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Just some albums I consider my personal favorites. If you're wondering about my casual music taste, here's a good representation of it!
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Albums I'm currently working on rating. Currently burning through a lot of post-rock.
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Construction time again...
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Best Albums of 2019
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Decided this is a great place to catalog my collection, which is something I've been meaning to do. I will be slowing adding things as I listen and score (and in some cases re-score). This is really ...
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These are the best albums of 2019. I am using this to help keep track of my year end list. I will be constantly updating, with albums possibly shifting higher rather than moving lower with each new ...
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This list is in the works and subject to change over the rest of the year as new 2019 albums come out and as I sift through albums I haven't rated/reviewed yet. Stay tuned!
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I have chromesthesia. Basically I hear colors. It's cool.
Updated 1d ago
Just albums I'm looking forward to make time to listen to. I'm open to recommendations as well :)
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My favourite albums of 2019, in chronological order
Updated 4d ago
Albums I need to listen to a few more times
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With this year, I have ranked most albums released. Some ratings were difficult , some came easy.
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I rank albums with a calculated system, these are the best numerically . I also love these albums dearly!
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