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Is it a little too early to start my year-end list for 2019? I don't think so. With the year winding down and the major releases of the year (mostly) out of the way, it's worth considering which ...
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2019 AOTY
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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator How to use: 1.Use a random number generator (Set to 1- 3860) to go to the corresponding number ...
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Rakksmells genre run? I don't have time for that! (If two albums overlap, I'll simply more on to the second highest rated, then the third, fourth, etc.)
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Albums that I have listened to that I won't assign a rating to
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just things I gotta listen to you know. if it is on here I just gotta listen. thems the rules, jack. when I listen to it it is OFF THE LIST. suggest stuff for me to listen to as well, thanks, bye, ...
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People might hate me for some of these
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i will be slowly working my way through all 100 albums in the following months :) STATS: - Total Albums Listened To: 32 - Total Songs Listened To: 458 - Total Time Spent Listening: 1636 ...
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new 2019 releases I’ve listened to
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Favorite albums officially released in 2019.
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Vinyl Me, Please