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I Am Easy to Find
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"And I will not come back the same."

A career spanning two decades and seven records in, the eight studio record from indie rock stars could be intimidating at first glance, clocking at 63 minutes and their longest record to date with a plethora of fine female vocalists, this new one could be one of their boldest, sweeping work to date. The inclusion of shifting perspectives and voices with the presence of Carin Besser, Berninger's writing partner and wife is keenly embedded ... read more
The National: *releases album*

Rob: *gives 80+ score*
The awful combination of under developed, yet over-embellished.

The melodies, especially the chorus melodies, are uniformly dull - have they run out of song writing melody ideas? It would seem so.

Nice layering and a revolving cast of (oft ill-fitting?) female singers will do little to distract me in the long term.

Keepers? Quiet Light, Where is Her Head, Not in Kansas, Rylan

Disappointment of 2019.
leave it to The National to lead with an upbeat single and then absolutely crush you with the full album

I Am Easy to Find is far and away the most ambitious National album to date. I don't just mean that in regards to its length, as it is easily one of the more adventurous sonically. When I heard that the record would be utilizing female vocalists, I figured that meant a handful of duets, but no, literally every song features them. This makes for a record that manages to be a nice change of ... read more
'quiet light' is for me the greatest moment in the national's latest release. although this album didn't appeal me as their previous work, tracks like 'you had your soul with me' and 'light years' were refreshing and its nice to know that they're already streaming in some radio stations here in portugal. overall their concept its beyond good, the cover arts are simply beautiful as for the album itself as for the singles and in general their song lyrics are touching and memorable - everything ... read more
What can be said about The National that hasn't already been mentioned a gazillion times before? They're a once-in-a-generation band, they helped form contemporary rock, they're one of the best bands ever...
Whilst I'll be the first person to endorse every single one of those things, there's one more thing about 'em that's worth mentioning: they're my favourite musical act of all time. Ever since "High Violet", the band has delivered nothing but proof that they are worth taking very ... read more
I feel that The National has suffered the hazards of time and fortunately, it's for the best. What I blame the band on certain points is now a thing of the past. The members took a step back and it is heard in "I Am Easy to Find". Just like in their previous album, it is the rhythm that directs the voice and not the opposite. The poetic lyrics and the voice of Matt Berninger are always perfect. For the undisputed fans of the band, "I Am Easy to Find" is an album whose ... read more
"I Am Easy To Find" is a hauntingly beautiful record with pretty instrumentation, great melodies and exquisite writing. The female guest vocalists also bring a whole new light to this 63-minute album.

Fav Tracks: Quiet Light, You Had Your Soul With You, Not In Kansas, I Am Easy To Find, Light Years, Rylan, Hairpin Turns, Where Is Her Head, Oblivions, So Far So Fast

Least Fav Track: Dust Swirls In Strange Light

Sun spins on sad axis

"Oblivions" is the one about dreams, "she dreams of her mother dancing" looped in vignette. The mood is paternal, perhaps since it was built around its visual component, the two separated aren't really separated thing, when I hear this album I think of that collection of vignettes. It seems that the little lives that live within The National's songs have finally been given life.

As such, this feels the clearest chapter in The National's storied world, ... read more
what is wrong with you people this album sucks
The National's newest album is yet another beautifully crafted record with not much to complain about, but I can't call this their best work.
To begin this, I'm going to say something that I've said quite a few times with The National, and that's that they should steer away from making something this long. I feel like as their albums got progressively longer, their sound has also worn off on me. Because of this, I find it difficult to really get into the album and stay focused for the entire ... read more
This is actually such an incredibly hauntingly beautiful record that hit me on a very real level, so much so that I called my girlfriend and told her how much I appreciated her putting up with me. The vocals are so delicate, like glass that would be shattered by a mere touch of the finger, and the balance between the male and female vocalists just adds to the incredible atmosphere that is occurring throughout the project. The lyrics aren't too incredibly deep and complex, but they do act as a ... read more
Incredibly Moving and Desolate

Best Tracks: Quiet Light,Roman Holiday,Where Is Her Head,Not In Kansas,Dust Swirls in Strange Light,Rylan,Light Years
Worst Track: So Far So Fast
The National have always put on stellar performances with their albums, crafting pieces with luscious and spacious production and allowing the listener into a deep pool of sound. This album is no exception, as the group take on yet another massive project that rarely lets the listener down in terms of excellent instrumentation and soaring songs. I was never fully gripped by this album but found it to be a fun listen that played well to its strengths. Every time I listen to the group they make ... read more
May this review be easy to find.

