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Mount Eerie would be a gorgeous record even if the vision behind it didn't fall somewhere between Biblical allegory and Greek myth, but the drama makes it all the more stunning.

Tiny Mix Tapes
Each mutter and each tonal-descending falsetto proves that the Elvrum on record is the same Elvrum in reality. And in a world where discerning between synthetic and reality is becoming tougher, it's nice to know that Elvrum is lucid on both sides.
This is a massive artistic statement from The Microphones, and though it may be cryptic-- even overwhelming at times-- it remains warm and open, thanks to the stunning intimacy that has consistently been the group's hallmark.

While The Glow, Pt. 2 might still be the most perfect distillation of Elvrum's style to date, at the very least Mount Eerie proves that his ambitions and his ability to express them are growing at an exciting rate.


Remarkable Lofi album. I’ve only heard Glow Pt. 2 and this, so to me this sounds like that album pt. 2. It’s a dense set of 5 tracks. An incredible floaty experience from start to finish. Creative and unique. Great album


The climb up Mount Eerie is an arduous one. While the difficult journey is psychically evident through Phil’s musical diary entries as he attempts the climb up the mountain across this record, the metaphorical interpretation is much darker. Every person, throughout their lifetime, must walk the path of mount eerie. However, no one has reached the peak, succumbing to death before they can even get close as the Big Black Cloud and the Vultures consume them. I wouldn’t expect less from ... read more


One day we will all come to face our Mount Eerie, whether it’s a death of someone we love, or the time in our lives where we are at our lowest, contemplating death, Mount Eerie will reveal itself to us, and we will have to take the journey, and take that climb up that hill.

Mount Eerie to me is Phil Elverum’s magnum opus, it combines everything I love about his music into one long song, one huge journey. It’s an album that feels like you’re experiencing it all with him. ... read more


Sonically this album is fantastic. The mixing is incredible and there are parts of this album that are mind blowing (the universe in particular) the concept is also amazing.
But, this album feels incredibly disjointed and just a beautiful mess of sounds that did not pull me in like I was hoping. Definitely far from even close to bad but I might just need another listen




thank you as always, Phil

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