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AKA just every album I like lol, sorry that this list appears fucking everywhere lol (This is basically just a list of things I wanna buy, some notes are here for specific versions of stuff, if not, ...
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Like the piggy from Minecraft Story Mode hehehhahahiauhdsujfgfdsfsdjkfkjsdhfjsdfsdratdsyuioidcastfydgvbcjsdkcdsjkfnsdiakjfndslkjfnadsjkfdsda;kfn;sdkjflkjdsf
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Bro it's back bro bro bro iwdsihkjsdfsdjkfbdjvb
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The sequel to the critically acclaimed form of PDA that AOTY Users have called: "well detailed", "great" and "You could have called it Bitch Binge"! For those out of ...
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I've been meaning to listen to all of the emo classics for over 5 years. I have finally got back onto it after a long break.
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título auto-explicativo. a ser atualizado posteriormente. uma lista de álbuns que eu devia ter feito review entre março e abril que eu simplesmente não fiz por preguiça.
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