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Ever since their dismemberment, the solo acts of Odd Future have put out their best work to date. Frank Ocean with Blonde, Tyler with Flower Boy, and now Earl with Some Rap Songs.

This album is this generations response to Madvilliany. It is mind-warping, lo-fi, and at the same time feels like Earl coming to peace with who he is.

Shattered Dreams, Cold Summers, Nowhere2go, December 24, Ontheway!, The Mint, The Bends, Azucar, Veins, Playing Possum, Peanut, Riot!

LEAST FAV ... read more
an album of snippets

Edit for people who wanna know my issues with this: It feels and sounds like a bunch of unfinished demos that were made in 2 months. The flows are really uninteresting and overall there's really nothing overtly enjoyable about this project. Each song is too short to be truly enjoyable (That's not saying short songs are all bad, but at least pack something interesting in the short runtime of a song)
I was getting a lot of Atrocity Exhibition vibes
Edit: Alright to clarify, I wrote this in the middle of my anger and I should have stated that I really enjoyed a lot of moments on this album despite how negative my review comes off. Their was certainly great potential in a lot of these tracks, but I felt that none of that could be actualized given how short this thing is. Keep the same tracklist and extend this from 25 minutes to 35-40 minutes, and I would totally get the hype. It just feels unfinished.

Yeah I'm actually angry over this ... read more
Edit: Earl evidently decided he wanted to be black Slenderman on his newest album cover

Watching Earl come completely out of his shell like this is truly an experience

Without a doubt, his best production as of yet
Earl continues down the path of self-destruction
EDIT: Okay, it isn't the album of the year you could say that people are somewhat sane (lol)

Kinda funny train of thought: the AOTY of this website is lowkey a totally random, half-assed 25 minutes snippet feast with bad mastering...

Too bad that this shit is dope tho...we literally got the most authentic album we could get from Thebe at this point and it is a short lo-fi tape full of Madvillainy-esque, also kinda like beat-tape Knxwledge sounding instrumentals and lyrics from a ... read more
This album gave me more Madvillainy vibes than any other album ever, that's a really fucking great thing, and it's not like it's a copycat by any means, this album has a very unique signature with Earl Sweatshirt's voice and production.

it's beautiful at times and mean in others, delivering a kick of Abstractness that has been feeling a surge lately in the Hip Hop scene, add that to the fact that this is the best Jazz Rap album since TPAB and you got yourself a winner. Earl Sweatshirt came out ... read more
I'm at a loss for words. This is easily his best album in my opinion. Honestly wasn't expecting to like it because I wasn't too crazy about Nowhere2go (really enjoyed The Mint though) but in the context of the album it sounds so much better and really grew on me. I don't think there is a single bad song on here. Absolute masterpiece.

FAVORITE TRACKS: Shattered Dreams, Cold Summers, Nowhere2go, December 24, Ontheway!, The Mint, Loosie, Eclipse, Veins, Playing Possum, Peanut

LEAST FAVORITE ... read more
Favorite Tracks: Shattered Dreams, Red Water, Cold Summers, December 24, Ontheway!, The Mint, The Bends, Azucar, Eclipse, Veins, Riot!

Least Favorite Track: Peanut

I never thought I would end up loving an earl project this much

I’m also glad it was this short, if it was like 40 minutes I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much, Earl knew what he was doing by making this project 25 minutes long
I have never heard a more fitting opening line to an album than the opening to Shattered Dreams. "In precise words.." Earl empties the sounds of his chaotic, diseased mind. Keeping it brief at only 25 minutes, this is the most authentic display of mental health I have possibly ever heard. This album feels almost too personal to critique, this is a dark, twisted piece of art. I’m speechless.
Lad boutta go Hi How Are You by Daniel Johnston while being JPEGMAFIA at the same time in this creative album here.
Going into this album was a mystery as it’s esoteric singles and crazy album cover led me nowhere as far as knowing where this album would go sonically. However, the end result is simply one of, if not the best abstract hip-hop album of the decade. This is an album that gets better with every listen as you pick up more things and I have a feeling that it will age very well. Earl has always been somewhat of a mysterious figure, seemingly lurking in the shadows before popping up every once ... read more
Fantano better give this at least a nine because I cant handle the idea of people changing their scores again. Oh! I don't have much to say honestly. An obvious influence by MF Doom but Earl still keeps an identity of his own unlike other artists this year like Daughters (in my opinion). This IS A HEADPHONE LISTEN and definitely takes a few listens. I'm expecting my score to go up with repeated listens throughout the months. Theres some talent going on here, even if it's a bit ... read more
"Some Rap Songs" is nothing like its title as the songs on here are anything but just standard rap songs. Earl with this record is going next level with the experimental instrumentals. "Veteran" is another example in the genre that went above and beyond average.
Earl unlike his Odd Future peers, on this album he doesn't really care about being called a great rapper or his songs be called bangers. He really doesn't wanna be involved in the culture and be known for that one ... read more
Kanye, you can finally go away forever; we have Earl, you're no longer needed.
This album has a painful beginning with some awful mixing and Earls super boring voice at times making for a dreadful start to the record. But towards the back end of the album, it really starts to pick up and I wished it was like that all the way througj

