LSD - Labrinth, Sia, Diplo Present... LSD
Labrinth, Sia, Diplo Present... LSD
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This album is a collection of 9 tracks, and 1 Lil Wayne remix. I appreciate how short it is, especially since it runs out of ideas so quickly.

The first half is really solid. It is full of colorful ideas, with goofy, psychedelic beats and lyrics that set a really strong tone. As the album goes on, this tone feels like it is slowly fading. Lyrics start to sound like pop mumbo jumbo.

Genius is such a high point, that even the remix is welcomed. God bless Lil Wayne. 💥🔥🙏🏿🙏🏿 The ... read more
Ok, this is actually sad. Since a few years ago I started listening to Sia almost religiously, I did enjoy her music a lot. I almost called 1000 Forms of Fear my favorite album of that year. Then, when she released This is Acting which it was tremendously disappointing I had already taken my hopes off on her. Despite everything, I still wanted to keep following her works, I wanted to believe she would make something in the same level of her best works. That was my mistake.

After a couple of ... read more
Most Forgettable Album of The Year! Congrats Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo!
I'm disappointed in Wes
Should I legitimize this project by doing a review of it? I think so. There's absolutely no reason why this album should exists besides the fact that the names involved in it make the acronym LSD. Uninspired and boring. It's an overproduce attempt of psychodelic pop that fails before it even hits the ground. Some catchy tunes along the way, some really obxonious vocals.

Light 3
These old farts
There aren't surprises on "Labrinth, Sia, Diplo Present... LSD".

✅ Genius | Audio | Thunderclouds | No New Friends
This will be fast, the only virtue that this album has is that it lasts little, but they were 30 minutes under water, quite boring with very strange sounds, at times exaggerated and annoying or very "experimental". "Thunderclouds" is the only one that can be rescued from all this and if not "No New Friends". I do not understand why they decided to add the remix with Lil Wayne is totally unnecessary, it seems an album of songs discarded by themselves and decided to ... read more
This album sounds like it was made by a bot designed to produce radio-friendly pop. Despite the amount of production (and probably money) put into this album and the big names in the collaboration, there are hardly any novel ideas or sounds present here. Sia, who has proven to be capable of better, sounds like nothing more than a subpar Rhianna impersonator and Diplo fails to produce a note I haven't heard before.

I was pretty disappointed by this release seeing as some of the lead up tracks ... read more
I don't really understand the hate with this album. It might have its flaws but its still an enjoyable album full with some fun, playful and creative songs and some great chemistry between Labrinth and Sia. There are some tracks that don't go well with other songs which lead to inconsistency issues or are just plain boring radio pop and have no replay value, but overall I came out pretty pleased with what I heard.

P.S Genius is honestly one of my favorite pop songs this year.
There was some anticipation for this album for me. The first batch of singles, despite taking up most of the tracklist, were pretty damn good and the aesthetics are unique for what's being put on the radio (I would also mention the pansexual pride colors splattered all over this album art but I feel like I’ll go overboard with that). What I got was nothing surprising but it's still a solid set of catchy millennial pop tracks that are well-produced by Diplo and Labrinth and Sia putting out ... read more

Was NOT expecting this to be anything but radio bait. Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth have this weird chemistry that shows in these tracks' energy and overall mood. My favorite aspect of this project is its chord progressions and melodies. Although there's really nothing new about them, there's almost nostalgia behind them. Check this out if you haven't already!

Color: Red
FAV TRACKS: Angel in Your Eyes, Genius, Thunderclouds, It's Time, No New Friends
LEAST FAV: Welcome to the Wonderful World ... read more
This aint it chief.

Best Track: incorrect
I think I really should learn to wait until I post reviews and rating because a week has gone by and this album has lost almost all of its good graces with me.

The production, which was the original thing that attracted me to this release, starts off great but runs out of ideas fast. In this way, I’m glad it’s so short, otherwise it would’ve meandered and all of its previously amazing material would get lost and forgotten in a sea of repetition.

Also, had this been a Sia ... read more
"Genius" is great so is "Angel in your eyes", Audio is good but I don't feel executes the ideas, as well as those two tracks and I don't think it switches as effectively. The rest of these tracks were just bad though. Those 3 are good enough to bring it up though
The three present a psychedelic electro pop anthem of an album. The soaring vocals of Lab and Sia harmonize well together, and the thickly laid chorus sections are heavenly and beautiful. The EDM style production is sometimes weak and cliched, but there are still tons of tracks where the vocal and electro synths sound electrifying. Maybe it’s just my soft spot for EDM, but this is a fantastic album.

Favorites: Welcome to the Wonderful World of, Angel In Your Eyes, Genius, Thunderclouds, ... read more
The most exciting part of this album are the singles, this is the most disappointing release of 2019. Most songs were bland and sounded very uninspired. When I first heard Genius, I became really excited as it presented great ideas and they were executed beautifully. The fact is, the rest of the album doesn’t carry that same quality and sounded like a generic pop album.
Uma pena que não faz justiça aos singles "Genius" e "Thunderclouds", que são ótimos. Pelo menos é curto pra decepção acabar logo
Some really great tracks like Genius, Thunderclouds and Angel in Your Eyes. I also love the opening intro, brief, trippy and a perfect first impression, and Audio is a pretty good track. That being said, songs 6-10 are really underwhelming. Mountains is boring, No New Friends and Heaven Can Wait are totally forgettable, and It's Time is a pretty ok "ballad".

