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Yay, it was worth the hype! Julia Jacklin makes honesty look easy. There is a memoir quality to her writing style I quite enjoy; the songs are reflective and self-aware. While I find some similarities to Angel Olsen and Adrianne Lenker in her vocals, Jacklin's nuanced imagery and heartbreaking melodies helped make this a gripping record throughout. This does not feel like wallowing in the past but learning and moving forward from experiences. There is an excellent blend of more raucous break-up ... read more
Julia Jacklin offers up to the listener an enthralling piece of music that is beautifully honest. It tackles a variety of topics and thematic contruscts with a rather large emphasis on the contrasted impulses and feelings that are associated with love and romance. It feels like Jacklin is trying to convey her opposing feelings of not only wanting to be loved, but loved in the right way, and also wanting to fulfill her own desires and cravings and not be lonely. I think she i striving to find ... read more
i'm dead
Additional thoughts:

-I really love 'Convention'
-I wish the middle part of 'turn me down' was a bit longer and more explosive as it reaches its musical crescendo. At times things are almost too restrained on the album, especially at that moment.


Well, here we go. This is the first of 3 female fronted singer-songwriter type albums coming out in the next few weeks that I'm really looking forward to (Weyes Blood and Hand Habits being the other two).

Julia Jacklin will ... read more
julia jackin off in the bathroom and crushing her dick .
There's a layer of pure honesty in Julia's songwriting that hit me hard. Her lyrical style is heartwarming and reflective while also having a layer of self-awareness that you rarely hear in music of this style, especially in breakup albums. "Crushing" has some of the best lyrics of the year, but her vocals are so beautiful and passionate and the folk instrumentation is so meticulously crafted that they add even more to an already emotionally powerful record! Overall, this is ... read more
On Crushing, Julia Jacklin totally improves Don't let the kids win, which was pretty great.

The singles have memorable lines (specially head alone and Pressure to party), the entire album is extremely cohesive and the last track is amazing for closing the album.

She is extremely smart with her composition and she proves that with a guitar and few instruments, you can be very versatile. Her voice is shining more than ever and has a lot of texture.

While she will not reinvent the genre and ... read more
Undeniably well made.

Undeniably a bit boring.

Uptempo songs sound like a female Car Seat Headrest - not something I needed.

Call it a tragedy, but not one song screamed out ‘got to go straight back and give that one another listen’.
In 2019, Julia provides the first album that gives a fresh breath of air out of all general releases thus far. The lyrics are, incredibly wholesome in a sense? Also, fairly relatable. It’s a very honest record, and it uses lyrical ability and slightly progressive tunes to its strength.

I find that even after a couple of listens this album hasn’t grown old at all yet, and I actually find myself just enjoying the song subjects quite a bit, especially on the first three tracks, most ... read more
An intimate indie record that places Julia alongside the likes of artists like Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten, Laura Marling, etc. At first I was a bit underwhelmed, but over the course of this week I've really grown to love this record. I consider it a breakup album, but a diverse one at that, letting the recollection of specific moments speak more for Julia's feelings instead of just stating how she's feeling (which is how most breakup records are). The often bareboned and bluntly vulnerable ... read more
Seems like this is gonna be the first consensusly great album of 2019, awesome!

Personally I find this album lovely, Julia's voice is beautiful and soothing, and there's nothing I particularly dislike about it. I absolutely love Body and the breakdown on Turn Me Down. But as lovely and nice as this album is, it can get a teensy too mundane at a few of the tracks and it's a shame because i really do like a lot of it if not for those few little boring moments, unfortunately they do take away ... read more
After listening to this, I honestly don't know if I'm okay. I sat at my desk for about twenty minutes with my head buried in my hands, while the album repeated on my Echo. The lyrics on this thing are bar none the best of the year, sorry Sharon van Etten, and every single one strikes at both the heart and the tear ducts with swift and efficient jabs. Yet, you somehow don't know if the tears are joyful or sorrowful.

One of the biggest compliments that I can give this album, that rarely leaves ... read more
Oh my tic tac'ing fricc fracc'ing guacamole extra cheese and pepperoni, if this isn't album of the year, then I don't know what is.

