Mac DeMarco - Here Comes the Cowboy
Here Comes the Cowboy
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Construction time again... HORS COMPETITION : Ela Orleans - Movies For Ears : 7.5 Beth Gibbons & the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra - Henryk Górecki: Symphony No. 3 : 8.0 Odonis ...
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Best albums of 2019 so far, in no particular order
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NOT FINISHED TILL 1/1/2020 ONLY ALBUMS I'VE LISTENED TO FROM START TO FINISH RANKING SCALE: 10/10: Best of the year 9-8: Amazing 7-6: Great to Average 5-4: Bad 3-2: Terrible 1-0: ...
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This is a list of albums and artists that I plan to go through in a rough order of which I'm going to listen to first. Instead of putting every single album in an artist's discography on the list, I ...
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every album from 2019 that i listened in 2019 not ranked, cronological order
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These albums are pretty decent
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These are the best albums of 2019. I am using this to help keep track of my year end list. I will be constantly updating, with albums possibly shifting higher rather than moving lower with each new ...
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10/10: 0 9/10: 4 8/10: 7 7/10: 12 6/10: 11 5/10: 7 4/10: 3 3/10: 3 2/10: 2 1/10: 0
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Any album with at least a score of 70 or higher
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Some of my personal favorite reviews i've done for the site. Look, no-one said that I wasn't arrogant.
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Unfinished until 1/1/20
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A list of albums released in 2019. Ranked according to: 1. Personal favortism 2. The meaning and status in its own time (Uniqueness/innovation/exploration/quality) 3. Artistry and musicality ...
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