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Father of the Bride
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Vampire Weekend have never been a band to take themselves too seriously, incorporating and often acknowledging weird gimmicks and references so uncool that they sort of became cool. I discovered the band fairly early in my musical discovery with Modern Vampires of the City, and slowly but surely got into them over the course of several months. Throughout the past year I've become especially enamored with the band as some of my friends got into them (and teased me because I look a tiny bit like ... read more
Every "genius" band has to create their "Everything Now"...but not this time, because this is a triumph.
Hide your kids. Bury your wives. The whitest band of the 2010s are back.

Is it just me, or is classic prog coming back into the general conciseness? We've got acts like Vampire Weekend and King Gizzard making a stamp in the popular music scene, but with that same jam band mentality that groups like The Greatful Dead or Yes have had in the past. Obviously we are far from a prog renicance, and I'm not complaining, I just thought it was interesting to note.

This is my full experience with ... read more
"Father Of The Bride" is an album that showcases simplicity in the songwriting but compensates for being an extremely fun and compelling album. With a runtime of almost one hour, every track (and by that I mean EVERY TRACK) is addictive and amusing. There are some really creative production choices hidden throughout the album that I really appreciated because they give a lot more life to the songs. Overall, it's a really enjoyable project that I didn't actually expect to like but, in ... read more
After 6 long years of silence, and by silence I mean Rostam leaving the band, a mediocre Netflix anime starring Jaden Smith and a signing to Sony Music/Columbia Records, Vampire Weekend finally release what is one of their best records yet! I love the vibe Ezra Koenig is going for here and the production is varied and creative as hell! If you thought the singles didn't really surprise you, you haven't heard shit until you've heard "Father Of The Bride"! It has its uptempo, anthemic ... read more
The reformed Vampire Weekend has produced perhaps the most scenic and thematically spectral record of the year. The lyrics, to my understanding, attempt to reconcile individuality with the metaphysical aspects of marriage and ecology, particularly our own kinship with earth in relation to how we identify and categorize ourselves economically, religiously, and so on. Ezra chooses to tackle multitudinous archetypal experiences here to great effect.

Rating: Great to Outstanding (80).
Vampire Weekend have really surprised me with this record. When all of the singles were dropping (Especially 2021 and Sunflower) I was anticipating this to be their most underwhelming release yet, but on the contrary it is in fact in league with all of their previous releases.

Ezra’s clever and honest songwriting is as lovable and present as it ever has been. Songs like Harmony Hall, Unbearably White and Sympathy really stood out to me. Several of the singles on this album grew on me ... read more
love it love it love it. Went in to have fun and got a ton out of it. Every song feels in it's own little world yet it comes together as this lovely little package of places and ideas. And even the shorter songs make you want more, yet you can't be too annoyed because absolutely nothing on this album drags. And 'Sympathy' does the opposite of dragging, cause it is an unequivocal, indisputable banger, and if you disagree i will personally grab my Flamenco Guitar and knock you out x

prereview ... read more
I know the more I'm gonna listen to this, the more I'm gonna love this. So I'll save my words for when I fully comprehend this marvelous piece of work. Truly wonderful.

Light 9
I almost didn't want to write anything after reading Electricmess' review. In many aspects, it's the perfect summary of an album an artist would want for their release. Not to mention the personal aspects of that review spoke for me too. Why should I write? Not sure, but if I don't write this down I might go mad. Sometimes, you just gotta write something for yourself. I'm talking more about my own personal experience here and NOT just a review. I apologize for any similarities or ... read more
'Kinda reminds me of Beatles's revolver right now.'

If you replaced all the songs except one with 'Yellow Submarine' maybe.
My dad will really fuck with this one.
In-Depth Review:

Thoughts before listening to the album:
I am really skeptical about this new Vampire Weekend album. Part of me is excited because the user reviews are really positive so far. Part of me is worried because I was very underwhelmed with the singles.

I really enjoyed their last two studio albums and hope that as a group, they can pull off something refreshing. I want something new from Vampire Weekend that sounds good, that's all I ask for! I don't think ... read more
This is to their previous albums what bladee is to 808s and heartbreak. if you disagree with me reconsider your life choices you stupid asshole, bitch.
i also hate whit e people.

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"this album is weak and mediocre without rostam" go fuck yourself hypewhores
I judged the singles too harshly, this ain't bad.
This sounds like pastel.
Kinda reminds me of Beatles's revolver right now.

Although it's a bit bloated, the record as a whole is consistent and flowing. I like the overall aesthetic with this album that goes along with the tracklist. Songs flow from 1-2 minutes to 4-5 minutes, occasionally switching from the latter. It gives the listening experience more depth and less boring qualities. Being my introduction to 'Vampire Weekend', I'm very excited to delve deeper into their discography.

