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Miss Anthropocene

Grimes - Miss Anthropocene
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2020 Ratings: #391 / 821
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The Independent

It is an elastic, often beautiful work that finds glory in chaos.

NOW Magazine

Boucher's production prowess, beautifully complex and ambitious songwriting, is self-evident on Miss Anthropocene.

Northern Transmissions
The new album is more open than her past work while still retaining the freshness and excitement that has always been associated with everything that she does.

Miss Anthropocene takes everything about Grimes the musician – her uncanny ability to build a song out of parts no one ever thought to put together before, that idiosyncratic voice, her ear for a classic melody – and concisely packages it into her most penetrating record yet.

Consequence of Sound

By consolidating the stylistic elements of her previous two works, Miss_Anthrop0cene lies at the intersections of Grimes’ past experiments while forging something entirely new to her discography.

Grimes’ first project as a bona fide pop star is more morose than her previous work, but no less camp. Her genuineness shines through the album’s convoluted narrative, and the songs are among her finest.
The Telegraph

She has described herself as a post-internet artist, her musical identity forged in a medium where genre distinctions have collapsed, and Miss Anthropocene is another almost bewildering exercise in eclecticism.

The Guardian

It doesn’t add much to the climate change debate, but as a representation of what it’s like when fame turns dark, it is powerful and compelling.

On ‘Miss Anthropocene’ Grimes proves herself once again to be the master of her own destiny, refusing to let any outside forces steer her from the course she’s chosen for herself, even if the album itself does deviate from the expected script.
This piece of work is a constant tug-of-war between humanity, nature, and technology, and our complex relationship with the place we call home.
The Line of Best Fit

The record at large is mostly untainted by all this noise – a sparkling collection of sick sad world pop, with Boucher's stun-gun talent stark and unmarred at its centre.

Crack Magazine

The best many artists can hope for is to hold a mirror up to a shared reality and reflect something meaningful, but on Miss Anthropocene, Grimes conceptualises a vision of the future accessible only through her art.

Slant Magazine

On an album as sonically diverse as Miss Anthropocene, the most significant thread that holds it all together, more than the topic of climate change or its creator’s personal relationships, is Boucher’s wild imagination and commitment to experimenting with her sound.


There’s the feeling that, behind her mask of the anthropomorphic goddess of climate change, maybe, just maybe, this is Grimes’ most honest and reflective album yet.

The Observer

Miss Anthropocene is a deep, dark trip – shame the climate crisis bit isn’t also part of Grimes’s wild imagination.

No Ripcord
This is breathtakingly good pop music, but oh what a stretch to retrofit the idea of human extinction onto it. The former comparative literature major inside me could write an essay on it, but that only further proves the point.
Q Magazine

Miss Anthropocene is not quite as brilliantly weird as its predecessor, but is certainly compelling enough to maintain Grimes' status as one of the most fascinating pop stars on the planet.

Spectrum Culture

Miss Anthropocene is a far darker record than anything Grimes has ever released, and that darkness arguably holds it back from being truly great.


This sounds like the logical followup to 2015's Art Angels. It's a little darker and heavier than that prior record's vibrant palette, but it still has everything we've come to expect from Grimes.

Loud and Quiet

After a career of anything-goes audaciousness — 2015’s Art Angels being her zenith in both cases — Miss Anthropocene ironically comes off as her most subdued LP where anyone might have expected it to be bacchanalian feast.


‘Miss Anthropocene’ is undoubtedly the singer’s darkest album yet.


Miss Anthropocene is often fascinating and defies expectations in ways that still fit her always thought-provoking aesthetic.

God Is in the TV

By the end of the record, you could indeed feel completely powerless and submissive to Grimes’s new concept and change in sound.

Rolling Stone

What the album actually has to say about climate change is often lost under the admittedly beautiful, meticulously composed wreckage.

The Skinny

Grimes' fifth album Miss Anthropocene is uneven, gloomy and baffling, and yet contains enough of her magic to remain an enthralling listen.


Ironically, you may wind up wishing that her scorched Earth was a bit more, well, fun.

The Arts Desk
Grandiose ideas and production, with the same old nerdy Grimes in there somewhere.

If Art Angels flamboyantly tossed pop, dance and nu-metal sounds onto a wall like a Jackson Pollock creation and rendered its characters ... with Bruegel-esque detail, then Miss_Anthropocene often paints in broad, unengaging strokes.

The Young Folks

Miss Anthropocene’s less interesting musicality, particularly the dull thud of its beats, draws attention to the brickwalling and make the whole experience that much less enjoyable.

Under The Radar

After five years’ wait, Grimes’ fifth record has arrived with a heavier shift toward slower, darker jams from the madcap electric pop that captured hearts on her last album, Art Angels.

The Needle Drop

For better or worse—mostly worse—Miss Anthropocene sounds as if it was made by an untrained Grimes A.I.

Ethereal beauty burrowed in complete disarray and mayhem, Miss Anthropocene is a natural extension, cryptically eclectic, A.I. dystopian counterpart to Art Angels that sees Grimes fully taking center stage in ways never seen before. The result, ironically, is her most catastrophically intense and compassionately innate record yet.

Let me just say that I don't think I've ever, over the last decade, been so intensely captured and drenched in a Grimes album as much as I was with Miss ... read more
Grimes please buy me a Cybertruck
Grimes' new tales

In her fifth opus, "Miss Anthropocene", the Canadian cyber-prophet embraces the future until the end of humanity, even going beyond the album format.

An oracle that is both fascinating and repulsive, Grimes is the incarnation of this arrow pointing to space, planted on the edge between science fiction and contemporary reality. A multimedia artist who pilots her productions and music videos from A to Z, Claire Boucher has gone from underground to mainstream in ... read more
Space Vacation
It's common knowledge by now that Miss Anthropocene leaked ages ago, so we've all had plenty of time to formulate an opinion before the official release.
Miss Anthropocene is Grimes at her most comfortable.
It's awesome to hear her so front and center.
Visions (one of my all time favourite albums) had the vocals overshadowed so heavily by the music it was nearly impossible to make out the lyrics or themes without multiple repeat listens.
Art Angels felt like a changing of the guard, more of a ... read more
- Hello, Humans. You have been selected, or shall I say invited, out of the 8 billion people on Earth because you shall know something, that no one should know because if other humans like you will know about this, it will cause and uproar never seen as strong and powerful before. As you know, Artificial Intelligence, also known as A.I., is going to take over the world in the near future. It is found everywhere. In your homes. In schools. In Universities and Colleges. And on your fingertips: ... read more
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