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Everyday I'm gonna listen to some LP/EP that I never listen before or that I never gave the attention it deserves. Started at January 4th
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I'll try to add all the 2020 albums I can. Suggest albums once they're available (on streaming or leaks) to listen and I'll add them. Thanks @Toasterqueen12 for the contribution!
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New Decade, New Music. Hopefully, this will be my favorite year in music yet!
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Just a list of 2020 albums/ep’s and my rating if I’ve heard
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For a while, I wanted to expand my taste in music as I've just had periods where I listen to the same songs every day and get bored with them and have nothing to listen to. As of 2019, I have finally ...
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my anticipating albums 💿
Updated 3w ago
All the albums I review in order of release date
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These are the albums that I anticipate the most in 2020!
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January Playlist
Vinyl Me, Please