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Assume Form
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This record makes me so mad. There's part of this that sound so amazing but other times you just get this super boring vocals with a generic trap beat and I just ask myself "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???".

Edit: After giving this more listens, I can say that I've realized how uninteresting this actually is. It's a boring album with some interesting elements of production but it has some horrible moments too. The generic trap beats and the lifeless vocals just turn this into something that ... read more
An early 2019 AOTY candidate.

This album is a culmination of Blake's many years of hard work and it finally pays off in his most beautiful project yet.

I haven't felt this fuzzy inside since Father John Misty's "I Love You Honeybear"

Assume Form (4.5/5)
Mile High (5/5)
Tell Them (5/5)
Into The Red (4.5/5)
Barefoot In The Park (4.5/5)
Can’t Believe The Way We Flow (3/5)
Are You In Love? (4/5)
Where’s The Catch? (5/5)
I’ll Come Too (4.5/5)
Power On ... read more
That 3000 feature makes me believe there’s a God
Good God this thing is absolutely stunning!!

Blake's vocal range is insane as always and blends seamlessly with top teir production and songwriting to make and epic and dreamy collection of ballads about love, heartbreak and just life in general.

The features on this thing are incredible as well. Travis Scott sounds better to me on this album then he did on pretty much all of Astroworld and that's saying a lot because he sounded really really good on Astroworld.

Metro Boomin absolutely kicks ... read more
Andre just put me in the hospital.

Questionably Classic.

full review-www.midlinenetwork.com/music/assumeformcc
If this isn't him at his artistic zenith, then I genuinely have no idea when he possibly could be, but I'll gladly wait a while longer to find out.
This album shows a musician who's hungry to make art worth remembering, art that will give him the status of one of this generation's most valuable assets, and it would be hard to disagree with that assessment as of right now.
The future is now, people. Don't miss it.
His best since S/T. There's no one song that screams "instant classic" like "Retrograde" or "Limit to Your Love" but every song is solid, the guests are all on point, and (most pleasant surprise) this James Blake album is *actually fun to listen to*. While Andre 3000 and ROSALIA steal the show on their respective features (to the point where you might forget this is a James Blake album), JB also has some beautiful showcases for himself on "Into the Red" ... read more
“Assume Form” is the most beautiful, complete and accessible record James Blake has put out to date! The features are unexpectedly impeccable here (especially ROSALÍA and André 3000), James is growing so much more confident in his vocals, melodies and writing and there’s not a single song here that I legitimately don’t love! Overall, this is my first must listen of 2019!

Fav Tracks: Barefoot In The Park, Where’s The Catch?, Don’t Miss It, ... read more
At this time this is tied with his debut for me as his best work to date. The title track of this album is quite possibly my favorite song from James. Beautiful production, song writing and lyrics. Overall a fantastic experience.

Favorite Tracks: Assume Form, Where's The Catch, and Can’t Believe the Way We Flow
Nevermind. How coincidental it clicked on Valentines Day. This album is incredible. A great break in the monotonous sadness everywhere. James is happy. He has found true love. The appreciation he displays across these tracks is inspiring and has led me to introspect. I have something similar to what James describes on this album. Not the same life circumstances or struggles. But a common aspect that takes me away from those struggles and encourages me to overcome and that forgives and tells me ... read more
Album ends up feeling a bit tedious and draining by the end imo, it's good tho yknow some stellar high points but tracks 5, 6 7, 10 & 12 just all feel totally unnecessary to me, or they just personally don't have much about them I really like hearing, whether it be his writing tackling the same stuff the album's best cuts already did to greater effect, or the production which is the safest and least imaginative of his career. Idk why but with each listen it gets less entertaining, but still ... read more
ive been waiting for his comeback and finally it happened today!!!

james blake was the first artist ive listened from alternative r&b genre. ive been a lowkey silent fan like for three years haha omggg and yeah he never disappoints me up until now. ❤ im still digging artists same as him but hoping not same as *coughs* ZAYN *coughs* ew no

fave tracks:

• assume form
• mile high
• into the red
• barefoot in the park
• can't believe the way we flow
• are you ... read more
It's an artistic detour so great. Unfortunately the results are schizophrenically hit and miss, so dip in at your own risk.

The album art shows this is James stepping out from the shadows and putting himself in that spotlight (read: firing line) - and he'll take a few bullets based off the quality of this release.

The last two songs are among the best and they also stray the least from his established sound...so I just can't chalk this one up as a success, sorry.
As an artist who's been very acclaimed in the past decade, James Blake dodges a lot of critique that he deserves to get on this LP. Don't get me wrong, this album is good, and it has flashes of brilliance (i.e. the Andre 3000 feature or Into the Red) but a lot of it feels... lack of a better word...unpolished? if it's the Travis Scott feature which was slopilly applied, or different parts of different tracks spread around this album which I personally feel if he took the time to perfect the ... read more
While this is the most strung together and cohesive work Blake has ever released, its highs and lows are noticeably missing (especially when compared to his recent single "If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead"). No one track on this album holds me the way "To Care Like You" , "Retrograde" or "Love Me in Whatever Way" did for their respective albums, but that appears to be by design.

