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I was sitting at my desk today waiting for the clock count to 5:00 PM. I was doing research on the new Demon Days repress of vinyl when I decided to give this a spin. I was thinking about how at one point at the age of 14 I was willing to spend $300 for the first press because I loved this album so much! It's been four years since I've listened to this album in its entirety and when I heard the drums explode in the end of 'Kid With Guns' I had a realization.

This album really is the soundtrack ... read more
That MF DOOM uncredited feature on November Has Come had me shook
My personal favorite album.

Personal track ranking:
15. Intro
14. White Light
13. Don't Get Lost In Heaven
12. DARE
11. November Has Come
10. All Alone
9. Demon Days
8. El Mañana
7. O Green World
6. Fire Coming Out Of A Monkey's Head
5. Dirty Harry
4. Last Living Souls
3. Feel Good Inc.
2. Kids With Guns
1. Every Planet We Reach Is Dead

The interesting genre-blending between rock and hip hop make this album stand out, and the melancholic vibes coupled with the fitting lyrics make it a ... read more
Great production, thought-provoking themes and some of Damon’s best vocals are here in one extraordinary package.

Fav Tracks: Feel Good Inc, DARE, Dirty Harry, Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, El Manana, Kids With Guns, November Has Come, Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head, O Green World

Least Fav Track: Don’t Get Lost In Heaven

having a "virtual band" seemed like a silly concept at first to me, but then i listened to a few gorillaz tracks, followed by their debut LP. and boy was i proven wrong. gorillaz has such a unique mix of many genres including rock, hip hop, pop, and electronic music. the guest verses were very good, and it's not like these were nobody rappers either. the instrumentation was very impressive, the variation of different mediums used to create the instrumentals was one of the best ... read more
The most important album of the 2000's in my opinion. Capturing the world after 9/11 in the most perfect way and acting as a way to understand coping with a world like this.
It's not without flaws, but Demon Days is still an impressive 'pop' record. The guests featured here, from choirs to rappers to Dennis Hopper, all do a very good job of maintaining a diverse sound throughout the album. The production is also stellar, with genres like rock, hip-hop, electronica and pop seamlessly blended together in a way only Gorillaz can do it. I think this album was the first sign that Gorillaz were more than a gimmick virtual band, or a Damon Albarn side project. They ... read more

Demon Days is wonderful, all the themes of drugs, loneliness, alcohol, death and dancing eventually culminate into a pretty cool ending (not the best... but cool).

The world the album depicts is one of despair and wickedness plaguing the planet.

Yet... there's still hope for change.

Best: Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, November Has Come, Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc., White Light, DARE, Fire Coming Out of The Monkey's Head

Weakest: Don't Get Lost In Heaven
oh boy this is a masterpeece
Demon Days is an extremely fun and interesting album. With great instrumentation, lyrics, and even many guest verses, this album is definitely a must listen. This album just throws great track after great track at you. There are only three songs that I have a problem with.
But that brings me onto my only complaint, and that's that the final two tracks really weren't necessary. Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head would really be a great way to send off the album, yet they still decided to add ... read more
This album certainly deserves the praise it gets. The only reason I don't rank it higher is because I don't like Don't Get Lost In Heaven or the title track. That's a pretty big problem too, cause those are what closes the record. I can assure you that this is down to nothing more than my personal music taste though.

Best Tracks: Last Living Souls, El Manana, Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, Fire Coming Out Of the Monkey's Head, November Has Come
Weakest Tracks: Don't Get Lost In Heaven, Demon ... read more
A genre gender to say the very lest, Gorillaz are at peak creativity with an album that will not only amaze hip-hop heads, but will amaze, rock dwellers, pop divas and alternative weirdos. There's something in this album for everyone, and it's one of the best albums of the 2000s.