This album is absolutely Crushing (ha, im funny). My first listen to Julia Jacklin was not at all disappointing, but rather something that I have been longing for which I didn't even need until now. This record immersed me through its devastating and rather sentimental messages in the lyrics which have only made it an outstanding effort which I haven't seen many ... read more
Sydney, Australia's Julia Jacklin came my way via AOTY user reviews/comments. Popped over to Amazon Music Unlimited to find this LP and was met with only 4 of the 10 tracks total. [Pausing]... [Internalizing]... WTF Amazon. Oh. Hmm. What's that you say? The official release date is 22 Feb 2019. [Blushes] [Comes back to focus] [Smiling]... Really nice find. So, thanks to JohnLouisHoward, dearsongs, and WildChameleon for the intro, and enthusiastic reviews. On 'Crushing' Jacklin shares her ... read more
Her songwriting has aged 5 years in just the past year. Might be indie rock album of the year.
(I need to listen to it again)
Before the first listen, i thought this would be just another uninteresting indie girl. Turns out the song-writing is good and the approach sounds a lot more honest and sincere than lots of indie stuff out there. Nothing wrong with the production, but the sound can get a little dull at times (indie power). Great voice.
Kinda diet-Angel Olsen...

...even tho that's harsh; I would rather listen to Angel Olsen tho...
Un disco decepcionante hasta el momento para mí, no siento absolutamente nada, parece estar bien producido y tiene un concepto entendible, detallado en cuanto a arreglos e instrumentos, pero me sigue sin mover ni un bello, un mal disco

I don't know what it is about this record, it's just so satisfying... There's just something that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like coming home after a long day.. not gonna lie, this is already gonna be a brilliant contender for AOTY.

Best: Body, Pressure to Party, You Were Right, Comfort

Weakest: Good Guy
Indie pop songs should not be over 3-4 minutes
A collection of poppy acoustic indie ballads that, upon a deeper examination, give way to a personable and harrowing perspective on the place and role of women in our heterocentric world, and even more, the implications of such a system in practice. It's zoomed out further than your typical breakup record, and is more interested in scoping Julia's experiences into a dimensional graphing in which she is the everywoman. Yet, it remains emotionally resonant, and doesnt teeter off into esoteric ... read more
im gonna listen to this on saint patty’s day
eu gostei bastante do primeiro disco dela, mas no momento to meio q de saco cheio desse white girl blues. É um disco muito pessoal, muito carregado de pessoalidade. O problema é q ela não é uma pessoa assim tão interessante ou profunda, seus dilemas e insights sentimentais não me dizem muita coisa, nem liricamente ou musicalmente, não tem nada realmente intricado, emocionalmente robusto ou alguma ideia musical mesmo que ressoe e chame a ... read more
A sensitive and modest break-up indie folk album that for me personally didn't grab me as a listener. The musicianship on here is muted to say the least, without Julia jacklin authentic song/writing on here this album would have fall in the waste-side.
I really don't understand the hype about "Crushing". Julia Jacklin is a great songwriter, but this album didn't surprise me.

✅ Head Alone | Pressure to Party | Convention | You Were Right
i think the "body" track is kinda creepy for me. was she talking about being murdered? the "head alone" track, was she talking about not using any sexual acts to get the love that she think she deserves? it's gloomy to think that most of the tracks are eventually sad.

moreover, this is the lyrical content i need to hear from an album.

1. convention
2. good guy
3. turn me down
You know, I expected more from this rising star who is clearly trying to ride the wave of current female confessional singer-songwriters of late, but most especially Angel Olsen. But this appears to be the most overrated album of 2019.

And, no, for the record I'm not interested in hearing about Julia Jacklin's body or her failed relationships. That goes for the rest of them, too.

You know it's going to be a great year for music when we've already seen such amazing music come out even before March. This is a really moody album, and not like XXXtentacion or Lil Peep moody, more like "O shit, this is real emotions I be feeling?" The songwriting here is the standout, for sure, along with the overall tone of the album (which I have to say, is SOLID). Her voice is mesmerizing, and the instrumentation is crisp and dense. Loved a lot of this record.

Color: ... read more
Julia Jacklin's second album has a very good way of describing itself. Though, in Australia, there has been no shortage of indie singer-songwriters in the past few years (one only has to see the success of Amy Shark and Ruby Fields), but not since Courtney Barnett has it ever sounded this good. Julia's voice is an obvious highlight, cutting through the instrumentation with extreme clarity, documenting an incredibly difficult time in her life. Despite it not being the most ground-breaking album, ... read more
Pressure To Party is such a bop
An album that I didn't know how much I needed until I got it. The comparisons to Big Thief are pretty apparent, with a stripped-back indie style that is both raw and powerful and driven not necessarily by the musicianship but the voice of Jacklin and the emotion she pours out across the record. This year thus far has been dominated by the female singer-songwriter and this album fits the bill to a tee.