Since its a weird lulling collection of sound, its deeply sown together, a ... read more
This shit fucking sucks!!!! holy fuck!!!!
Not only a strong album by Blake, but also a really interesting effort since it questions my intention when it comes to listening to him...it's not the Blake who puts you in a mood of melancholy and evokes pure emotions out of the surrounding silence...there's a clearer focus on his person...

Transitions aren't necessarily easy, but James came with a share amount of accessibility (without changing his style on a fundamental basis) in Assume Form which leads you through it...

I imagine seeing ... read more
Yup, I'm definitely not going to be listening to this again soon.. I actually liked the collab with Rosalía. Just MEH
James Blake took everything he did from 2011 and 2016 and took it up a notch on Assume Form.
Let me start by saying this: I don't get the hype over James Blake. I have tried his self titled record a lot of times and it didn't really do anything for me. It felt so underwheling.
That said, I was with some higher hopes for Assume Form.
As I am giving this repeated listens, the tracks Mile High and Tell Them are becoming more and more cringeworthy and most of the tracks just feel brandly repetitive.
But what makes me mad is that I know this is supposed to be good. The production is very ... read more
Not only is "Assume Form" James Blake's most consistent album yet, it's also the best relationship themed album I've heard in recent memory. It's soothing, incredibly dreamy, ethereal, emotional, and hauntingly beautiful. The album has an outstanding flow and has additional themes of male vulnerability and depression: which it handles very maturely. If you're looking for an album to remind you of a loved one -- look no further!

I've been a fan of James Blake ever since his self ... read more
Amazing how it's only January and we already have the album of the year for 2019.
A enjoyable album at parts but for the most part this didn't really hit for me. I can defiantly see why people enjoy this album I just happen to be not one of them. I did really enjoy Mile High and Where's The Catch since I feel Travis Scott and André 3000 are good features with James. After that everything else seems to be pretty mid for me.

EDIT: I have a confession. This is my first rodeo with James Blake, and while I will say that this album is has a lot good with it, there isn't anything here that convinces me to go back and sift through his back discography. There is some really nice and pretty production and musical moments, and James Blake defiantly can sing. there is some pretty unforgettable moments sprinkled throughout. And it's not like this album is god-awful. It is far ... read more
Wow this thing is overhyped. Don't get me wrong, it isn't bad. I liked the Rosalía and André 3000 contributions, but some songs, especially in the second half, fail to keep me interested. Way better stuff out there.

EDIT: James Bland hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah ha ha ha ha

EDITEDIT: Follow MusicSucks, she knows how to do reviews a lot better than me so go follow her instead
James Blake was fighting an uphill battle for me. I did not love his last album, and I think some artists have caught up to his forward-thinking sound. I am TICKLED with this album, and it is probably my favorite James Blake project. I think his melody lines are confident, he has good friends (I feel a kinship with JB as we are both still basking in the warm glow of ROSALIA,) and the production is sincere without feeling trite.

I thought he sounded a lot like Moses Sumney, but then Moses ... read more
That Rosalia feature though...
his most instantly enjoyable record.
James Blake's music has always had a magical charm to it but only on Assume Form has that lovable quirk resulted in a listening experience as joyous and uplifting that his wizardry would entail.

Full review can be found on my channel via the link in my bio.
Gorgeous album. Really romantic, heartfelt and never feels forced. The production is fantastic, all the features add something to their tracks and there's really no weak track on this.
Faves: Assume Form, Mile High, Don't Miss It
James' minimalistic approach to his music had always gave me the itches. Even as stylistically intended, I come from the latter that yearns for a wholesome product from his ill-lit, yet entrancing R&B aesthetic & this record has probably achieved that.

We find James gravitating towards a sonically diverse production palette, especially with it's notably lustrous undertones that opposes the alien cohesion that he's known for. Aside from the piano loops & the trap-flavoured ... read more
Oh my god, this is just the shit. This is what James has been building up to for the past decade. This was so worth the wait.
James Blake is a god

Amazing Tracks: Into The Red,Barefoot In The Park,Can’t Believe The Way We Flow,Are You In Love?,I’ll Come Too,Power On

Great Tracks: Assume Form,Mile High,Tell Them,Where’s The Catch?,Lullaby For My Insomniac

Good Tracks: Don’t Miss It

Average Tracks:

Bad Tracks:
"Assume Form" isn't just mere figurative. Literally, Blake assumes the most breathtaking forms about production, vocals, melodies in his new record to spread the world how many brilliant others forms he has to tell his stories.
Blake is not only a great producer, but also a singer with authority and ability to reflect his feelings, this album represents well what he wanted to show the last decade, James was able to leave behind his suicidal thoughts and offers us a full disc of spirit
bootleg white-ass flylo
pinche james, déjame escuchar otras cosas
Pretty at points but the most boring listen of 2019 so far.
I guess now is a bad time for me to say this is probably my favorite album by him?