Color: Purple
FAV TRACKS: Unbearably White, Married in a Gold Rush, Hold ... read more
This Vampire Weekend album made me lose some time... I don't really like it! It's boring and very forgettable in my honest opinion.
Someone told me or I watched a video where someone said, "Vampire Weekend is what a Wes Anderson movie would sound like as a band" And that makes sense to me somehow, because I can listen to this in the same way I can a Anderson film, and be like "Diana Young" is great and Ezra has a great voice, and there is a clear visiion here but what the fuck are y'all talking about. Kind of jealous y'all are experiencing a masterpiece in your sphere, I want a masterpiece in May too ... read more
Dad bods have never been hotter then when the sunflowers illuminate the floors in harmony hall
This album should get minus 10 from everyone for putting freaking "SONY MUSIC" on the cover art. Sorry, but that shit disgusts me. I'm sure these dudes bank accounts are way more full than mine, but still I find that gross. So nothing above a 90 everyone.
ok, thanks!

Also... why the heck do you guys change your handles like underwear? Just pick a name! 😭
Whew, I thought this album was gonna be bad. Anyways, I thought this album was great, it was cute and was emotional when it needed to be. I can’t really say much besides it’s really excellent, I don’t know if this is Vampire Weekend’s last album, but if it was, then they ended it on a high note. Good job Vampire Weekend.

Best Tracks: Harmony Hall, Sympathy, Jerusalem New York Berlin, Unbearably white, Big blue

Worst Track: Hold You now
After revisiting Vampire Weekend about thrice over throughout the last week, the unfortunately easiest way I can describe this album quickly is Vampire Weekend-Lite.

The fun is still mostly there, with the group playing with their usual sound to craft melodic tracks on perhaps their lightest effort yet. The tracks are essentially weightless, taking on a more acoustic formula than the groups usual production style. Koenig's voice takes on a new life on these lighter tracks, feeling free and ... read more
Really disappointing. I’ll keep retrying this album, I want to love it. First impression is not good tho. Lots of really poor writing and production decisions. The songs that do land aren’t even close to the quality of most of the singles. I’m hoping with time as I piece together the concept and story better that this will grow on me, but as of right now this didn’t deliver.

Fav tracks: HH, Unbearably White, This Life, Rich Man, Flower Moon, We Belong Together
After 6 years of hiatus, this double album of sprawling, playful quality feels like being soaked in the summer sun yet firmly grounded and vibrant in terms of production, inspiration and hefty amount of collaboration (Danielle Haim, Steve Lacy, BloodPop) that works very well. Good job, Ezra.
While perfectly listenable, I was hoping I would relate more to the music on this album. I think what disappoints me is that I don't really have an opinion of the record after multiple listens. The collection of songs are pretty, but overall I did not connect with the themes, nor did I find the music interesting enough to keep pushing myself to listen to it. I may come back to it at another point in my life, but at this time the album didn't wow me.

I do like 'Sunflower,' that song makes me ... read more
I'll preface this by saying Vampire Weekend have never really captivated me much. Their work always appeared as inoffensive, watered down and simply just too bland. Ezra Konig and company stand out as a band hyped in regard towards some general culture so absolutely starved of musical life, we have to promote these to death for "the next big thing". Necessarily a tactic which doesn't always work but some can take the wheel safely.

However, in reference to being 'inoffensive', that is ... read more
not a fan rn bro
Father of the Bride is a shallow effort from American indie pop outfit. Lacking in the songwriting and compositional departments, Vampire Weekend instead runs head first into a clumsy psychedelic-tint art pop sound that ends up going nowhere interesting.
Before the release of the album i was excited to see what the band will do next since i enjoyed their last album so much,the singles ranged from good to decent except for Sunflower,the album is a great listen a lot of ideas worked and some didn't,but the highlights on make up for the boring tracks or flops on this.

It has now dawned on me why this record exists. It simply couldn't have come out a mere 2 or 3 years after Modern Vampires of the City. MVOTC felt like the end of an era for Vampire Weekend, and the six years that have elapsed feel like a necessary component so that the group could come back with a fresh, dewey, new start, one that sees Vampire Weekend sprouting up again with that same indie energy we've come to know and ... read more
Goddamn, I’ve missed these dorks and their fun, quirky nonsense. I’ve loved everything they’ve released, and their sound never fails to put a smile on my face. Father of the Bride is no different, and probably their most celebratory and carefree yet. Seriously, I was ear-to-ear for almost all of this album. They’ve gone from being to preppy college dweebs to peace-spreading hippies, and I love it.

