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This list was totally yoinked from @slickleg, go give 'em a follow! The list will be compiling 50 metal albums that you should give a spin before your pump vessel goes "AIGHT I'M BOUTTA HEAD ...
Updated 2y ago50 albumsRanked 22
My girlfriend gave me a bunch of heavy and loud recommendations in a list form. I rated, ranked and listened to them all, and here is the ranking for your viewing pleasure! Warning: There are a ...
Updated 3w ago29 albumsRanked 11
Updated 1y ago5,250 albums 10
The best friend group on AOTY is back with a new theme-based season! I'm experimenting with something different and ranking the weeks with "WEEK #!!!" signaling the start of the week (like ...
Updated 1y ago50 albumsRanked 9
You know what it is by now! People in the party; @TreyLikesBands, @PipePanic, @Plats, @Hawk_, @m3gawatt, @MrA, @Wessel and @elitimesfour Season One: ...
Updated 1y ago50 albumsRanked 7
I'm not dating anybody wdym broooooooo
Updated 1y ago30 albums 7
https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/toasterqueen12/list/30380/every-gta-soundtrack-1-4/ https://www.albumoftheyear.org/user/toasterqueen12/list/6414/every-single-gta-v-song/ This a list for GTA ...
Updated 1y ago262 albums 6
Best AOTY friend group listening to some *more* tunes Week 1 - Albums That Got Us Into Music (or a Genre) Week 2 - You Won’t Like This (“Guilty” Pleasures) Week 3 - Favorite Songwriters Week 4 ...
Updated 1y ago50 albumsRanked 6
So there is no better way to express what I'm about on this site than to show you what I personally drop the needle on at home. I will be updating this as I constantly find things I deem must-haves. ...
Updated 2d ago1,595 albums 5
Post-hardcore, as a genre, has changed...a LOT. We all know it. It went from Black Flag-inspired hardcore with noise rock influences to every band trying to sound like Pierce the Veil. Gross! ...
Updated 3y ago15 albumsRanked 5
Updated 1d ago1,145 albums 4
Are you wanting to listen to a masterpiece and/or an album that's awful that was tagged as one by a fool on here? Well look no further as I have compiled a list of every single album tagged as one on ...
Updated 1mo ago1,298 albums 1
yup here we go work in progress
Updated 1w ago100 albumsRanked 1
Updated 2mo ago8 albums 1
All albums listened to Last.fm and the dates of the first audition. Rated: 1986 Listened: 2289
Updated 1mo ago1,313 albumsRanked 1
The albums in this list have had songs that appeared in the guitar hero franchise.
Updated 9h ago880 albums
Updated 5mo ago162 albums
A very long list of albums I wish to listen to soon.
Updated 1d ago2,077 albums
Updated 3w ago78 albums

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