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At some point in time, these albums were raided by sad, sad teenagers. If I missed any albums, lmk
Updated 3w ago 16
Out of 79 albums... Flawless albums: 0 Amazing albums: 13 Great albums: 20 Good albums: 16 Decent albums: 11 Okay albums: 7 Mediocre albums: 3 Bad albums: 3 Horrendous albums: 3 Cursed albums: 2 Hot ...
Updated 4h agoRanked 11
Projects from 2020 ranked
Updated 1d agoRanked 7
Finally, a new decade! What masterpieces could possibly grace this first year of the decade? How bout that new Meghan Trainor album?
Updated 12h agoRanked 7
WHAT IS TRAP? Trap is a subgenre in hip-hop. You can easily identify trap by the use of the hi-hats (as it is heavily used), the more up tempo beats, heavy use of 808's, simple lyrics (mostly ...
Updated 3d ago 3
Man its not lookin good
Updated 6d ago 3
I'm ranking every LP I'm gonna listen to this year. This will be my first full year of real music listening! So I'm excited to do this list. 10's: 0 9's: 4 8's: 13 7's: 29 6's: 13 5's: 9 4's: 0 3's: ...
Updated 23h agoRanked 3
Updated 1d agoRanked 3
(Not just my opinion) Based on how good it sounds, how good the lyricism is, successful experimentation and stature The projects included are only ones I have rated and reviewed Includes sub ...
Updated 2w agoRanked 2
I'll try to remove the albums from here when I rate them
Updated 1mo ago 2
These are all the releases of 2020 ranked,the ones i heard ecco release the full version of play em like atari
Updated 3d agoRanked 2
Just a list of 2020 albums/ep’s and my rating if I’ve heard
Updated 11h ago 2
Releases with 1000 or more user ratings
Updated 1h ago 2
I'll be ranking every 2020 project I've heard here as the year moves on !
Updated 3d agoRanked 1
Updated 2w agoRanked 1
Updated 1w agoRanked 1
if youre gonna do drugs at least make the soundtrack worth it
Updated 4w agoRanked 1
Below is a list from worst to best, my personal favorite releases of the year. *EP's included Baxter Dury Review:
Updated 1w agoRanked 1
My multiple genre ranked list of projects from 2020. Only projects I have reviewed and rated. ALL my opinion so no point arguing. 9-10 Amazing / 8-8.9 Great / 7-7.9 Good/ 6-6.9 Pretty Good / 5-5.9 ...
Updated 2d agoRanked 1
Updated 2d agoRanked 1
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