The last four tracks (ushered in after a climactic verse from the ephemeral Andre 3000) are so great. Did not think I would enjoy such a sentimental turn on this album but he pulls it off. Even a tongue-in-cheek line like "Let's go home and talk shit about everyone" on "Power Up" can't cover up how warm and fuzzy this section of the record is.

I've never really been on the James Blake train ... read more
Assume Form - What Happened?

I've never been a huge fan of James Blake but I've always liked the direction he was going. He debut LP James Blake had lots of potential for a greater sound which he displayed remarkably on Overgrown. After this things were still good but not to the same quality with 2016's The Colour In Anything. Although I've only loved 1 out of 3 of his previous albums I never found myself disliking any project or EP or even most of his songs for that matter. And that's why ... read more
As someone who hasn't listened to any James Blake, im not sure if this was the best place to start. What I do know, is that I enjoy the orchestral and psychedelic production presented here. I will definitely need to explore Blake's discography to get a better sense of his style, but overall, this album is pleasant listening, especially on a rainy day

Best Songs:
Assume Form
Tell Them
Barefoot in the Park
Are You in Love?
Where's the Catch?
Power On

Not a fan:
Mile High
This is one hell of a way to open the year up. Assume Form is brilliant excels in almost everything it does. Blake melds genres seamlessly on here. It is a mesh of R&B, Electronic music and even Hip-Hop. Each feature from Travis Scott to Andre 3000 brings something fresh to the table and is performing at their best, even on moments like "Mile High" which is just a straight up trap song, doesn't disrupt the flow of this record and adds to it immensely. Blake's voice and melodies ... read more
An overall great James Blake album with very high highs and somewhat average lows. As a full project I'm hesitant to call it his best yet, but this album definitely contains some of his best *material* yet. For me, the amount of highlights as well as the reasonably short runtime both make this worth listening to in full multiple times over again.

Highlights: Mile High, Tell Them, Into The Red, Where's The Catch?, Don't Miss It, Lullaby For My Insomniac
Low points: Can't Believe The Way We ... read more
I'm going to be into this for days to come, surely. Hopefully it doesn't wear out.
Very tasteful mix of electronic and r&b production from James, with a lot of cross-appeal between different genre listeners. I wouldn't be surprised if some of these tracks end up making the rounds in mainstream radio.
It's delicate and bold where it needs to, loving and intimate. It sounds personal and meaningful to him, both in the lyrics and his voice.
I actually really enjoy the vocal performance, it ... read more
Good, but the instrumentals are sometimes too similar with each other. James is definetly a versitle artist, but i feel like he could do it a little better. Still a great project, and i see tons of potential looking into the future.

2nd Listen: Shit, i guess i was still sleeping during the first listen
FINAL EDIT: It feels like Blake's style on this album is a little bit inconsistent in spots, and the album as a whole can feel pretty bleak at points, however the majority of this album was really enjoyable in terms of production and vocal performance. You've got very catchy songs like Where's The Catch and the two Metro Boomin songs in the beginning, but also slower and more beautiful songs like I'll Come Too and Don't Miss It. I feel like some parts of the album weren't as extravagant as ... read more
Every single song on this album is good. There are even some songs that are really good. But most importantly, the album works as a cohesive unit that takes the listener down a blissful path, providing the escapism that we, as a collective, look for in music.

The features on this all hold up to the standard of Blake, and the production, although not as experimental as some of his recent projects, is still fucking stunning.

I don't know when I'm going to hear another album of this quality ... read more
I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the biggest James Blake fan, but on Assume Form, the melodies, beats, and sparing use of highly effective guest vocalist placements coalesce into such sweet, serene arrangements I can't help but fall a little in love with Blake's quaint vision of contemporary romance. It's the accessible record I've always wanted and knew Blake could make, and it feels damn good knowing its finally arrived.
An astoundingly beautiful album which takes away a lot of the abstractions and loops that have made his previous albums interesting, but also difficult and distant in places. On Assume Form, Blake sounds liberated, replacing many of his production tricks with sincere, earnest lyrics and full bodied vocals. I really get the sense that in this regard, Assume Form shows him at his most daring as he is confident enough to be vunerable. Even without the lyrical and vocal changes however, each track ... read more
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