FAV TRACKS: On The Way, Azucar, Eclipse, Veins
LEAST FAV: Shattered Dreams
Best album cover ever, change my mind
Space Vacation
The production on this drags the experience through the mud.
I'd probably enjoy this more if not for the repetitive and sometimes even annoying beats. (e.g. The Bends and Shattered Dreams)
Earl has always been one of my favourite lyricists but he doesn't seem like he's putting his all into this one...
I understand depression is an ongoing theme on this album but it sounds like Earl is laying sideways in his bed, sad and unmotivated.

The last 5 tracks are the best. Especially the final 3.
It's amazing that an album of this length can feel so complete, yet leave me desperate for more. Earl manages to do this and so much more on his first record in three years (an eternity in rap fan years, a blip on the timeline for Tool fans). The beats are easily the best and also weirdest I've heard on an Earl Sweatshirt project, with the short tracks executing a sound perfectly through perfectly utilized samples and airtight flows. The result is an album that sounds like the lovechild of ... read more
really cool but cover scares me
idk, it might grow on me more

EDIT: yea it's a good album, but it has been too long since you listened to Madvillainy if you really think this is on par with that album. Sure the style is similar but not quality wise.
Wow... wow... WOW!!! I mean, it’s only 25 minutes of material. But holy shit those 25 minutes are freaking blissful! The lyricism is great, the looping, old-school production is phenomenal and the themes are dark as hell. Overall, this is Earl Sweatshirt’s best work to date and arguably the best rap album of the year!

Fav Tracks: December 24, Nowhere2go, Ontheway!, Cold Summers, Peanut, The Mint, Shattered Dreams, Veins, Azucar, Eclipse

Least Fav Track: Idk... ... read more
reminds of madvillany in the best way
With beautiful old-school production rooted in jazz and soul, this album sounds out of joint with the 2018 rap scene in all of the best ways. I wish some of the songs had more time to sink in, but mostly I just need to spend some time with the lyrics - if they're up to Earl's usual standard I'll probably be adding a few points to the score.
Holy crap I was not expecting to like this as much as I did, like I'm seriously just floored by this thing. Some Rap Songs is an abstract and experimental experience that works so well for how unorthodox it is. If the name of the record feels a bit too simple just know that the album is far from it. Some Rap Songs is a rather ironic name as these tracks are far from your regular every day rap tunes. Earls verses and flows are just rock solid and are delivered so smoothly and calmly whilst just ... read more
I'm sorry guys

This is sleepy rap
If J Dilla’s Donuts and Madvilliany had a baby that was emotionally neglected for 18 years, causing the baby to go on a dark, drug bender in his early adulthood that he is just now coming out of, you get this album.

Jokes aside, I love this album. The production here is immaculate. Each beat is intricately crafted to perfection with samples that are simultaneously synced to perfection with the underlying beat while remaining at odds with it. It creates an experience that is both ... read more
Great album,Earl didnt dissapoint and this feels like the Madvilliany the 2010s to me which i like
24/7 lofi hip hop beats to relax/piss to (fshhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
nowhere2go was the best track
Great record, short and straight to the point. Dunno if its a negative or not but i think there's not much of a stand out and some song didnt gave me enough of an impression for me to care enough to listen back to the song individually. Probably because its really short, well that's the thing is about this album is that its hella short with most song last about 1-2 minutes. But combining all of em as an album is a really great listening experience, the album essentially feels like 24 minutes ... read more
ooooh yeaaaaah! really didn't expect something like that.
This is a nearly perfect album. The production is absolutely fantastic. I love the jazz rap feeling it has to it. The lyrics are up to par by Earl Sweatshirt standards too. My only issue is, most of the songs are really short, which I am okay with, but some of them feel unfinished since they end sorta abruptly when I feel like he could've done more with the track. Also, a few of the transitions feel a little awkward but that doesn't matter that much in my mind.

