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I love you Killer Mike, thank you for this, hope you best of luck on your fight against the injustices
We needed this right now. (Written on the bus, we going raw)

Recently I've been feeling creatively bankrupt. Everytime I go to write something, I'm met with a burning sense of 'why bother'. The world is burning in a virus infested planet, with everywhere you go to turn you are met with the same cries injustice and pain that black people have been facing for so long that has now boiled up and purtruded like a sickening broth or the pig crap silo for The Simpsons Movie, and with a lack of ... read more
At this painful hour that the United States is going through, which finally touches all the sensible and respectable men of the world, there was nothing better than the duo RTJ to make their voices shout.

It was so much awaited, 4 years later, this last volume has nothing to envy to the others. With an expected brutality, the duo didn't chew, nor mumbled, their words and messages, remaining faithful to themselves. Yet they knew how to develop and evolve their formula which had already seduced ... read more

Well, it took 4 years of waiting. Was it worth it? Uh huh...
Jaime and Mike have poured their hearts and souls into their 4th installment of the eponymous series, with an even more political direction and free-flowing form. Every track contributes to the overall empowering narrative but still provides a fun yet introspective vibe. The centerpiece banger is definitely the bouncy and head-bobbing “JU$T”, and the inspiring finale to the narrative is the ultimate protest. ... read more
in my mind, there was basically no way this wasn’t going to be good. i mean it’s killer mike & el p.
the chemistry is flawless, the production is fresh and exciting, the lyrics hit HARD, and it’s more personal than any other RTJ release in my opinion.
I really have nothing negative to say other than I need time for this to sink in a bit more. Right now i’m gonna rock with an 8.
best track: holy calamafuck
least best track: i genuinely cant pick one

I'm a bit lost for words really... Run The Jewels have just released their best project so far and one of the most entertaining Hip Hop projects I've heard in a long while.

I'm not sure where to start really but I guess I'll go with the production. El-P has always been one of the most consistently impressive producers in Hip Hop and this is easily the best produced album he's ever worked on in my eyes. The abrasiveness, uneasiness and sheer power of every single ... read more
Thank you RTJ

It's that time huh? It's really that time?

In light of how much the world has gone to hell especially in the US, Killer Mike and El-P decided to release their long awaited and highly anticipated fourth Run the Jewels album two days before it's initial release date and I couldn't be more happier that it did, not only because I'm an RTJ fan but because of how bleak everything has been lately. Run the Jewels have always been a standout duo in the hip-hop scene to me, because they simply are a ... read more
RTJ4 is truly the album the United States needed right now. With even more potent political verses than their past projects, EL-P and Killer Mike put together an album incredibly indicative of the times. With his trademark, heavy, aggressive production, EL-P sets up Killer Mike to lay down some of his best verses during his time with Run the Jewels. EL-P also delivers some of his best verses on this album. Pulling the Pin and JU$T are just amazing, and A Few Words for the Firing Squad ... read more
If you told anyone this album was recorded this weekend in the wake of chaos that has swept over America, it would make so much sense to everyone. Instead, Killer Mike and El-P appear to be clairvoyant in their ability to speak to the political climate of our current conversations far before everything going on in the country. If this ultimately surprises you, it shouldn't; as many have been screaming, this isn't a new issue, it's merely a fresh issue in our minds.

Often I find that El-P ... read more
The Quiet Strength.

Run the Jewels, it's one of the most fascinating sagas of the American rap scene. It's the story of two accomplices who repeat over and over again that they're best friends, that they smoke 450 grams of weed a month (to the point of launching their own cannabis brand), that their middle finger is significantly longer than the average person's (or at least the same length as Bernie Sanders', whom they've long supported) and who name their albums as if they were a Hollywood ... read more
White people hip hop pleases the white reviewer
I'll fly over a nest
of winged snakes
and I'll whisper,

"My name has been written
and ages have passed;
I am not complete
but I am, at least"

