Solange - When I Get Home
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Entertainment Weekly

Knowles’ fourth album is as fantastical and hopeful as its opening implies, a fluid collection of songs that spotlight her spectral voice and salute her hometown of Houston while also nodding to Stevie Wonder’s cosmic funk and the streaming era’s constantly shuffled focus.


This surprise-released, self-produced record is a reminder that Solange is an R&B frontrunner in her own right. It’s a celebration of women, black culture and – above all – music.

Consequence of Sound

When I Get Home offers so much to be immersed in ... With the album and accompanying video, Solange emerges a true visionary with a piece of self-discovery that trusts its audience enough to eschew hand-holding and easy answers.


Driven by feelings, mindfulness and a newfound sense of purpose, the avant-garde album takes on an intensified jazz approach filled with sonic repetition, chord progression and freeform collaboration. And despite being light in lyrics, it's heavy in Houston traditions.


A Seat at the Table was an invitation into the woes that weighed heavy on Solange’s heart; When I Get Home is her gesture of consent to enter the warmest depths of her mind.

Drowned in Sound

In essence, When I Get Home is a deeply personal album which ditches the standards of the pop industry in many ways.


Solange's abstract fourth album When I Get Home plays like a dream, but its logic is sound.


In a year where R&B and hip hop have proved the most innovative and original genres Solange has delivered a brilliantly crafted record that places her right at the top.


Solange’s fourth album is unhurried, ambient, and exploratory. Using everything from spiritual jazz to Gucci Mane, Solange conjures her hometown with exceptional songcraft and production.

NOW Magazine

Songs play out like mantras, her rawness manifesting as repetition.

The Independent

Where 2016's A Seat At The Table commanded respect, action and validation to an extent, When I Get Home offers respite, support and hope.


Overall, ‘When I Get Home’ is a triumph, and is the kind of album you put on to reach your calming, safe place, when you get home at the end of a long day.

Rolling Stone

She offers brief but potent statements; over half the tracks are under three minutes and each one bleeds into the other like watercolors on her canvas.


Compared to A Seat at the Table, the balance of which processed anguish and anger, this is lighter and freer, above all else a luxuriant bliss-out.

Spectrum Culture

With When I Get Home, the end result is a series of songs that feel like similar but still distinct microclimates, built out of samples that appear and vanish without a moment’s notice.


While When I Get Home is a valiant effort and (thankfully) distinctive to mainstream music’s consistently homogenized landscape, it could’ve benefited from less freeform and a little more stability.

God Is in the TV

When I Get Home is an uncompromising and leftfield sequel to ASATT, that captures the essence of why Solange is such a singular talent.


A beautiful stream of consciousness, ‘Home’ is the sound of an artist, donning a cloak of creative freedom. It’s a look that suits her.

The Guardian

The songs frequently sound like jams or extemporisations on a theme, where melodies float away vaporously or get stuck in repetition.

The Needle Drop

While more eclectic and adventurous than its predecessor, When I Get Home is let down by some stiff instrumentals and Solange's inexpressive singing.

The Observer

Solange Knowles’s tantalising fourth album conjures fragments and fleeting impressions that get inside your head.


There are some good moments spread across When I Get Home ... but for the most part it just sounds like an album of interludes that vary in length.


Idk man it was nice but it came off a bit undercooked and redundant to me, Solange really wasn't an engaging enough figure at the helm here to carry these pretty subtle instrumentals. The beats aren't bad, they just really sound like they're shooting to just be as passive as possible so it'd help to have a singer with a lot of presence to really bring them to life, but idk Solange didn't really do that for me on this thing like she did on A Seat At The Table. Carti track is sick tho.


This album caught me from surprise in a good way. I really enjoyed her last album "A seat at the table" but the run-time on it made me return less on it with some of the deeper cuts on there feeling not as fully fleshed out. However with her newest album 'When I get home' shows Solange maturing as a songwriter and the production on here feeling lively. What makes this a great album in my eyes is the list of collaboration features that complement the aesthetics on here. The most ... read more


Holy shiiiit how did I not know about this

Solange’s voice is honestly just so goddamn sexy, let’s be honest. Her vocal deliveries are hust so smooth and effortless and she has this subtle swagger about her that can be infectious at times. This is a very good moody album to dim the lights to but at first listen it didnt seem to be nearly as emotionally or politically charged as her previous record. I definitely plan on doing a deep dive into this one


an forty minute ode to Solange’s very own motherland. comprised of empowering messages of self-love/worth/importance backed by atmospheric sonic palettes that bring the long and rich culturally history of Houston, Texas to life.

this just be one of the very first instances of “art-trap” done by such a major player in this lane, and i’m more than excited to see what direction this sounds heads in next and with who it is accompanied by.


Authentic spiritual truisms and affirmations about her hometown of Houston, Texas are eerily expressed via dreamy repetition and jazz and art-trap infused sonic palettes. Ambient and even psychedelic landscapes are very prominent; all connecting seamlessly with a handful of interludes reiterating powerful mantras about blackness and femininity, in true Solange fashion.


Eu não sei se existe essa coisa de qual foi o melhor ano musicalmente na década passada visto que, em todos osanos houve obras muito interessantes.
Depois de ver a review da Thieriot me atiçou a curiosidade por Solange,já tinha ouvido falar dela, mas nunca pesquisei nada a respeito.Teve quem gostou muito e quem odiou o álbum dela, eu falei que faria review e vou cumprir, pra que deixar pra amanhã o que se pode fazer hoje?
Solange é uma bela de ... read more

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