The Scary Jokes - Burn Pygmalion!!! a Better Guide to Romance
Burn Pygmalion!!! a Better Guide to Romance
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Though not particularly fascinating, it does have its sweet moments like on Emotional Vagrant, I also think the transitions from one track to the next are well done, the album also has an 8-bit influence. But the mix is just so weak, and it can be a snoozefest.
So once again, we have an album that's perfectly harmless in the background, but nothing truly ambitious.

Best: Jeannie... You're a Tragedy

Weakest: Your Vicious Kin
The 8-bit aesthetics are interesting, the transitions are very well done and I bet there’s a cute little concept behind it. But the sloppy mixing and repetition are pretty glaring flaws and some tracks can bore despite their modest lengths.

Fav Tracks: Community Gardens; Starstruck; Jeannie... You’re A Tragedy; Emotional Vagrant; Death, Thrice Drawn; No Leverage / No Pleasure

Least Fav Tracks: Your Viscous Kin, Jeanine

So as you can easily gather that this is either a record you'll enjoy for its simplicity or will get bored to death by...well...exactly that. Personally, I dig it! I love how laid back and zany it is! It's nice to listen to a synth pop album that isn't just being loud to get your attention. It's got it's own style and with a bubbly and vaporwave-ish production I couldn't resist.

My only issue is that it does get samey towards the second half and the overall flow is pretty sporadic (even though ... read more
I'm so fucking bored

The first track is great though.
This album is really interesting and weird (in a good way). It transfers from really good pop into really good electronic within the first few songs and then maintains a standard which really puts her in a good position for 2018 in alternative music.

Best Tracks(s) - Community Gardens & Starstruck
I honestly don't know what to call this genre, but for the most part it was sure as hell boring.
The cover art gave me a reason to think I would like this album. And I did. This isn't even my favorite genre — or even in my top five — but I'm trying to be more open about listening to and appreciating music outside of my usual realm. This was a lovely, lovely album. "Community Gardens" was such a strong song, it had me captured in the album from the first ten seconds. The transitions between songs are incredibly well done.

Favorites: "Community Gardens" and ... read more
The first track was promising, but it got very boring very fast. The 8-bit aesthetics are fun, but I feel indifferent to this release, so imma give this a 50.
pretty fun and catchy, but it drags on for too long
I love this album!!! I don’t know why I waited so long to listen to it!!! I knew as soon as I heard the opening to Community Gardens I was hooked!!!
A relaxing, lyrical, and emotional. This isn't an album that's particularly loud or ear catching, which is probably why it doesn't click with everyone. I find that it gives me a vibe I rarely see. It's easy to just flip on and let play while I move around the house, but the lyrics have a good amount of substance to hold up the album if you want to do a close listen.
It gets a little boring at points but i loved it regardless! It's definitely gorgeous lyrically!
If you enjoy your Sidney Gish's and your Tierra Whack's particular brand of quirky twee pop, this concept album will most likely prove an endearing listen for you, if a bit long-winded and short on ideas at times.
It's a good little concept album with fun transitions between songs. While this album is definitely more enjoyable when you listen to the whole thing front to back, quite a few of the songs can hold their weight on their own.

REC: Emotional Vagrant, Starstruck, Admire the Architecture
This album was very enjoyable. While most of the songs are more in the quiet and relaxing side, songs like Emotional Vagrant have more of an energizing best. It’s definitely worth listening to if you like something soft and modern.
if you've listened to this album and don't like it, relisten to it again and keep in mind the storyline, which makes the whole album: "a dizzying kaleidoscope of neurosis as an entertainment journalist is left in solitude to tend to her movie star girlfriend's country home". this is the description listed on the album by liz scaryjoke themself. this has to be my favorite concept album in a while. as the album dives deeper into the storyline, getting more and more specific, more ... read more
This is a wonderful album. A lot of work was put into this project and I can very much tell. A lot of passionate work at that! The story to the songs that are in the lyrics as well that you can picture all in your head too. It's for sure an album you can go back and listen to and pick up on new stuff as well.
I enjoy a lot of the mixing in here, the voice changes, tempo changes as well. The transitions between songs are so smooth (i.e. Admire the Architecture transitioning into Sylvia's Just a ... read more
The album has a fairly distinct personality and pleasant melodies, but the album does tend to bore due to a lack of quality songwriting. A decent listen to bide time before the first big releases of 2019 (or listen to Let's Eat Grandma's 2018 album instead).
The more I listen to this album the more I like it, seriously! At first I was gonna rate a solid 70 but that was only after listening to it once and not really understanding the story, oops. I really can't stop listening to it, especially the beginning and the end (emotional vagrant to bets against the void is beautiful) Like people have said the transitions are really good and so are the lyrics. I'm not a professional or anything but I do have a pretty particular taste of music and ... read more
The Scary Jokes has always, always been a band for me to cry over, relate to, and fully empathize with - so with that in mind, my review, while biased, holds an incredibly personal yet honest look of Burn Pygmalion!

