Have a Nice Life - Sea of Worry
Sea of Worry
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And here we see AOTY stans riot. Everyone's favorite shoegaze bitches are back with their version of a punk record.

You already know how this goes. It's Have a Nice Life! Creators of two fantastic shoegaze records that have been a STAPLE in nearly every AOTY list for 'best albums ... read more
There are two things in this world that just can't seem to get along: a cohesive album and Sea of Worry.

This time around, HANL seems to have dived belly-first into the cold waters of the Sea of Worry with little sense of direction. With respects to coherency, it seems to be this album's Achilles Heel, blurring a lot of the great ideas it had going for it with its teaser tracks. While HANL may deliver commendable lyrical moments and solid performances here and there, the result is still a ... read more
damn these guys are sounding like some real boomers rn ngl
If you stripped the emotion and nihilism out of Deathconsciousness, you would be left with this rather cookie-cutter shoegaze album. It's fine to vibe to, some of the verses are catchy, and I'm spacing out to it in class. After The Unnatural World, I'm not sure if high expectations are fair for HANL. Deathconsciousness was a rare album that captured the best of all their qualities, and likely will not be replicated again. I guess we have to just accept HANL for who they are now.

(Sick album ... read more
Ahh, Sea of Worry, the ultimate “Hey, what if we tried this?” Where the band delves into new territory, while not forgetting their roots, only to create a horrific amalgamation of 7 tracks, which aren’t abysmal in their individual sense, but come together to create the most disappointing album I’ve heard for some time.

Devoid of substance, quirk, and punch, Sea of Worry is HANL’s venture into punk. Which I can’t even say is incredibly new, TUW had plenty of ... read more
So I've been so excited for this since the day it was announced, but did it live up to the hype? Some say no, I'm not some.

This isn't Deathcon 2. This album knows that and doesn't try to be Deathcon 2, similar to how The Unnatural World knows it's not Deathcon 2 and does its own this. This album is a lot slower than The Unnatural World but still has its moments of speed, especially in songs like Trespassers W, Dracula Bells and the Title Track. The album tackles in a multitude of sounds while ... read more
This is just another post-punk album that will get lost in the sea of other post-punk albums.

Reverb lovers, enjoy! One of the most atypical duets of recent years is back. The very enigmatic cult American duo, Have A Nice Life, is completely unclassifiable, even if shoegaze, drone and post-punk are probably among their favorite night infusions. Remained very mysterious while having received almost unanimous positive reviews, Dan Barrett/Tim Macuga saga gave the impression of having been left ... read more
I can't tell if I have just gotten stricter, or if everyone has lowered their standards because it's the people who made Deathconsciousness.

I had absolutely no expectations going into this. When I heard that Have A Nice Life were gonna release a new album, I was much more skeptical than I was excited. Deathconsciousness quickly became one of my all time favourite albums, and, although I rarely listen to it due to the emotional impact it usually has on me, it still remains one of the best ... read more
I'm never expecting another release from Have a Nice Life to be on the exact same level as "Deathconsciousness", an album that is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorites of all time. They're only human, like us. "Sea of Worry" surely isn't a Deathcon 2.0, but it was never intended to be. They still retain that signature post-punk/shoegaze sound, with Giles Corey's cryptically depressing lyrics and everything in the mix being cleansed with reverb. The big difference ... read more
Have A Nice Life is not really a band that I'm familiar with. I heard The Unnatural World which I thought was good, nothing too special about it, but I was really surprised that I liked this album. "post-punk" and "gothic rock" are usually genres I don't really like, there have been a few exceptions with Swans, but other than that those are genres I don't really listen to so, going into this album I didn't have the highest hopes. The first song was the only one I didn't ... read more
yo these guys straight up vibed so hard they forgot to make a good album lmao thats crazy bro
Though still spectacular at times, Have A Nice Life’s latest record fails to hold the same merit as any of their previous work
This was

Extremely dissapointing

In fact it might be the biggest disappointment of the year
Everything outside of the title track (which isn’t even that amazing) and lords felt extremely bland, boring, or just bad. Like Dracula bells was cool in the first half but went on too long, science beat is a bad song, trespassers W was extremely boring, everything we forget just fucking sucks, and Destinos was an extremely uninteresting and dissapointing ending. Seriously, the first 5 and a ... read more
Literally the only thing that makes this recognizable as a hanl album is the vocals. Everything else feels like any other rock album. Seriously, where did all the interesting parts of their music go? I'm all for band's changing their sound and growing, but when the change takes away almost every aspect of your music that made you so special and interesting, it's hard to encourage it.
Took me a while to finally come back to this one and review it, and... it's kinda cool I guess. There are some pretty solid tracks on here, the performances are pretty good and... gee, I'm running out of things to say here. I just can't find an awful lot to dissect here. If we remove the Have A Nice Life name from this we'd just get your run of the mill post-punk album with an ambient track, shoegaze, and a 13 minute track at the end with a spoken word addition about the existence of Satan. ... read more
I'm deeply sorry for the 2000 ratings that will be in your feed
Not even compared to deathcon, but this album fuckin sucks.
This is gonna be fucking terrible
this is way better than fine. edgy bois will whinge and posture about it but so it goes. sort of a back-handed compliment to hold a superior band to such impossibly high standards. Jeff Mangum take note.
Why does "Sea of Worry"'s intro sounds like Dr. Mario's soundtrack song? Oh, well.

I'm not sure if it's right to expect something from Have a Nice Life's "Sea of Worry". In fact, most 2019 releases after June have been so boring (except my beloved child, "Feel Special"), I honestly don't know if anything is truly worth waiting for. This album is the epitome of bland rock/punk music, like a tattoo-less moto biker. Maybe in 20 years we'll all be returning to this ... read more

Only just listening to their past two records to prepare for this release, I went into this record right after transitioning from their breath-taking debut and their disappointing follow-up. This record is a very simple yet cohesive middle ground, focussing more on the punk rock aesthetic and vibe of their past two releases. There are a lot more toe-tapping, less abstract, more straightforward grooves on here that are sticky as hell! Overall, since the band released its magnum opus as a ... read more
a have a nice life record that brings its post-punk influence to the forefront is a dream come true for me.

beautiful, monumental, layered tracks like destinos and lords of tresserhorn are juxtaposed with snappy post-punk tracks like trespassers w and the title track, sea of worry. dan & tim do this without sacrificing the cohesion of the album, maintaining an atmosphere that seems to progress naturally with the album. i think this creates an extremely well-balanced and interesting ... read more
EDIT: the first half did grow on me a little bit ngl

I appreciate the more punk approach to Have a Nice Life's post punk sound in the first half, even if I'm not always a fan of the way it meshes with the band's hazy production. At the very least, songs like the title track and especially Trespassers W (by far the most energetic song as well as the true highlight of the record) have a rugged energy that I can get behind. The same cannot be said for the last twenty to twenty five minutes of the ... read more
Not surprised "Have a Nice Life" have decided to release this year, while their return is less lengthened than say "Daughters", it is a release that probably comes from the same reason, the post-punk//noise rock scene has been having a moment, I mean its really the only genre within rock worth talking about for the last 5 years, "Sea of Worry" will have stunning competition in the shape of The Murder Capital's "When I Have Fears" but just from listening ... read more
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