*An orogeny forms beneath*

I read lights =
in the form -
of poems |
Run the Jewels is the most consistently good duo in hip hop, they haven't dropped a single bad album, song, verse, lyric. Mike and El-p are my two favorites right now and they carry so much energy and their commentary on what's happening right now is so good. If you thought Alfredo covered up 2020 well, get ready for Run The Jewels 4. This is so creative and so energetic, nonstop great quality. Refreshing topics, and the production is insane. Run the Jewels was already political but this is ... read more
“I'll pull my penis out and I piss on their shoes in public”

This is my first time experience with Run The Jewels, however, this was really fucking fantastic. It’s definitely one of the most rawest, dynamic, yet very fresh rap albums of the year. Everything about this album is fantastic, the production is very gritty and heavy, but feels pretty polish too. EL-P and Killer Mike’s dynamics between each other are great, they can be very playful and cheeky, but also ... read more
Finally, Some Good Fucking Music
Just as I was starting to think hip hop albums in 2020 weren't going to be the star of the show, Run The Jewels storm in a day early and give us another reason why they're one of the best hip hop duos of all time. Thanks, Jaime and Mike!

Run The Jewels' fourth album doesn't misstep yet again and continues the duo's streak of excellent production, incredible verses and just all around great chemistry between El-P and Killer Mike. Run The Jewels have consistently impressed me with their trilogy ... read more
I'm in the minority when it comes to RTJ, I think they're dope but I think people overhype the hell out of them. This is a very important album due to what's happening right now in June 2020. This bumps but quit acting like its the best thing ever guys.
As crazy as it may sound, this is my first time listening to a full RTJ album. Now that I’ve heard this, I’m going to go back and listen to the other 3 because this right here is great.

This came at the perfect time. We really needed this. The production is phenomenal, and both Killer Mike and El-P deliver fantastic verses. To fully wrap my head around this and give my full thoughts I’m gonna need to listen a few more times because this is really phenomenal.

Fav Tracks: ... read more
They did it. They fucking did it. RTJ has just solidified themselves as hip hop legends.

God, where do I even start with this? First of all, this couldn't have come out at a better time. With protests and riots across the US due to recent events in police brutality, along with the ongoing pandemic wreaking havoc on everyday life, RTJ4 dropped at a point in time where everything seemed hopeless. This is definitely is the duo's most politically-fueled effort yet, and for good reason. The world ... read more
"I got one round left, a hunnid cops outside
I could shoot at them or put one between my eyes
Chose the latter, it don't matter, it ain't suicide
And if the news say it was that's a goddamn lie
I can't let the pigs kill me, I got too much pride
And I meant it when I said it, never take me alive"

A radical shotgun blast to the establishment. This is a revolution.
wow, this album is just.. incredible. If there's an album I'd have to call woke, it's this one. This is an extremely impressive work of art and they couldn't have released this at a better time. This is important. This is the purpose music should serve: to empower, to entertain and to inform. A great example of this is 'walking in the snow'.

Thematically and lyrically this album is a 10/10 and the production/delivery could grow on me to become a 10/10 as well, it would not surprise me, because ... read more
I don't think it's even surprising anymore for a Run the Jewels album to be high-quality. Killer Mike and EL-P have been doing this with every single release, but I think their fourth album is their greatest accomplishment yet! Clocking in at 11 tracks and 39 minutes, this is easily their tightest record yet. Everything about this record just punches you in the face until that final hit on the last track (which I'll get to later)! Jamie and Mike's chemistry is as rock-solid as ever, delivering ... read more
Come on... Were you expecting anything less?

39 minutes of the busiest bangin' beats and bars this side of a cell. Not a moment is wasted as track after track proves the fire in these two has only been growing and the lovely pair has decided to grace us with the most poignant album for these times

If you aren't aware of who Run the Jewels are, welcome to the party! The duo is made of Rapper Killer Mike and Rapper/Producer El-P, both of which have been part of the rap game for decades now, ... read more
One thing that has stayed constant with my love for Run The Jewels is how dynamic they are and how their energy bounces off one another to make amazing rap tracks. All I can say here is that they did it again.

Favorite Songs: walking in the snow, oh la la, pulling the pin
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