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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
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All 1,000,000 projects from Maryland rapper, Logic.
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A running list of 2019 releases I have yet to listen to
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10/10: 0 9/10: 4 8/10: 7 7/10: 12 6/10: 11 5/10: 7 4/10: 3 3/10: 3 2/10: 2 1/10: 0
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I'd offer these up as tribute for the thanos snap.
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This is the list of all my hip-hop reviews (ranked by year). You know, hip-hop is my favorite genre: the one I listen to the most and review the most. If you have albums, songs, artists to advise me, ...
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All albums from 2019 I've heard
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Albums I otherwise am really looking forward to, especially if they're from one of my favorite bands. However, they do not live up to the hype or the excellence of their predecessors and/or ...
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This list contains the projects I really didn't enjoy. 35>45
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Unfinished until 1/1/20
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Pls, I'm trying to make sure no one hurts themselves because of stuff like this.
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Covers I would probably hang somewhere on my wall.
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Every 2019 album I hear from best to worst 100-80 : Albums I love 75-65 : Albums I like 60-50 : Indifferent 45-30 : Albums I dislike 25-0 : Kill me now
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These albums belong in the nut bucket
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The biracial man himself is back to show the mumble (c)rappers how it's done.
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Ranking of every 2019 album/mixtape/EP I've listened to
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