodbye to his many fans, friends, and family, and it is done in a short, sweet, and beautiful way.
The Independent

In his meteoric but short career, XXXTentaction conveyed his emotions with such rawness that it stopped hip hop in its tracks. He was never quite there in terms of lyrics and songwriting, though, and SKINS doesn't turn out to be the album where it all finally clicks into place and he creates the masterpiece some believed he was capable of. There are no songs as refined or showing such potential as ?'s “infinity (888)” and “Moonlight”, and many of them feel like half ideas.


The songs are short, not mixed particularly well and—perhaps due to his untimely passing—feel unfinished. Had X been around to see this album all the way through and hash out some of its rushed wrinkles, it has the potential to have been his best project yet. But as it sits right now, Skins renders itself another opportunity for XXXTentacion's cult-like following to continue enjoying new music.

Some of ‘Skins’ is good, some of it is not good. Musically, the tone is, mostly, consistent and effective, and the album’s overall effect is that of a sickly, vivid insight into a troubled life. And there’s not much else to say about it.

These unconventional genre hybrids point to an unexplored direction that XXX might have veered toward if he hadn't been killed, but unfortunately this is as far as they go.

The Guardian

One unpalatable explanation for XXXTentacion’s success is that there are people out there stupid or disaffected enough to be turned on by his damaged nihilism. But there’s also just enough evidence of a maverick talent on Skins to make you see why others are willing to hold their noses, ignore the stern op-ed pieces and dive in. Whether you can do that is a matter for your conscience.

The Observer

Skins remains almost as morally muddy as XXX’s previous output, privileging the emo rapper’s pain above all else, but maintaining his deserved reputation for genre-shredding timeliness.

Slant Magazine

It’s possible that this all sounds fresh to XXXTentacion’s core audience of disaffected teenagers—navel-gazing angst, after all, transcends generation—but Skins fails to bring anything genuinely new to the table.

Underneath it all, the posthumous album from the Florida rapper is woefully aimless and structurally unsound.
The Needle Drop

Skins is one of the year's least gratifying albums, but out of everyone involved in its creation, X is probably the least at blame.

The Lil Peep release felt complete. This trash... I could make this myself in a day. It’s fucking laughable. Easily the worst thing under X’s name. Not even his fault. The label is grave robbing and it is disgusting.

They should have given him a better sendoff than this shit. This is insulting
pretty good if you hate the gays and women I guess
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Out of his last 3 projects this ones probably his best and let me tell you why:
It’s the shortest
Edit: Goddammit, I gave this another listen and actually had a blast, this record is a guilty pleasure I guess. The ethics behind it are still terrible, but Whoa fucking smacks

Tomb Raider : The Album

Its incredibly saddening to me that the way that record labels choose to commemorate their fallen artists is by trying to make as much money off of the clout that comes with their death as possible. :/

This fact aside, lets get into the music of this album. It is comprised of revitalized beats ... read more
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Added on: November 8, 2018