Burn Pygmalion, from the very beginning, strikes a heartwarming, bedroom sort of pop feel with Community Gardens, made even better with Louie Zong's contribution of instruments. The tracks may *feel* as though they drag on from this point, or appear sloppy, but keeping in mind the ... read more
This album is boring and repetitive, but would at least be passable as a short EP. This album overstays its welcome and is definitely a 2019 dumpster fire.
It can be pretty boring, but overall it's a fun, relaxing experience.

Favourite Tracks: Death, Thrice Drawn
Jeannie.. You're a Tragedy
Wrath of the Termite King

Worst Tracks: Pygmalion
Your Vicious Kin
Really really liking this album! After my first listen I put right back on again. Totally cool and original sounds with a huge variety that fits really well together. I can't help but bounce and sing along as I listen.

conclusion: this album makes my brain feel good
fave track: starstruck
This is a fun indie pop Album with some good moments, but nothing too ambitious. Probably great for playing in the background.

Best Track(s):
Community Gardens, Jeannie... You're a Tragedy

Worst Track(s):
Your Vicious Kin
if i thought "april fools" was the first and only of its kind, this album has improved, expanded, and invented new depths to the sound and lyric the scary jokes explored there. with a creative voice that is both harsh and soothing, raw and rich, burn pygmalion!!! is piercingly sincere. what others here have called boring i would identify as a dreamy quality that urges listeners to get lost in the music. beautiful!
This album is the sweetest way to start the year. There's a really clever emotional plot throughout the album, as well. I've had Community Garden stuck in my head since it came out! Everything SJ does is an amazing bedroomcore, bubbly synth dream
This album is astonishingly brilliant. The sound is unlike anything that’s ever been done - vibrant and harrowing, these songs will break your heart in the best way. The vocals are raw and gorgeous, and the lyrics embody the tenderness and hurting and passion that only love can cause. Burn Pygmalion is an absolute masterpiece.
This project came to me as a fun little electro pop thing with 8 bit styled sounds, jazzy (?) influences and pretty sweet vocals, and I was not expecting that.

I really enjoyed some of the "instrumentation" here and I thought that the vocals were good and relaxing.

The thing is, and that may be just me, but I found this to be a bit boring to get through so I wouldn't say I will come back to it as a whole, but I will certainly save a few tracks from it.

FAV TRACKS - "Community ... read more
To be fair I didn't listen to the WHOLE thing but it was because I couldn't make it through another 4 tracks. Not only is it boring but the synthpop 8-bit vibe it gives off is incredibly annoying to listen to as well.
Top Favorite: Community Gardens
Other Favorites: Jeannie... You're A Tragedy, Starstruck, Death, Thrice Drawn
Least Favorite: Admire The Architecture
I thought the album cover looked kinda neat so I decided to check this album out and damn this is rough. It's a typical indie synth-pop album but with no character, no risk-taking, nothing daring, exciting, challenging or even fun. It's a fucking slog the whole way through. God bless everyone who listens to this thing cover to cover, I barely got through it.
I can see why so many people enjoy the opening track, yet I felt like her vocals failed to come through on parts of the song (particularly with "you'll be fiiiineeee"). As for the rest of the project, it drags on for a little too long and none of the tracks truly stand out. However, I did somewhat enjoy the "vibe"/atmosphere presented with this record, and I really hope whatever comes next is more cohesive.
This band is going to get sick and tired of hearing their songs as being whimsical, quirky, adorable, cute and all, but it is in a satirical sort of way...
Tweendie synthpop. A pink layou on Bandcamp perfectly reflects the oversweeteness of this album.
The music itself would be decent at low doses, but the full album is pretty tedious.
tries hard: adore the melodies, really poppy and comforting voice, the songwritting's as expressive as it should be, funny lyrics and so on.., not really into the production at times but sure there is good use of synthesizers on some tracks here and there. Felt the album was a little bit too long even though there are some well-structured highlights along the tracklist.