It all ends with a remix of Genius- and it's a good remix, but we've heard it before. Not an exciting climax. If I didn't know ... read more
So glad that Labrinth has returned after almost 7 years.
I was kind of expecting to hate this, purely due to my own bitterness of it being like 2 years since they started this project and me being impatient, but it is actually a pretty fun time. No it's nothing amazing, but it does break a lot of formulaic pop rules, has some pretty sick production, as well as Sia's vocals (and Labrinth's who I felt was almost more enjoyable than Sia some times). I'm probably not gonna come back to this if we are being real- but it's worth checking out.
While this doesn't take away from the rating, I feel that they've made a huge mistake in releasing a lot of the tracks as singles. We knew about this album for almost a year because of it and while there might've been hype before, there isn't so much now.

I actually think this has some great high points, like the first single Genius. This is however weighed heavily down by these generic pop tracks, such as Audio and No New Friends. I can't be too surprised considering that this is from ... read more
It's just a collection of singles and barely an album.They do the same thing for almost every track and there's only a hint of a creative idea in the intro. I still really enjoy 'Mountains'. My favorite track from this collaboration but hopefully this would be their last work together as LSD.
It was a good album, but not as great as the first singles (Audio, Genius and Thunderclouds) maybe from the new ones two songs can be saved, it was a short album and with only 3 new tracks.
Con la hermosa combinaciones de voces ( Sia, Labrinth ), y las grandiosas mezclas de sonido que pudieron sostener este disco, LSD nos presenta algo totalmente decepcionante. Dos canciones son las que sobresalen, porque el resto están mal producidas y provocan en mí indiferencia. Visualmente es desagradable, y no LSD, el hecho de poner muñequitos al alzar y hacer que Diplo sea una "cabeza" no los hace innovadores.
Fracaso de álbum, pero ajá, he ... read more
LSD is one of these records again that exist for people that don't like music. It is so forgettable
While it is prone to many of the pitfalls of contemporary millennial pop, the brief moments of trippy, catchy magic that are peppered throughout 'LSD' make it a worthwhile listen.

Fav Tunes:
1.) Thunderclouds
2.) Angel in Your Eyes
3.) Genius
I am really impressed with this album. This is a very well done pop record where all three artists have great chemistry.

least favorite:it's time

FAVORITES: Genius and Thunderclouds
A junção de 3 nomes de peso trazem grandes expectativas e gera ansiedade, ainda mais quando se há um conceito legal por trás e a promessa de uma sonoridade electropop nova no mercado musical. Porém, como o álbum foi lançado aproximadamente um ano depois da primeira canção do material, muitas outras faixas também foram lançadas nesse período, ao todo 6, o que nos fez ter apenas 4 faixas novas, dentre essas uma ... read more
This could have been absolutely incredible. Diplo is a world class producer, Labrinth is a fantastic singer/songwriter and Sia is, as artists of the new age go, one of the most polarising figures around. Instead, the result was over-produced extra bollocks. The lyrics are so utterly cringeworthy at times it makes me wonder how any of the three involved, all known for the quality product they produced, could have let it ever be released. Thunderclouds is the only song here that really lives up ... read more
idk bout u, but i actually like this a lot. they crafted a really catchy and strong collection of pop songs. though i didn't like the genius remix, audio, and it's time.
levando em consideração de que foi apenas um presente aos fãs, se não.. ainda bem que ainda cada um segue com sua carreira solo, e que esse seja o unico album da banda, pois é muito morno
This album is just really fucking good damn
Many people hate this album, but it's good for me. The album cannot be considered as any artist's single project of LSD. It's experimental, in a good way. Vocals are great, most of the production are interesting. The problem for me is that they release so many singles before the album release, which makes my expectations really high but disappoints me finally.
Best: Genius, Audio, Angel in your eyes
Worst: Mountains.
Welcome to the Wonderful World of 8/10
Angel in Your Eyes 6/10
Genius 8/10
Audio 9/10
Thunderclouds 8/10
Mountains 9/10
No New Friends 7/10
Heaven Can Wait 5/10
It’s Time 4/10
It's extremely commercial and sounds like something made for success, not to be something memorable, it's fun and it's all about it.
Amazing this album is amazing
wizard of oz pop
Esperava mais do diplo, ele tinha a talentosa Sia e labrinth em um grupo pra fazer esse projeto de qualquer jeito
Diplo's creativity shines through once again with a fantastic attempt at using gorgeous vocals from Labrinth and Sia and creating a pop record that uses vocal chops that don't fit the narrative of typical EDM Pop.

Best Track: Audio

Worst Track: No New Friends
This album is a perfect sell for me in theory. I fall head over heels for pop music that oozes personality. LSD does for sure. The production is quirky and I love what each member brings to the table. It's just unfortunate that it doesn't stick the landing. The tunes fail to excite for half the record. Every track except 2-5 feels like filler.
The writing and lyrics are so boring. A lot of the record are love songs that SIa and Labrinth are singing at each other. While vocally they have a lot ... read more
three interesting artists collaborated to make the most uninteresting album of the year.
Certain charm that misses its mark, but I guess Sia and buddies are just doing their own groovy thing...
FAVS: Genius, Mountains, It's Time
It's time is my favorite by far in the album. Although the opening took me by surprise I came to love it in the middle but got a bit...I don't know how to put it when I reached 2:52 I think what you need for this album is to be in a certain mood before listening it. One thing I want to praise about LSD is that they keep doing what they like eventhou it's not going to be likable to everyone.
A few good songs carried it
I don't think I've ever felt less invested in an album. It's alright but it just drags on and on.
Three great artists, one interesting project, one not so interesting album. Even with great songs such as "Audio" and "Thunderclouds", it is nothing special, if compared to their own personal songs.
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