Favorite jams: Kids With Guns, Dare, Dirty Harry

Lest Favorite: Demon Days
It might not be quite as immersive or cohesive as the album that followed it but Demon Days deserves all the love and attention it gets - it masterfully mixes various genres and the result is a record that it is a guaranteed good time.
The musical masterpiece of my childhood. Demon Days has aged so well since I first listened to it. I don't think Gorillaz or anything Damon Albarn releases will ever top this timeless album.
The trippy, laid-back approach of this record works wonders on a few cuts, and this is probably the specific point in the virtual band's trajectory where Albarn's vocals really blend in with the production in a more cohesive way. There is also a very important balance in the guest collaborations, leading up to a secure and considerably mature tracklisting, hardly drifting off their objective. Yes, a few songs do pale in comparison to others, and the whole thing doesn't necessarily feel ... read more
Dirty Harry ft. Pharcyde's Bootie Brown and DARE are some of the only cuts that hold up upon revisiting this roughly 11 years since my last listen.
By far their most consistent, listener-friendly release. Where Plastic Beach is over-saturated with features and a grandiose feel, this has the perfect amount of space for their kind of sound. Fun, cool, and relaxed. Also, there aren't any bad songs.

Favorite Tracks: All Alone, Feel Good Inc, Demon Days, El Mañana, November Has Come
Gorillaz’ 2005 album Demon Days defined the decade like no other album in the 2000s. Not only did it capture the post 9/11 world perfectly, it also brought out this willingness in people to try new things; to strive for and reach new heights in the music space, accomplishing this through a strange blend of genres (punk, funk, dance, hip hop, hard rock, etc) and a colorful cast of characters sprinkled on to drop amazing features.

Demon Days is the best possible follow up for a group like ... read more
my childhood
Some really great singles like Feel Good Inc and Dare. Kids With Guns,Dirty Harry,and Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head have really great messages. November Has Come,All Alone, and White Light are my favorites. It's still filled with albarn's ego that makes songs like O Green World and Don't Get Lost In Heaven. Still my favorite Gorillaz Album.
Demon Days was the beginning of the prime era of Gorillaz, featuring a collection of several of the greatest tracks in the virtual band's discography, and one of the greatest songs of all time: Feel Good Inc.
This album has aged like fine wine. The album has remained even more relevant as time has progressed and the production and vocals have remained as good as ever. This album feels like your being transported to another dimension and its atmosphere has me coming back again and again. It's a shame Gorillaz isn't as good as they used to be but it doesn't matter because I can always go back and listen to Demon Days.
much like their self-titled debut, i was already very familiar with most of the tracks on here but never properly listened to it as a full album until now. once again, it turned out to be great just as i was expecting, though i feel like there weren't as many iconic tracks on here compared to the self-titled album. that one was taking lovely twists and turns the whole time, whereas demon days has noticeably more dull moments. the best tracks are still the best though, so it doesn't detract from ... read more
I grew up listening to this. SPOILER: It’s great. Everything from Albarn’s vocals to the theme. Even with a few songs in the latter end of the album not being as enjoyable as the others, I can’t help but to absoulutely love this. Thank you, Albarn.
From a 100 to a 91, 13 year old me is rolling in her grave.
This is what I call character development.
(<Plastic Beach)
Edit: Idek anymore stop judging me
This album is a perfect time capsule of what was going on in the early to mid 2000s. The production and sound is still as great as when it first came out. This record has gone down as a modern classic in my opinion.

Favorites: El Manana, Feel Good Inc, Every Planet We Reach is Dead, November Has Come, Dirty Harry, Kids with Guns, Demon Days, DARE
Least Favorite: White Light
It's a classic.

faves: Last Living Souls, Kids With Guns, O Green World, Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc, El Manana, Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, November Has Come, Dare, Demon Days
An impressive blend of light and dark. The many genres infused here flow seamlessly from track to track, even if some of the material here is a tad too far off the path to fit in with the rest of the group.

BEST TRACKS: Kids With Guns, November Has Come, Demon Days, O Green World, Dirty Harry
This is such goddamn classic O listened to it via vinyl.

Feel Good inc. Is WAYYY too overrated, but it's perfect.

