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Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
Titanic Rising
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Albums of the year 2019 bro
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say something about your list
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I've been following the albums released over 2019 and have spent a lot of time listening to a good dozen of them. I have listened to just over 300 albums released this year, plus quite a few live ...
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thought this could be cool, i'm gonna rank all the albums labeled as "must hear" to see what all the buzz is about! are the critics correct? are these really the must-hear albums of the ...
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I'm either listening to the album or fixing to listen to it
Updated 9h ago
I'm so bored somebody help me please
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My favorite albums of the decade in order! I haven't heard everything but this is a pretty good summation of my favorites. It's a little 2019-centric because I didn't start listening to newer albums ...
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nutrición allá voy
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My pick for top albums of 2019.
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My most listened to/favourite albums released this year. Subject to change since I still haven't listened to all the albums I'd like to.
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I mean....I had to make one at some point.
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albums only, sorry EP's shout out to Channel Tres and Klein Zage
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Vinyl Me, Please