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A list of artists I want to listen to.
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Os maiores destaques do ano até o momento OBS: Para entrar na lista, o álbum precisa ter nota acima de 80
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My top 100 based off personal enjoyment. It's pretty epic imo (considering it's my own list, I guess that would typically lead me to thinking it's pretty epic, okay I can shut up now) so many of ...
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Construction time again...
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Only albums I listened to on the whole.
Updated 3d ago
2019 albums
Updated 4d ago
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I don't have a social life Aight lads place your bets on how long before this is outdated
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Albums I have not yet listened to, new or old, whether or not I know or like the artist at all, but am looking forward to doing so. Constantly being updated, IN ORDER - if something is number 1, ...
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Recommendations for Hip-Hop albums of the 10s. The order I placed the albums in is what I think would be a good order to listen to them. This does NOT mean that lower-placed albums are worse than ...
Updated 6d ago
Best Albums of 2019
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I obviously haven't listened to every album from the 2010s but these are my favourites from what I've heard.
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This list is in the works and subject to change over the rest of the year as new 2019 albums come out and as I sift through albums I haven't rated/reviewed yet. Stay tuned!
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With this year, I have ranked most albums released. Some ratings were difficult , some came easy.
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