Best Track-Demon Days

Woest track-White Light
FAVORITE TRACKS: Last Living Souls, Kids With Guns, Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc., El Mañana, November Has Come, All Alone, DARE, Fire Coming Out of The Monkey's Head & Demon Days

The first coherent Gorillaz album is a masterpiece, who would have guessed?
In my belief. The greatest album ever made. I could never sum it up in a 1000 word paragraph. But no music that has ever been written has had this many genres, influences, featuring artists, feelings, emotions, beautifully constructed and orchestrated music like Damon Albarn has done here.
from MF Dooms incredible lines to a beat so simple to the truly deep story of Fire Coming Out Of A Monkeys Head. Nothing will ever come close to this album.

Only time will evolve this album into the classic ... read more
This LP is easily my favorite album of all time. This LP has zero flaws, the emotion and effort that was put into this LP is just perfect. The album makes you feel like you're going through a sleepless night thinking about all of the demons and imperfections in your life are racing through your mind. Pollution, Corruption, The works. This LP has the energy and emotion to make any listener feel the strongest of emotion. 100
I like the pscychedelia over this, i just think it doesn't need so much tracks
it's indescribable how many things this album makes me feel everytime that i listen to it, it just means a lot to me

my personal favorite

Intro | 6
Last Living Souls | 9
Kids With Guns | 10
O Green World | 9
Dirty Harry | 10
Feel Good Inc | 10
El Mañana | 9
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead | 8
November Has Come | 9
All Alone | 8
White Light | 8
Dare | 9
Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head | 9
Don't Get Lost In Heaven | 7
Demon Days | 7
First album i heard all the way through
One of the greatest albums of all time, Demon Days puts Gorillaz on the map.

Favorite track: November Has Come

Least favorite track: ...
issa masterpiece.

Not a single flaw I can think of with this album, it's just so perfect
Considered by many to be Gorillaz’ magnum opus, I have quite mixed reactions about this one - it’s got some classics on it, that you still don’t get tired of hearing, though some songs are quite uninteresting.

Fav track: El Mañana

Least fav track: White Light
Not only the best Gorillaz album, not only the best album of 2005, but one of the best (if not the best) album in recent memory, probably ever. Instrumentally the tracks feel varied. A wide variety of genres covered throughout the album keep you on your toes throughout its 50 minute run time. The narrative and political themes throughout the album is handeled perfectly and kept subtle enough for people to get their own different ideas from the albums. The songs themesleves can also be taking ... read more
The proto-meme side project from one of brit-pop's finest takes a dark turn on what remains their greatest album. While songs like "Feel Good Inc" seem cemented in the modern concious as both pop oddities and classics, every song on this album deserves to be remembered. Songs like "Kids with Guns" and "DARE" are criminally overlooked tracks in the Gorillaz discography. The album as a whole is a near perfect outing and is the reason we remember the Gorillaz as a ... read more
hg g
ya dude, best gorillaz album here
One of the standout albums of my childhood still has some nostalgic elements to it, but at the same time is just an objectively strong album all around.

Favorite track: Kids With Guns
A top tier mishmash of then-contemporary genres and ideas that maintains its spark despite the test of time. Pretty good.

Favorite track: DARE
The songs on this album are hit-or-miss. The majority hit and they hit REALLY hard (such as DARE, Feel Good Inc, and November Has Come), but there are more than a few that feel like a dud to me (such as the last two tracks). Great album; I don't think it deserves a 10.
Fav. Tracks: Dirty Harry, Feel Good Inc, El Mañana, Every Planet We Reach Is Dead, November Has Come, White Light, Dare, Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head.
Least Fav. Tracks: Intro, O Green World, All Alone.

The mid-section of the album was the strongest.
One of the best albums of all time in my opinion. Diverse musical styles with incredible features make every single song on the album fantastic to listen to. De La Soul bring an amazing rap element onto the tracks and the spectacular instrumentals will give you goosebumps. Fire coming out of the monkeys head is a deep story that is somehow great to listen to even without much singing, feel good inc. and Dirty Harry are classic Gorillaz and are completely timeless. DARE has me dancing while O ... read more
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