The National’s 8th studio album, “I Am Easy to Find” is a vulnerable & emotional ride that everybody currently reading this review can relate to, in one way or another. Whether that’s reminiscing, ruminating, looking back nostalgically or just wanting to move forward, you WILL find something that sticks with you here - I can guarantee it. This album takes the POV of a male and female protagonist simultaneously, both in their later ... read more
A melancholic experience. This album may be a bit too subtle and stretched out but it's still a damn good album with some real heart touching moments.

Best Track: I Am Easy to Find
Worst Track: Underwater
I don't know- this album just gives me joy. I have had an absolute blast with it so far. I love the subtle and spacious songwriting and these vocals are fantastic across the board.

Out of all the big releases this weekend I was sorta counting this one out but it has been a wonderful surprise.
Really Dork >.< ? The 405 ...

Complex is the best word to describe I'm not easy to find. It took so much listenings to understand how beautiful it is.
I don't see many people giving credit to hairpin turns. Every instrument and voice aren't astonishing but the way it's glued is absolutely beautiful and it's really difficult to aim this with many elements like here.

+, adding different voices is rather simple but so much artists don't pay attention how it could drastically change a ... read more
I think this is the worst National album to date. Feels disjointed and under-produced and the extra vocals are quite distracting
Year after year passes with more praise for The National, and with every new album released I just get more confused as to what critics love so much about them. This will be one of my shorter reviews due to the fact that The National’s music is so offensively boring that it essentially leaves nothing to talk about. They used a number of female guest vocalists on this album, “I Am Easy To Find” and over the course of 16 songs, none of these otherwise talented women stand out ... read more
Good Lord, did not expect this album to have so many gut punchers. This album is equal parts hopeful and harrowing, beautiful yet stark. It's the sort of album that's an experience rather than a collection of songs. The production on here sounds great, and this album has a pretty unique sound that sounds just like the cover, a solid variety of instrumentation and some light experimenting to keep things fresh. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of are the two interlude tracks and the combo of ... read more
Could have used a bit of trimming of the length, but this is a great album, with some varied and excellent tracks.
I found production to be repetitive sometimes but I enjoyed some songs out of it and the lyrics are great!
This is unlike any other National album fact it's barely a National album. It's a record that remains up in the air for the hour plus duration, ranging at a 16 song track-list, and throughout that hour you may feel detached from the core material. But I think that's the point, they don't want you to feel attached to them, they want you to observe everything but them. I honestly couldn't put my finger on what I first thought was a boring project halfway through, then it hit me in the ... read more
The National continua su linea y sigue acertando en sus discos, líricas, piano y melodías características
Oh my god... this album is beautiful. Thank you The National. It's 16 songs and over an hour long, but doesn't get boring at all. Currently my front-runner for album of the year.

Highlights include You Had Your Soul With You, Quiet Light, Oblivions, The Pull Of You, Where Is Her Head, Not In Kansas, So Far So Fast, and Light Years
I Am Easy To Find is bold and beautiful, vibrant and heartbreaking, captivating and poignant in the realist of ways.
it features everything I wanted from The National and so much more, it's an immensely collaborative record that showcases the band at their most vulnerable and also their most creative and that yields some absolutely gorgeous and deeply moving results.

Favorite Tracks: Rylan, Quiet Light, Not in Kansas, So Far So Fast, You Had Your Soul With You, Where Is Her Head
Ok, I gave this like 5 listens and i can already tell i'm not listening to the entire album again. It's soooo long, and a lot of the songs sound the same.

