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Titanic Rising
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I've been pretty disgruntled the past couple of days. I was given an opportunity with this album journalists and critics dream of. I got to see Weyes Blood live on her first ever show for her new album. (Strummers in Fresno, CA. 4/1/19) It was a bar show too so the intamacy in the room was on fire. I got to go home with an early vinyl copy of Titanic Rising and I've listened to it several times since then. Every listen I've been left speechless, but that's my issue...what can I say?

I want to ... read more
There is an episode of the Twilight Zone called Midnight Sun, where the earth has been knocked out of orbit and starts drifting towards the sun. Human society begins to deteriorate as the world starts to boil. The episode focuses on two women who are solely existing as their world melts. What is so disturbing about the episode is the inevitable calamity, that we have no power in the face of destruction. We are amid a similar catastrophe. While not hurtling towards the sun, our planet is getting ... read more
Warning: This review is arrogant as fuck.

Today, I tried to listen to new music. I told myself "you've got to listen to something, anything". As soon as I pressed play on anything I was mildly interested in, a wave of anxiety and pressure was placed on my shoulders. I felt genuinely scared that if I were to listen to something, then I had to get a review out and I do something spectacular. And if I didn't, I was letting down myself and the people who read this. It's put me off ... read more
Just not something I can see myself going back to.
I find it so strange that this website, album of the, has all come together for this. On this site there is a clear hierarchy of some sort. It's always the same profile pics in the top reviews and it's always a fight of sorts. A fight on if a an album is good, with ratings ranging across the map. I only ever see agreements of 90's and up on "classic albums" our neutral milk hotels, swans, etc. Seeing those pfp and a sea of randoms giving this thing a 100 made me realize ... read more
if karen carpenter had a daughter.

but seriously tho, why her voice reminds me of karen carpenter??

[edit] me comparing to one of the goat of music industry means i highly respect this artist. πŸ’―πŸ’― this is the greatest LP comeback Weyes Blood had.

1. a lot's gonna change
2. andromeda
3. something to believe
4. movies
5. picture me better
(5/5/2019 edit: This has grown on me a bit since initial listen. I can listen through the first few tracks now, lol. I'm still not intrigued by this album and I don't see myself coming back to it apart from Movies. That song has grown on me a lot and it's amazing!) Original Score: 45

Okay, looks like I have a very unpopular opinion! Please don't kill me, lol. Anyone who's seen my "Everyday" single review probably aren't too surprised with my rating. But let me make it very clear that ... read more
9.29.19 update: This is really great obviously, but as some time has gone by I can say I prefer Front Row Seat to Earth ever so slightly.


12 days in and this is still all I can listen to, my favorite album from an artist I already loved. This album reminds me of lots of different music, all of which is amount my most favorite stuff.


In a way this reminds me of Beach House's Teen Dream (which also happens to be my highest rated album this decade), not so much in sound but in ... read more

Edit (2): Seeing her live was amazing. Made this album even better for me... wow.

Edit (1): Just bought tix for the Phoenix show. Yee yee. (Next stuff written like 2 weeks after that). I've been listening to this album a lot more, and I can say that it's grown on me a lot. With its nostalgic balladry and concise instrumentation, this is one of the best projects of 2019, hands down.

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines beauty as "the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person ... read more
Space Vacation
Love that album cover

We're pretty lucky to be getting so many amazing albums lately.
The proverbial floodgates have opened within the last four weeks and instant classics are pouring out.

Titanic Rising is tear inducing.
Natalie has such an empowering monster of a voice. It could drift you off to a beautiful night's sleep under the stars or help you move mountains.
Saw her in concert last night. She has an impeccable voice that commands attention on even the smallest of stages. If you frequent Weyes Blood's music, and even for the casual listener (me), I implore you to see her live. Such a delight!

Exceeded expectations on all fronts. The apparent nostalgia does not detract from the artistic statement WeyBlo seeks to make--one that is heavily supported by psych-rock and psych-folk truisms, but one that is also indicative of her future abilities.

This ... read more
This decade has had its fair share of classic records of many genres, but almost none have instantly hit me with the amount of overwhelming emotion as Weyes Blood's "Titanic Rising". It hit me on the first listen fowards... and I even went into tears in a lot of these songs. Natalie Mering has one of the most powerful voices out there and the emotional intensity of her inflection is perfectly conveyed through her lyrics and melodies. The production is equally evocative, like the ... read more
Ive said it once, I’ll say it again “2019 is the gear for Female Singer-Songwriters” Right from the get go this fact was making itself evident through various releases and now with phenominal releases being added on in March such as Julia Jacklin’s new record, as well as records from the likes of Stella Donnelly, SASAMI and KARYYN, and now this! Like jesus fuck these ladies are killing it right now! It seems like all of my favorite songs this year have been by female ... read more
ok just saw her live AOTD AOTD AOTD
this is the kind of achievement that makes music criticism seem inane and picayune. I have tried to write about this but simply can't do it. this is it: it's great and I love it all. I love her voice. I love her music. I love her. I love this. that's it.
I came back to this a couple days ago, and I'm so glad I did. Even though we're a little less than halfway into the year, I think I'll be hard pressed to find a better album than this one (Bandana gang don't let me down).

