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I think that it is relatively unfair to wholly compare these guys to the likes of IDLES and Parquet Courts. If you are expecting something of the nature of either of those bands then you will probably be let down because FDC have a style all their own, and one that I am particularly fond of at that!

The songs on this thing were so catchy, fun and honest, and I definitely just felt like this was the band just having a good time and enjoying themselves. Songs like Sha Sha Sha and Liberty Belle ... read more
Well, I hope to make it right this time. First, the first impression in this is the characteristic sound, is like compend of not just a place but an era, a sphere of music that resides in the UK. In a weak comparison, some parts in the production the mix of voice, guitar, and backtrack sounds like The clash, other parts remind me a little to the smiths, and there are guitars that remind me The who, is maybe a simple vision general but the point is not the references maybe nay the result and the ... read more
I see this growing on me, I'm quite surprised!
I don't get these high critic scores. Is it because they're a punk band that's close to the UK? I have the feeling that a lot of these publications (especially NME) give high praise to the bands that fit this sound and origin. Like, this is good, but really nothing special.
An excellent debut that breathes new life to past poets and gives post punk a refreshing energy unheard from their contemporaries. Never sleep on this one.
The last track blows, but I enjoyed everything else. Not the most original thing I've ever heard, but still, good execution and enough ideas to keep it interesting
Even if lacking the wow factor to put them in the same level of bands like IDLES, Protomartyr, Parquet Courts, etc, this band, Fontaines DC, managed to get a very solid release, with good performances and ok songwriting. The production is what you would expect from the genre, though it's not a strong point for me. I like the singer's voice, mainly when he says rrrrrrrrrrr in the first song.

FAV TRACKS: Big, Television Screens, Hurricane Laughter, Liberty Bell
Since everyone is comparing this to Parquet Courts and IDLES, let's just say this isn't as energic and unique as the two aforementioned. Although, the instrumentation sounds tight and the individual performances are great. Despite the fact that it isn't the most original thing you will find nowadays, the band brings a cool mixed bag of punk influences. Also, I see why some people don't like the singer. I personally like his voice and i think his lyrics are very smart and honest. It brings a lot ... read more

Okay, I'm really not getting the high scores everywhere... maybe it was the expectations I had for it.
I don't know, I came out of this a little underwhelmed overall, as I went into this project thinking it was going to be the best thing since sliced bread... hmph. Lots of energy, which I do enjoy, but I just found myself sitting there with a bit of boredom... odd.

Color: Grey
FAV TRACKS: Liberty Belle, Dublin City Sky, Television Screens
LEAST FAV: Too Real, Sha Sha Sha
At the late 2010s, it seems that we are facing a golden age of Post-Punk. Fontaines D.C. offer a refreshing sound and nostalgically reminiscent of early 80s punk bands. Brilliant and frenetic. Warm at the tips, but energetic at the core. Truly fantastic.

Light 9
El álbum debut de la banda irlandesa es una gran sorpresa, los miembros son jóvenes llenos de energía, que una vez muestran que para tener un disco impecable no es necesario llegar a la famosa ;profundidad; u ;tajo;, desde que toma cursor este se convierte en una sonata pujanza, todo el disco merece la pena, también he de añadir que el acento le da una autoridad tremenda, sin duda un debut excelente e imposible de ignorar.
A killer debut album from another upstart brit-punk band. This is very different in many ways from the debut of other acts within the same area, such as IDLES or Shame, that have recently been making waves in the scene. Fontaines D.C. have a super throwback punk sound that really revitalizes the scene in many ways and brings something fresh to the table. Although I prefer the debuts of Shame and IDLES more, those debuts were some of my favorites in years and so D.C. has some strict competition ... read more
"Dogrel" is an album from a young band that sounds ambitious, but appear to draw their grooves too similar to artists that have already done it before and in a more impactful fashion. This is decent collection of pleasant (although sometimes borderline generic) songs, and while I didn't think it was very compelling, I hope it's a stepping stone for Fontaines D.C. to truly come in their own in future projects.

