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Oncle Jazz
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2019 had to be one of my favorite years musically. For someone who only listens to a few genres, i felt like this was the year i got to expand my horizons and music taste more. I came into this year ...
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Wow, what a year for music, eh? Currently, I am doing a mass relistening/revisiting of all the projects included in the rough draft of the list. Thus, you will see a lot of RELISTEN REVIEWS labeled ...
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"Welp, as from what I've learned, you can't please everyone." -KnifeTrick "Gotta love subjectivity haha" -ThrowBackGmac "This is why music is so amazing to me, that it hits ...
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For the most part, everything on this list will be in the running for my Top 50. Since I'm a Sports Guy, I do a bracket style AOTY ranking. The Top 32 make it into the big dance automatically while ...
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every album from 2019 that i listened in 2019 not ranked, cronological order
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Vinyl Me, Please