Everything about this album is just so dang TASTEFUL. I mean, it seems pretty evident that the driving force behind this album was Natalie Mering's affinity for movies. Every detail hidden inside the album is just a nod to that. From the 40s/50s song feel of A Lot's Gonna ... read more
Holy wow this is gorgeous.

Yea no, this is worth the hype and then some. An album so lush and sweet with it's instrumentals, yet heartbreaking at the same time with it's lyrics. Every tone on this album is just perfect for the mood she's trying to set for each and every track, the progressions are some of the best i've ever heard in pop and her build ups and breakdowns are something to behold as Weyes Blood delivers her opus. This album is shockingly consistent, there is not one track that i ... read more
Goddamnit, I deleted my entire review. That's a little disappointing.

Disappointing is what this album is not. It clicked. It finally came full circle. The atmosphere of the album, the lyrics, the influences, they all come together for what is Weyes Blood's Titanic Rising. This album gives me a lot of Pet Sounds vibes, and well, that's one of my favourite albums of all time. So... I mean... yeah. Jesus the instrumentation on this album is drop-dead gorgeous, the vocals are emotional and strong ... read more

I mean... it's good. But not nearly what the user score suggests.
A beautiful album about searching for love and meaning in a changing world. Natalie Mering's voice is so gorgeous and full-bodied you could just float inside it. Her arrangements sound classic but are deceptively complex, with chord progressions and harmonies that take these songs in a subtly psychedelic direction. The lyrical imagery has to do with mirrors, movie screens, pictures - the places where we encounter images of who we want to be and who we really are. Our protagonist wants to stop ... read more
Sounds like if the Kinks and Enya went underwater and collaborated on a Christmas album for whales.
I had a sad day today. I mean, it wasn't really sad, just...lethargic.

Like, I don't know if listening to albums all day is really what I want to do with the rest of my life. I'm worried that won't be sustanible. I want to write critique but, is that my legacy? Expressing my thoughts on the artwork of others who can actually express themselves properly? Is critique art? When I die, will I really just have my words regarding some random shitter emo trap banger-of-the-week? Worse yet, my ... read more
I don't understand why I left this album after only one not even full listening... It was just stupid uhhh. But yeah, this is definitely one of the best albums of the decade in this genre. Weyes showed her great talent, exceptional voice, great ambition and created an album that undoubtedly deserved all this success and attention. I don't know if this is gonna be my AOTY, i guess we will see.
Weyes Blood. Revealed to the public with her second album "The Innocents" in 2014, nobody could resist the enchanting and touching gothic folk of Natalie Mering. And over the years, his popularity will continue to grow with his successor "Front Row Sea To Earth" in 2016 and his new album "Titanic Rising" published in recent days. On "Titanic Rising", co-produced with Jonathan Rado, Weyes Blood chose to explore her rebellious adolescent years from a ... read more
Has hints of a female version of John Grant during his 'Queen of Denmark' period - only with more traditional '70s folk singer songwriter touches along the lines of Joni Mitchell.

The closest 2019 has come to a 'vintage sounding classic on arrival'.

What's holding it back from a higher score? 'Titanic Rising' needs a few irrefutable classic songs among the track list and I'm not totally convinced I'm hearing anything that knockout.
Edit 2: I had the privilege to see Natalie perform live last night and she and the instrumentalists were incredible. The venue kinda sucked because of how hot it was in there, but the music made up for it. When they played Movies, it was one hell of a memorable moment.

All I can say is wow. This is stunning, absolutely beautiful. An absolute monster of a contender so far for 2019.

Edit: yeah, no, this is a masterpiece. It’s addicting, engaging, otherworldly, and in so many different ... read more
This honestly is so fantastic and there's so many things I love about it. It's got this great old-timey charm to it. The album has an amazing flow with zero weak tracks yet each song is super unique. Her voice is gorgeous and the production is lush and immersive.

I'm so glad the hype for this album is genuinely deserved.
It's worthy of the praise !

guys did you know that this album is good???
i know, mind blowing take, i expect to lose all my followers after this πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Edit: I’m doing what I hope to be a final re-rating on my most important albums.

Titanic Rising was an unfinished idea, written in the 70s and put in a forgotten time capsule, for Weyes Blood to then find, open & complete, to sooth our sociopolical wounds sustained from our unsettled, uncertain times.