(mini review)

This album took me a long time for me to finally ... read more
"Dogrel" is a genuine work. Between the lines, the songwriting feels rich, the production is simple and accessible making the whole record a massive piece of quality in the most softest way.
I know this is going to seem ironic considering my score, but what's with all the praise the critics are giving it? Six different critics gave it a perfect score for crying out loud! I mean, it's definitely an extremely fun album and an excellent debut, but it's far from perfect.
I feel like this is an album that I am very unlikely ever going to come back to, and if I do the score may end up going down. Yet at the same time, after my initial listen, I ended up loving most of it. Tracks like ... read more
Jesus Christ i'm late for this album. Why did everything decide to come out the day I take a week long break?

Right from the get go, I knew this thing was right up my ally. A Irish punk band being compared to Idles, one of my favorite recent post punk acts being praised for its honesty and wild instrumentation? Sounds like a grand time! And so you know I was excited to dive into this album, like a toddler at the shallow pool. But, much like the toddler at the swimming pool, I learnt that this ... read more
Arresting vocal delivery, canny lyrical content...but I can’t shake the impression that the compositions and musical backing are a lot less unique.

Overall a more than solid debut all the same.
fantastic dubut!! They have big potencial🌸
With the Idles album I get the 'I want to thrash around and let it all out' feeling, when I listen to this I get more of a too-cool-for-school swagger type vibe.

Strange to me that pfork gave this an 8.0 and the idles a 6.8

I enjoy this album and all, but it loses some steam for me in the back half. Still its fun, and I really like a few songs quite a bit.
Though it doesn't reinvent the wheel, the Fontaines D.C. debut will certainly keep those who like their rumbling, indie punk music satisfied.
I've been listening to this album for a whole day.
At first, it was only because it was the best rated album on the site; not my style.

Then, it grew on me. Too Real is on my playlist.

That album stands out because this group's personality stands out.
The debut from Irish punk outfit Fontaines D.C. breathes more fresh air into the resurgence of post-punk through a large focus on clever lyrics. Each song on the album outdid the previous and finished strongly with Liberty Belle through to Dublin City Sky. Expect more exciting things to come from this band.

Favourites: Liberty Belle, Too Real, Dublin City Sky
Although this album lacks any significant wow factor for me, I do really enjoy it. An earnest and compelling post punk album that's surprisingly thorough. I still think that critic score is ridiculous but I guess it's not the worst thing to be the most critically acclaimed album of the year.
This is a great punk album, similar to Idles and parquet courts, with a great sound ... but not as great and original as idles and parquet courts.
not sure what dogrel is but it sounds illegal.
Fontaines D.C. release what is one of the better post-punk albums of the decade with "Dogrel". It's a catchy, well-written and energetic record and I'm very curious to see where this band will go next with their Clash-esque sound.

Fav Tracks: Liberty Belle, Chequeless Reckless, Sha Sha Sha, Too Real, Hurricane Laughter, Roy's Tune

Least Fav Track: The Lotts

Uninteresting and when compared to its contemporaries- mediocre quality. Was just wishing I was listening to IDLES the whole time.
While they do draw some pretty obvious influences from IDLES (who they are also currently on tour with) I think they manage to keep this album sounding fresh. As a whole this album is well written and keeps a pretty high energy level. This is pretty outstanding for a debut project. Can’t wait to see what they do next.
If it was released 40 years ago it would have sounded innovative. In 2019 it’s just... enjoyable.
*zzz* *zzz* *snores*
wow! Album of the year for me so far. Listened through twice straight away.
Track-by-track ratings:

1. Big (9.4/10)
2. Sha Sha Sha (8.2/10)
3. Too Real (10/10)
4. Television Screens (10/10)
5. Hurricane Laughter (9.7/10)
6. Roy's Tune (10/10)
7. The Lotts (9.1/10)
8. Chequeless Reckless (8.0/10)
9. Liberty Belle (7.6/10)
10. Boys in the Better Land (8.8/10)
11. Dublin City Sky (8.4/10)

Average: 9.1/10
An album with great energy. Got a joy division feel especially in the bass guitar. Worth a listen.
I kinda thought the first few songs were trash but it grew on me as it went along. Boys in the Better Land is a banger
If I had to put this record/band on a post punk scale I would have to say this is somewhere between the melancholic vibes of The Cure and the empowerment of Idles.

