Demon Days
Gorillaz - Demon Days
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2005 Ratings: #128 / 361
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2005 Ratings: #28
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Nov 6, 2016*
It's not without flaws, but Demon Days is still an impressive 'pop' record. The guests featured here, from choirs to rappers to Dennis Hopper, all do a very good job of maintaining a diverse sound throughout the album. The production is also stellar, with genres like rock, hip-hop, electronica and pop seamlessly blended together in a way only Gorillaz can do it. I think this album was the first sign that Gorillaz were more than a gimmick virtual band, or a Damon Albarn side project. They ... read more
Jul 28, 2016
By far their most consistent, listener-friendly release. Where Plastic Beach is over-saturated with features and a grandiose feel, this has the perfect amount of space for their kind of sound. Fun, cool, and relaxed. Also, there aren't any bad songs.

Favorite Tracks: All Alone, Feel Good Inc, Demon Days, El Mañana, November Has Come
Jan 20, 2016
having a "virtual band" seemed like a silly concept at first to me, but then i listened to a few gorillaz tracks, followed by their debut LP. and boy was i proven wrong. gorillaz has such a unique mix of many genres including rock, hip hop, pop, and electronic music. the guest verses were very good, and it's not like these were nobody rappers either. the instrumentation was very impressive, the variation of different mediums used to create the instrumentals was one of the best ... read more
Apr 28, 2017
The trippy, laid-back approach of this record works wonders on a few cuts, and this is probably the specific point in the virtual band's trajectory where Albarn's vocals really blend in with the production in a more cohesive way. There is also a very important balance in the guest collaborations, leading up to a secure and considerably mature tracklisting, hardly drifting off their objective. Yes, a few songs do pale in comparison to others, and the whole thing doesn't necessarily feel ... read more
Oct 28, 2016
In my belief. The greatest album ever made. I could never sum it up in a 1000 word paragraph. But no music that has ever been written has had this many genres, influences, featuring artists, feelings, emotions, beautifully constructed and orchestrated music like Damon Albarn has done here.
from MF Dooms incredible lines to a beat so simple to the truly deep story of Fire Coming Out Of A Monkeys Head. Nothing will ever come close to this album.

Only time will evolve this album into the classic ... read more
#15/No Ripcord
#15/Rolling Stone
Track List

  1. Intro
  2. Last Living Souls
  3. Kids With Guns
  4. O Green World
  5. Dirty Harry
  6. Feel Good Inc
  7. El Mañana
  8. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead
  9. November Has Come
  10. All Alone
  11. White Light
  12. Dare
  13. Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head
  14. Don't Get Lost In Heaven
  15. Demon Days