Brief Disclaimer: It’s taken quite a few listens of this album for me to now appreciate its all-round critical praise.

Natalie Mering’s Weyes Blood have harnessed retro ... read more
This kinda took my words away.
I've been listening to Titanic Rising and everytime I do it, it seems like I notice even more stuff that I like. From all of the similarities with other bands I love to good innovations, this album touches me with its beauty and delicacy.
Shout out to the amazing cover art.
Weyes's voice is so pure and soft.
I don't know what else to say...
This is the kind of music I can say that came from the heart.
Prediction: Movies is going to be the best song of the year.

another edit woohoo. I keep fluctuating between thinking "holy shit this is perfect" and listening to it on loop and then not listening to it at all for like 2 months.

Who am I kidding? Titanic Rising is an absolute masterpiece. Everything about it just clicks so perfectly to make one of the most beautiful albums to come out in a long time. The only track that dips in quality for me is Mirror Forever and even that song is ... read more
In the sea-surf edge

mingling with

bright small shells...

Bush-clover petals


Nothing else matters as I have entered an underwater void. I'm a sinking soul, and I have forgotten the world I once belonged.
well this is just beautiful, ain’t it?

og score: 86

edit: i havent had the desire to go back to this since the second it ended

score: 73

final edit: feels good to dream, dosen’t it?
( β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† ) solid and highly recommended project
Music is not dead
The musical equivalent of laying down in a heavenly soft bed with fresh sheets, getting tucked in by an angel
Titanic Rising has surely been the most praised album of 2019 (since way before it was released) and I was hyped. I finally got to listen to in yesterday after reading some reviews here.

After three listens, I can say that this album is a very well done pop record. Even if I don't really love this genre or style, I can appreciate the quality of the work that went behind this.

The songs are mostly carried by structures that are very fresh for pop, the instrumentals are very good, and I really ... read more
the singles are perfect

i got the chance to see her in santa cruz before her album came out, shook her hand, the concert was fantastic. my roomate ended up hooking up with the guitarist, he was 38, shes 20.

anyway, beside that, this album is a sonic Jem. Her voice is distinct, its deep, sexy, powerful, and incredibly unique. All the songs have an ethereal tone, especially "A Lot's Gonna Change," "Andromeda," and "Movies." You can't help but get swept up ... read more
I couldn't sit through this whole thing. :C

The sound was ok, better than ok perhaps, but my judgement was clouded by my vision. The colours stayed close to various shades of yellow, but the imagery is where the, quote on quote, "fun part" happened. To say the least, the imagery is quite disturbing, I don't think I can bring myself to fully describe it, as it hurts to remember.

"You think you're gonna listen to some fuckin' music ya know, something chill, and you see some kid ... read more
Weyes blood demolishes a lot of 2019's albums. This album is very rich, beautiful and is suprisingly easy to listen. The more you listen, the more it's possible to fall in love with titanic rising.

This album is the definition of cohesion : you see the cover, you read the titles, you understand what you'll listen and weyes blood doesn't change songwriting trajectory. This aspect is very important because some bands/artists try to reach these levels but fail to be constant.

With the ... read more
One of my most anticipated albums for this year, and I just can say this work is marvelous. Since I heard the singles I was having high hopes on this piece and it wasn't underwhelming.
It's like listening to a therapy, every atmosphere is quite beautiful. Her vocal delivery impressing, and the lyricism, I just can't wait to have this on spotify.

EDIT: I love how she manages her voice to match with the songs so well, in Mirror Forever, seems like a reflection of the instrumentals in the song. ... read more
I won't lie, titanic rising grew on me. Every song sounds like it's larger than life. I felt like I was in the center of the universe staring at all the galaxies when listening to this record.
TBG's review of the album and his concert experience >>> the actual album...

...I was on the train until the album showed less shining parts after the first track...except Movies and Wild Time, there isn't really something which sticks out to me...

There's nothing bad or mediocre on the album tho; still solid...just by far not as good as most people claim it to be...
I get chills listening to this record. Really timeless and well put together. The varied production, the simple songwriting, gorgeous vocals and melodies that get stuck in your head. Even the songs I initially wasn't warmed to grew on me with every listen. Really recommend to listen a few times even if it doesn't click at first.
Faves: Andromeda, Everyday, Something to Believe, Movies, Mirror Forever + the other 5 tracks
I feel like im teleported to another galaxy
Andromeda to be exact.

Album of the fucking year contender
Ok I'm gonna actually review this now, so watch out for a hot take. This album is overrated as hell.
Look it's not a bad album by any means but, there are way better albums than this that have come out this year. Hell even IGOR. I don't see anything new from this LP, you can say "it hasn't clicked" but I've listened to this about 10 times and I have felt the same way each time, it's an alright album, nothing really that special. I didn't find it boring or uninteresting but I find it ... read more
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