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Jam's i've been slapping in 2019 (in no perticular order)
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Here is some music from this year that I really like. There are also reviews of all of them on my page!
Updated 2d ago
List of albums I need to listen to
Updated 2d ago
An ever-updating list, these are my favourite albums of 2019 so far. Disclaimer: If I never go back to some of these albums, they will be removed from this list
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My Favorite Album from every week this year
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Unfinished until 1/1/20
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I have chromesthesia. Basically I hear colors. It's cool.
Updated 3d ago
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Construction time again... HORS COMPETITION : Beth Gibbons & the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra - Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3 : 8.0 Odonis Odonis - Reaction : 7.5
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A ranked list of all the new 2019 releases I've listened to.
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little bit of everything. some are individual songs and some are albums.
Updated 1w ago
Updated 1w ago
In this list, I'll add every album or ep that I listen to in 2019
Updated 1d ago

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