It just feels like the album ... read more
Like his friends in Odd Future (Frank, Tyler), Earl creates an avant-garde, timeless product that moves music forward. And despite the strong resemblance to such masterpieces as Madvilliany or Donuts, he creates his own unique sound that only he could do. The album is an abstract something of eclectic sounds and samples that wanders between Avant-Jazz, Lo-Fi and Hip-Hop, pushing the boundaries between them. The slow, blurred, current sound gives an incredible and memorable experience, as well ... read more
This is just incredible. Earl refines and redefines his sound across this album, piecing together one of the strongest hip-hop albums of the decade. The whole project flows from track to track flawlessly in a way that there isn't a single track that doesn't belong exactly where it is. It's peaceful and introspective; complicated and pure. The path of Earl has slowly led to this place in which his precision and artistic flow could be translated into something remarkable, and I could not be more ... read more
I'm kinda scared tbh.
Those singles where good.
But not as good as i'd wish them to be.

First Listen: This was better than what i expected. Amazing album

5th Listen: HOLY SHIT DUDE!
Earl proves that he has one of the most interesting flows of modern day rap and also some of the most spectacular beats and they reach a high point of chemistry on Some Rap Songs. Earl’s delivery on this LP is his strongest to date and shows growth in him as an artist.
Earl Sweatshirt allows the world to taste his isolation, and thus, his darkest and most sincere thoughts, both lyrically and aesthetically, in Some Rap Songs.

This album is very humbly but also accurately titled. This album is a very simple collection of some rap songs, with no immediate sense of direction or purpose. Upon my first few listens, I thought this album was boring and didn't have much to offer, but after many many repeated inquisitive listens, this rap album loudly and clearly gets ... read more
Even if the majority of the tracks are under 2 minutes these crazy instrumentals keep me coming back to this project and these songs ya did good Earl
When DJ alchemist said earls New album was gonna be a masterpiece

He wasn't kidding
SRS sees Earl bringing a new song structure into the underground/expermiemtal hip-hop scene. He has been playing with this idea since "Balance" and "Wind in my Sails" crica 2016 and more recently "E Coli".

This album then stands as the update patch to Earls sound, a sound we've all been expecting but now finally have fully unfurled before us. This album, also clarifies what many have been thinking for the longest, Earl is the coldest lyricist in the hip-hop ... read more
The album has Earl's dark, unorthodox rapping and the production is rather jazzy and flavorful. However, the album has so many shortcomings. Some Rap Songs feels like an example of another lo-fi hip hop beat tape with poorly mixed Earl snippets. The production as multifaceted as it comes it is just way too overpowering to points you can hardly hear Earl. The tracks are way too short to feel attached to them either. If Some Rap Songs had the stank on it that I Don't Like Shit I Don't Go Outside ... read more
The Mint is song of the year. This album is incredible. The production wraps you up and confines you into such a space, Earl's mind, the life he's living right now, this small space of his life, and his bars cut so hard and are so no-nonsense, no beat wasted, the lo-fi production right now sounds so fucking great next to the oversaturation of really clean trap production, damn this is the kinda album you don't know you needed til you get it. I didn't realize I hadn't really been so excited ... read more
My already high expectations have been surpassed. It's super unique as I hoped for, combining the very beautiful things that are abstract hip-hop and avant-garde jazz. It's also very watertight and consistent, delivering quality damn near every second of the 25-minute runtime on both the instrumentals and Earl's rapping.. and it plays in a way that makes me want to just listen through it again every time I finish it. Thank you Earl :))
Damn, this is has got to be the best project I've heard Earl Sweatshirt do. Even though it is short, it feels way fuller than the 25 minute runtime and Earl is able to put so much in so little time. I could honestly see this growing to be my AOTY.
Earl killed it.

Edit: I absolutely love this album but I do understand some of the criticisms I'm seeing. What I love is this album feels like such a cohesive experience front to back, which is a really important aspect to a hip hop album for me. His lyrics are unbelievable, the claustrophobic beats and production are immersive and overwhelming, and every song except for perhaps Red Water are great in my opinion.

Fantastic album. Likely not my AOTY but top 10 for sure.
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