FOTB is, as the cover suggests, a celebration of Earth and life on it. ... read more
The comeback we had been waiting for since January was Vampire Weekend. It is clear that their three albums have marked the history of indie rock including the classic "Modern Vampires Of The City". Those who were expecting a logical continuation of "Modern Vampires of The City" will be disenchanted. The album is at the crossroads of baroque pop and psychedelic folk passing by other influences for a final result that can be disorganized but which is more and more charming ... read more
Was a tiny bit late on talking about this album. A tiny bit later on listening to Modern Vampires of the City, but I guess Vampire Weekend is for the........................................saturday and sunday.

I didn't really need an almost hour long Vampire Weekend album tbh, but it could've been worse. Like, there's still some really good moments here, it's just that this would've been one of the best of this year if it didn't have so many tracks.

Also, the cover grew on me A LOT. I love ... read more
White People Music

Best Tracks: Harmony Hall,Big Blue,Sympathy,Sunflower,Flower Moon
Worst Track: Unbearably White
Ahhhhh it's frustrating how bloated this is. There IS a great album contained within this one but there's so many average tracks for VW that disrupt the experience for me. Their classic charm is here but it's really diluted.
“Unbearably white” probably the perfect criticism for this album.

But Father of The Bride makes me extremely happy. This LP has a certain magic to it, it displays tons of spring and summer vibes and is really captivating.

This album makes you feel like you’re in a field of sunflowers surrounded by friends listening to the crickets chirping in the background

Even the darker tracks have a certain brightness to them and still manage to put a smile up on your face.

Fav Tracks: ... read more
After a 6 year hiatus, Vampire Weekend is back with a new album and to be honest I didn’t really expect it to be this damn good. It does have some few questionable choices. Danielle Haim didn’t really do that much for me as a feature, this album is quite long and some tracks do start to sound a lot like each other after a few listenings. Despite my few criticisms. I overall had a good experience with this album. It's full of fun, colorful and creative production. The guitars, for ... read more

It might not be as eclectic and innovative as thier former albums, but this is still a very enjoyable body of work. The songs lean towards being radio friendly without compromising too much. Is it their magnum opus? Certainly not, however it is still a very outstanding album.

The only con being how lengthy the album is. 18 tracks is bound to exhaust any listener in this day and age of streaming where albums tend to be more concise. Also production wise, the songs do tend to sound similar ... read more
There's no Steve Martin appearance anywhere.
An Unbearably White band makes an Unbearably White album for Unbearably White people.

For real though, this album was my first among VW's albums, so I didn't have much expectation. However, once I heard Harmony Hall, my expectations were raised, as it's still one of my favorite songs of the year so far. I decided to hold off on the other singles though, for whatever reason.

I had a feeling that the rest of the album wouldn't hold up to Harmony Hall, and it's still probably my favorite on the ... read more
I really like it but still its easily their worst album. Kinda seems more "Ezra solo album" than VW (has anyone else noticed that the press tour has been 100% Ezra?). There's also a Fleetwood Mac album ft. Danielle Haim embedded into the tracklist, its marital strife storyline being just one of the many threads running through this bizarre patchwork of songs. Some of the shorter and weirder sketches don't pack much replay value once the novelty wears off. However, there are some real ... read more
“This album is for soft people and overly white girls”
Says my neighbor who listens to nickelback. This album is really impressive, and considering this is my first impression I wanna listen to these guys some more.
Vampire Weekend's latest release had a lot of potential. There are some excellent tracks on the first half of the album but by the end they totally lost me. This album probably would have been much more engaging had it only been 20-30 minutes long but the album didn't have the staying power to back up its run time. At the end of it all, this is a thrown together and much too long collection of some good, some not so good indie pop songs.

Highlights: Harmony Hall, This Life, Unbearably White
First listen

Pretty fun to listen. I'm not as enthousiastic as other people is because I think some tracks are too much similar to each other and some other just do the job and nothing more. But it's difficult to deny the work and how cool it sounds.

Definitely between 70 to 80 max.

Second and third listen

Yeap, this album is pretty enjoyable but they really lose their punch in father of the bride. I will not have strong memories of this one but it's ok. This year is the hit or miss ... read more
At this point, Vampire Weekend can’t disappoint. Fun, colorful, and at times conceptual and barely any tracks I would call bad.
I wanted to fall in love with this album. I very, truly did, and while I did enjoy this album, it is definitely one of their weakest albums to date. It doesn't quite have the same flair or intoxicating charm that Modern Vampires or S/T had. This record also lacks the tremendous highs of those albums; there is no "Unbelievers" in this track-list.

That being said, this album is still very enjoyable if you're already a fan of their sound. It's still the same old peppy pop rock that ... read more
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