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My Favorite Album from every week this year
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This is the list of all my electronic reviews (ranked by years). There are review of ambient, idm, house & microhouse, dance, techno, glitch... I'm not a specialist in electro so don't hesitate ...
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rankings & r8ings are pretty loose
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Any album with at least a score of 71 or higher
Updated 11h agoRanked
Will keep updating this list until the very end of the year! Note that all ratings aren't final and are subject to change. 2019 STATS (so far, as of May 10th) -359 Albums/EPs rated Average Rating: ...
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POSITIVE: 10 - Transcendent & Timeless 9 - Incredible 8 - Excellent 7 - Solid AVERAGE: 6 - Adequate 5 - Tolerable 4 - Forgettable NOT GOOD: 3 - Irritating 2 - Shocking 1 - Relentless 0 - ...
Updated 2d ago
Unfinished until 1/1/20
Updated 37m agoRanked 6
In no particular order...
Updated 4d ago 4
My favorite albums of the year :)
Updated 2d agoRanked 8
*my scores often change after consecutive listens* I only rate albums i find interesting or have a strong opinion on
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Updated 3d ago
Please be good 13 of these are 7/10's or higher 7 of these are 8/10's or higher
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Speaks for itself
Updated 1w ago

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