Favorite track: Body
Enjoyable and doesn't feel emotionally forced as a "breakup" album. Some of tracks feel a bit samey but the standouts are fantastic. Great writing and melodies in general
Fave: You Were Right, Good Guy, Head Alone
Esse álbum foi tudo pra mim, melodia e vocais perfeitos. A sonoridade no piado trás uma vibe muito boa e a guitarra elétrica em algumas faixas combinou muito com a harmonia do álbum.
The fact that this is right up my alley makes it a contender for my AOTY.
Strange pleasure

#2 Head Alone / #3 Pressure to Party
#6 Convention / #9 Turn Me Down
Just sounds like a writer who made an album, its not a bad thing, just its instrumentation is a flat ocean in some heartbroken country, I'd have been stoked for at least one wave of sadness, I paddled all the way out here m'am.

Murakami would be proud.
a really soulful, emocional, honest, lovely album. The songwriting here is excellent at describing this melancholic love themes while keeping self-awareness

best: Head Alone; Pressure To Party; Don't Know How To Keep Loving You; Comfort; Good Guy

worst: When The Family Flies In
This feels like a bit of a let down from Julia's previous album. It being incredibly slow doesn't mean it is bad, but it does get boring and tiresome. Nothing stands out to me, lyrics don't really stick with me and songs don't stay in my head. It is still beautiful, well crafted music, don't get me wrong. I guess I was expecting more and am getting tired of seemingly endless re-listens to try and find something new.

Favs: You Were Right, Pressure To Party
Yeah, this is one of those that'll hit you the first time you hear it. Hopefully.

The songwritting is varied in styles and captivating, the lyricism...good grief...what a dagger sometimes. Beautiful honesty and poetry, while remaining catchy! Great storytelling as well.
I bet you there's at least a handful of moments in this record you can relate to.

Her voice is tremendous for the type of music she makes as well, the way she purposefully cracks it, switching to a higher register ... read more
A really solid break up record. Julia's voice is powerful and filled with sorrow. The words are poetic and the instrumentation is simple yet effective.

Best Track: Pressure To Party
Worst Track: When The Family Flies In
The way of doing isn't new neither is the subject, but she made the breakup theme work in a fresh and
captivating way.
I wonder what Anthony gonna rate this sleepy music?
So this one had a lot of buzz around it. Like, a lot. From never hearing of Julia or her music to her being named the next big thing in altpop was seemingly out of nowhere. And while it's not really the record I was expecting to hear, it's still a a nice album. The album almost has an old school type feel to it, with shimmers of fuzzy guitars and nice 'vintage' production. It's filled with simple yet effective intrumentation and thoughtful, interesting and genuinely moving lyrics. It's the type ... read more
Seen a lot of positivity towards this album so I'm feeling a bit lukewarm about my reaction to it. I feel like I've listened to this album multiple times with only one listen. That's its main flaw - it's really just another "indie folk" album. That ain't something bad per say, it's just that it is an hurdle it must overcome. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. 'Tis alright.
Full with relatable and honest lyrics, emotional and passionate vocals and warming instrumentals, Julia Jacklin’s Crushing is one of this years most personal and raw albums I’ve heard so far.

Favorites: Body, Convention, Good Guy
Least Favorite: Comfort
this album beautifully captures how multi-dimensional our relationships with ourselves can get when we get involved with other people - how contrasting feelings can appear at the same time and how we struggle to find the right way to move forward

'body' and 'head alone' both get at a feeling I've had a very hard time coming to terms with - how our bodies are often seen as what we offer up to our partners in a relationship and how the people we choose to be vulnerable with have so much power ... read more
A vulnerable work of heartache that is both unnerving while relatable. Julia Jacklin's Crushing dissolves into a ripple melancholy to which vibrates the freak folk, alternative country landscapes and confesses in a sound structure as the album progresses further and further. Eventually, the album is overaken with gloom, but ultimately she reveals herself as someone much stronger. An easy highlight of 2019.
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