Is it a bad album? Hell no. There are strong and heartfelt lyrics, beautiful harmonies and melodies, but I can get all of that from listening to just a few songs.

Favs: I am easy to find, YHYSWY, Quiet Light, Ryan, Not in Kansas, Light Years.
Would unironically be better without the first 6 tracks. I like The National and don't mind the new sound on some of these tracks but it feels too diluted to be enjoyable. It just ends up sounding incredibly flat and empty to me.
7.8 out of 10
I asked many people about why they didn’t like this album. but instead of a clear answer, I received a bit of mizoginistky comments that female vocals spoil all the work. however, they are absolutely not embarrassed that the frontman of the group does not change vocally from the very beginning of the group. not that I accuse people of discrimination, but simply wonder at their stupidity and hypocrisy. I want to thank everyone who worked on this album, because this is the best this year ... read more
FAVS: Quiet Light, Oblivions, Hey Rosey, Where Is Her Head, So Far So Fast, Rylan
LEAST FAV: Roman Holiday
It's interesting looking at the current genre tags, so far they just say "Chamber Pop". For a band with this level of longevity, productivity and consistency, i find it so interesting that they still can't be properly pigeon-holed, outside of a single, rather vague, tag.
I am Easy to Find (IEF) is longer and more consistent than any of it's predecessors, somewhat to it's detriment, but for the most part the beautiful interlaced melodies of strings, guitars, synths and vocals have ... read more
The National are back with their longest and most sprawling album to date. And as expected, it’s one of the most intricately written and dramatically performed Rock albums of the year. But did it have to be so long? And did it have to be structured so poorly?

Give A Listen To: “You Had Your Soul With You”, “Quiet Light”, “Oblivions”, “The Pull Of You”, “Where Is Her Head”, "So Far So Fast”, “Rylan”, ... read more
Hard to believe that this album isn't anything other than an 80+. Maybe it's because of the accompanying short film that these songs seem to pull at my heartstrings. Maybe I'm just a sucker for male/female duets. This is also the only National album that I have finished all the way through so maybe I'm not one to judge. Regardless, I think it's a masterpiece through and through, and one of my fav albums of the year.

Favs: Rylan, Where Is Her Head, Hairpin Turns
Over the last year or so, I have fallen completely head over heels for The National. Since discovering them, I’ve made my way through their entire discography, and they now sit comfortably beside Arcade Fire at the very top of my notional “favourite bands” list.

Since “I Am Easy to Find” was announced, I waited eagerly for its release. The singles intrigued me and all convinced me, building my excitement even more for this record. So let’s just say, I went ... read more
My love for this album is easy to find
If I ever get married / have a commitment ceremony I'm going to slow dance to "Oblivions".

I've listened to "Not in Kansas" on repeat already like 10 times and it so perfectly describes the general malaise of late capitalism/the Trump administration

Seriously this album has made at least half of my year
Very cohesive ,mild and delicate. Easy listening that is felt best on cold nights, snuggled under the covers or cuddled next to a lover .
Such a beautiful album. Favourite track is Quiet Light.
I want this at 25 ratings so here I am, this is really really good (I'll do a proper review tomorrow, I just want this at 25 )

Favourite Tracks (So far): You Had Your Soul With You, Quiet Light, Oblivions, Hey Rosey, I Am Easy to Find, Where is Her Head
Weakest Tracks (So Far): Dust Swirls in Strange Light
It wasn't that long ago that The National were advertisers moonlighting as an indie band. The devoted student of advertising will quickly notice that The National carried their eye for aesthetics from their old profession to their new one. Every album has a distinct feeling. Everything that goes into the album, from cover art to the sound of the songs, contributes to that feeling.

For all its experimental beauty, The National's last album, "Sleep Well, Beast" was monotonal. Its songs ... read more
I can't possibly rate this since The National are my favourite band but as it stands right now, IAETF is a very welcomed entry to the band's catalogue as it stretches their sound catalogue up to new boundaries that mix what's familiar with fresh and bold approaches and ideas (and no, I am not trying to write the biggest sentence in the world)
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