Fountaines D.C. bring on so much eclecticism to the table there is always this shift of ideas. The album goes on and on while introducing a completely different song. This is what keeps this album interesting and every listen is almost like a new experience where you discover something new every time.

Alt least for now this ... read more
Decently sculpted rock. Yet sonically, it is regurgitated— from Joy Division basslines to IDLES intensity. Lyrically, critics care fawning at the lacerating Dublin drawl but what Fontaines are doing is not as steeped in the city’s mythology as those from outside Ireland would have you think. It’s all a bit shallow.
I'm not understanding the hype here. The frontman sounds like he's falling asleep, which is a problem only made worse by how loudly his voice is mixed. The band is clearly very talented at their instruments, but there are only a few tracks that really make use of that fact. Some pretty good songwriting chirps up here and there, but for the most part this album lacks any real punch or emotion to it. Isn't this sort of music supposed to have... attitude?
▲ Big, Too Real, Roy's Tune
This is what the twilight sad wishes they could be with their boring take on post punk. Even this thing is a throwback and it is way more well executed then what the Twilight sad did.

I know they are kinda ripping off Idles just a little. However I feel that these guys are definitely more Post Punk orientated than Idles are. They make some nice cool fun tracks that are just refreshing like “Big” or “Boys in the Better Land”. I would also like to mention that many bands ... read more
I am extremely impressed by FDC and this LP. It's probably one of the better post-punk albums I've heard this decade (others seemed to ride on the coat tails a little too much), but this has a mind of its own. The songs are catchy, playful, and intriguing. This is the type of rock record that makes a statement early on and leaves us wondering how far they'll go next time around.
Don't come to this album hoping it's something like Parquet Courts and IDLES because you will be disappointed right of the bat. Listen with open ears and an open mind and you might even like it.
solid. rock solid. a few songs i would come back to, but not amazed by it. only amazed by the bassist in here this guy SLAPS
I dont know yet. It’s a Parquet Courts with Ramones with The Clash with Talking Heads with Sonic Youth... It’s seems like that Zeppelin Van Fleet but without the evident cheap plagiarism.
I decided to listen to this mainly cos it looked intriguing. The album starts off kind of weakly to be honest but does pick up by the fourth track. The accent can become slightly annoying at points, but sometimes it does really work, it's hit or miss. The instrumentals in the album are very punchy and fun, even the worst tracks on here have punchy and fun instrumentals. My only real complaint with the album is the vocals, they feel odd? They don't seem to fit well, it feels like they were ... read more
Admittedly, wasn't too impressed on the first couple listens and really didn't get the acclaim it was getting. however, it's an acquired taste, trust me, I'm loving this album now. It's constantly popping out of nowhere into my head making me sing it out loud, It's just really vibrant, and for a debut album, this is really great and the boys deserve more recognition than they're currently getting. Give it a listen.

Favourite Tracks:
Big, Too Real, Hurricane Laughter, Roy's Tune, Liberty Belle
Though it seems to be wearing its influences on its sleeves, The Irish band's debut is as sharp and as politically charged as some of the biggest post-punk albums this decade.
This whole album reminds me of Colin Firth's character from In Bruges. Edgy, honest, morally ambiguous. Good movie.

Chatten’s voice has a raw, authentic quality which heightens the emotion of every moment, whether it be singing about making a lot of money or dancing in the rain in Dublin.

Roy's tune, and Dublin City Sky (the softest songs on the album) are the standouts for me but I like the thrashier/rockier parts of the album too.

Is it the best album of the year so far? For me, ... read more
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