favs: community gardens, starstruck, jeannie... you're a tragedy, sleepyhead
Rilo Kiley but quirkier. The singer declares, "I'm worth it!' on these cute and honest pleas of love that sit atop supermarket-bossa-nova grooves and carousel organists. 16 songs comprise this album, which seems a bit long but the tempo changes and left turns keep it interesting enough. Song highlights include, Do You Believe Me, Your Vicious Kin, Jeannie... You're a Tragedy and No Leverage/No Pleasure.
The lyrics and vocal inflections are cute, and the production is bright and pretty decent, but the album is way too long for 16 songs that are essentially the same, and it gets annoying quick.

Favorites: Community Gardens, "Death, Thrice Drawn", Do You Believe Me, Starstruck, Admire the Architecture, Jeannie... You're a Tragedy, Sleepeyhead

Worst: No Leverage / No Pleasure
The Scary Jokes take you by the hand and lead you through a forest of complex of emotions, of sadness and pain and trauma and love - but always making sure to wrap you in a soft blanket with a warm drink to make you feel better.

This is an album about community, about collective trauma, about taking care of each other and more importantly, yourself. The only way to heal is to go through the darkness, but they make sure you never have to do it alone.

If you asked Liz to pass the salt, they ... read more
It's sweet that for sure. But absolutely nothing is stellar and nothing particulary strong is noted here.

Just a mediocre indie pop album.
It's a sweet and cheerful pop album that's brought down by the bland mixing, a monotonous second half, and skeletal composition, even for an album with minimalism


This is cute indie pop. Enjoyable enough. But, it's just pretty empty and forgettable. Community Gardens and Jeannie...You're a Tragedy are pretty decent, the rest just kind of blends in and passes. At the start I enjoyed the vocals, yet as this album continues they get more gimmicky and boring.
FAVS: Community Gardens, Jeanine, Starstruck, Jeannie... You're a Tragedy, Emotional Vagrant, Sleepyhead
LEAST FAV: Your Vicious Kin
I have a very complex relationship with this piece.

Okay, so when this album started off with an amazing song such as Community Gardens, I really thought that I was in for a treat. And I actually did come away from this project with a relatively positive feeling.

However, the mixing is pretty bad, maybe even close to abysmal, on a decent amount of tracks, and that takes a lot away from the unique vocal style of the main singer. Plus, the songs drag on for about ten to fifteen minutes too ... read more
Indie pop that nobody will remember after a few days. Yeah the cute production choices that remind me retro video games are okay and I will say things do starting picking up during the second half and I think the concept is nice but other than that and some tolerable tracks this LP is really boring and has no replay value.
I could not imagine an ocassion to put it to roll. The 8 Bit turns it really silly.If that was the idea, congratulations.
SOOOO bright and open sounding!! though i agree that a lot of songs were a little empty, the musical space that WAS used was extremely rich. the chord progressions are unconventional and beautifully explored, though sometimes stretched a bit thin and muddled (too much dissonance at times to be fully understood at first listen, and some songs should have been split into two given how many changes there were!). SJ's voice is so honest and dramatic, it really feels like i'm in a cartoon with ... read more
Welcome to boring indie pop with the scary jokes
Episode number 1
Mediocre at best.

I can see why people may like it though.
But it's definetly not a 100 like some rate it.
un comienzo interesante, buena producción, un tanto creativo, pero nada sorprendente.
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